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The Battle Of Love Vs Social Class – Season 1 – Episode 10 [Completed]

Last episode!
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Destiny can be delayed but can never be denied. It’s relieving to see how positive things turned out for Dennis and Olivia. Their engagement didn’t come as a big surprise to well wishers because it was highly expected. Everyone shared in their happiness by screaming for joy and making a big cheers with their glasses filled with wine. Olivia felt like the luckiest woman in the world to be engaged to the only man her heart beats for. It felt like a blessing and she couldn’t hold back the tears of joy that fell off her eyes as she stared at her beautiful diamond ring. What a beautiful day indeed!
The news of Dennis engagement to Olivia soon spread round the whole city. Congratulatory calls and messages began to flood in. Being a wealthy man’s son, the news was carried by different blogs and news media, but despite all the attention the engagement was getting, the newly engaged couple still tried to keep some details
and activities about their relationship to themselves. This was a good decision to avoid third parties intrusion in their relationship.
Shortly after the engagement, the wedding preparations began. Olivia didn’t do much because Mrs Duncan took absolute control and wanted to make their wedding the best ever. Despite being the master planner, she still asked Olivia what her wedding expectations were. Mrs Duncan made sure to carry her along so she won’t feel left out. Olivia felt blessed to have such a thoughtful and agile mother inlaw.
As the wedding date grew nearer, Olivia began to fantasize about her wedding night. She day-dreamed of everything that was expected to go down that night and each thought made her blush in anticipation. In order to make that night more special, she bought ‘Hot’ lingerie she would put on that night. At this point, it’s safe to say that it would be a night to remember for the beautiful virgin. Fingers were crossed as the days drew nearer.
Finally, the highly anticipated wedding between billionaire son ‘Dennis’ and his Beau ‘Olivia’ was here. People from all works of life trooped into the venue to celebrate the union of the couple. There were plenty food options to choose from; ranging for local to continental dishes. There was enough to eat and drink. The wedding screamed luxury, class and wealth.
Mr & Mrs Nelson still found it extremely difficult to believe that their daughter was getting married into such a wealthy family. It took a while for that reality to sink in. Olivia’s parents were quite emotional each time they remembered where they came from. God was indeed faithful.
Before the wedding reception came to an end, Dennis and Olivia had already left to their hotel room. It was indeed a wonderful night to remember as they made love like the world was coming to an end. Dennis felt honored to take his wife’s virginity and just as though that wasn’t enough, she took in that very night. The pregnancy was noticed and confirmed a month after.
The couple were first blessed with a bouncing baby boy and a girl came two years after. Mr & Mrs Duncan were excited for their first ever grand kids from their only son. Life only went from good, better to best. The couple lived the life of their dreams and cherished each other for the rest of
their lives.
End of story!
Thanks for staying tuned to the end. I love you all and Happy New Year! 😘❤
Written by Sonia Okehie

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