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The Battle Of Love Vs Social Class – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 10]

The Battle Of Love Vs Social Class

The Battle Of Love Vs Social Class

The Battle Of Love vs Social Class (episode 1)
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Have you ever fallen deeply in love with someone that is highly above your standards and social class? Have you experienced discrimination from the parents of someone of a higher social class just because you mingled with their child? In as much as Love doesn’t discriminate, we sadly can’t determine or control other people’s actions towards Love and that’s what brings us to this mind blowing tale of two people from different worlds and social class that helplessly fell in love. I advice you to buckle up because this tale will be one of a kind.
Years ago in a highly influential and wealthy family was born a handsome baby boy named Dennis. This family was rich to the extent that the president of the country visited the family when the baby was born to present gifts and other good tidings. Mr & Mrs Duncan were Dennis parents last name and that name carried heavy weight in the business world.
Growing up, Dennis had every expensive
and beautiful thing you could ever think of. He was the envy of his fellow rich peers and was spoilt by his parent beyond comprehension. Dennis went to a school that was majorly populated by foreigners. Mr Duncan wanted the very best for his only son and didn’t bother paying millions for just tuition fee. The future looked so bright for the young prince that one needed sun shades to look at him.
While things looked super beautiful in the rich side of town, we couldn’t say same for the family of Mr & Mrs Nelson. Four years after Dennis was born, there was a cry of a bouncing baby girl in the house of Mr Nelson and her name was Olivia. She was beautiful to a fault and was always carried by neighbours and anyone that came across her.
Unlike the Duncan family, the Nelsons were low class citizens and lived from hand to mouth. Olivia was the last born of 3 siblings and they were dearly loved by their parents no matter their condition as a family.
Olivia’s dad worked many menial jobs to put food on his family table on a daily basis. His wife was a cleaner in a bank and earned a decent amount to support her husband with the bills.
Growing up, Olivia and her siblings didn’t have fancy things like toys and nice clothes, but they had everything they needed like a roof over their heads and food. Despite having almost nothing as children, they were always happy and contented with the little they had. Olivia’s older siblings were her best friends while growing up because their parent didn’t allow them mingle with other badly behaved kids in their slump neighbourhood. It was refreshing to see that Mr & Mrs Nelson did a good job parenting their kids despite being poor. Life wasn’t too beautiful for them but they had each other as a family and were highly contented with whatever they had.
In the society they lived in, it’s almost impossible for the higher class citizens to mingle with the lower class citizens. There’s no way on earth Dennis could have ever seen Olivia, talk more of having her as a play mate; it was totally impossible. They lived in two different worlds that had nothing to do with one another and could hardly meet. Dennis was far gone while Olivia was
greatly behind but ‘Never say Never’.
Years went by and Dennis travelled abroad to study Theatre Arts. He had passion to become an actor and movie producer. Being supportive to their son’s dreams, Mr & Mrs Duncan cheered Dennis on all the way and gave him the very best education he needed to acquire for his dreams to become a reality.
While Dennis studied abroad, Olivia worked two jobs to stay in the university. After gaining admission into the university to study Economics in another state, Olivia had to get a job to be able to sustain herself in school because her parents weren’t too buoyant to provide for her in school.
In Olivia’s second year, she lost her elder brother to a brief illness and it broke her family. That incident shattered the Nelsons family beyond imagination. It was a really tough time for them because the deceased was also a bread winner in the family and helped Olivia with her school bills every now and then.
Shortly, life carried on but this time around, the burden was heavier for Olivia and her family. She decided to get another side job which made it a total of two jobs so she could foot school bills and also support her family. The struggle finally came to an end after Olivia’s 4th year in school. She graduated with good grades and her family couldn’t be more proud of their hard-working daughter. Just when the Nelsons thought they would finally get a break from their suffering when their daughter finally gets a good paying job, the reverse was the case.
After graduation, Olivia began hunting for a job but all her efforts were frustrated. She searched for a job tirelessly for several months but all to no avail before she finally settled for a job as a waitress in a reputable restaurant. It wasn’t where she hoped to be at that stage of her life but she accepted her fate and moved on.
It’s been over a year since Olivia started working at the restaurant and everyone could testify of how respectful, kind and nice she was. On many occasions, she was awarded the best employee and also given gifts. The managers treasured Olivia and would do just anything to retain her at the restaurant. Despite being happy with the job, it didn’t stop the bright young lady from dreaming bigger.
While Olivia was trying her very best to liberate her family from the lingering poverty they were in, a rich man’s son named Dennis was back to the country after being away for five years. Dennis was now a certified movie producer and a flawless handsome gentleman.
Eyes must stare whenever Dennis went to anywhere. He was jaw-drop handsome and had a nice body built stature. So many ladies of his social class wanted him and could do absolutely anything to have him. Dennis was a prince charming and could make any lady lose her mind. Anything you could ever dream of was in this flawless gentleman.
When Dennis returned back home, his parents already had a lady they wanted him to marry. She was equally from an influential family and just returned from her master degree programme overseas. Her name was Tara and she was the perfect social fit for a billionaire son like Dennis.
Tara and Dennis went on several dates to get to know each other but they never clicked. Their conversations were stressful for Dennis because everything didn’t seem genuine to him. Tara was a beautiful lady with zero manners. Whenever they went on dates, she was usually rude to the waiters and other service personnels. She only respected those in same social class as she was but never valued anyone beneath her.
It didn’t take Dennis more than two dates to realise that there was no way he was going to end up with Tara. He played along and went on dates with her but knew it was never going beyond mere dates.
Another thing that turned Dennis off was Tara’s zero contribution to educative discussions and topics. She was smart quite alright but wasn’t an in-depth thinker; she was shallow minded. Dennis still remained single despite having so many thirsty ladies in his life. Deep down, he felt empty but never let his desire to meet that special someone get noticed. Life went on as usually for the ‘True Love’ starved gentleman till something unexpected happened one fateful day.
It happened one day that Dennis visited his old time friend Simon. They tried to catch up on each other’s lives and were happy to be reunited again. When they were done with their gist, Dennis yawned and Simon asked if he was hungry and he replied “Yes”. Without wasting time, they got into Dennis car
and zoomed off to a restaurant not far from where Simon lived.
Coincidentally, the restaurant happened to be the very one Olivia worked in and she was on duty that very day. When Dennis and Simon arrived, they majestically walked into the restaurant and took their seat. Dennis complimented the serenity of the restaurant and applauded their customer service.
Without wasting time, they called a waiter and guess who showed up? It was no other person than Olivia. When she arrived at their table, Dennis didn’t see her because he was engrossed in his phone. She turned towards Simon and spoke for the first time. “Hello Good-day, please may I take your orders” she calmly said.
Immediate Dennis heard Olivia’s calm angelic voice, he raised his head up and his eyes locked with hers. They stared into each other’s eyes intensely till Olivia first looked away. Simon noticed what happened but kept his cool. He figured Dennis was Love Struck so he managed to order for both of them.
As Olivia majestically walked away, Dennis couldn’t put himself togther. He kept staring at her till Simon brought him back to reality. “Guy, I have never seen you look at a lady this way; what happened?” Simon playfully said.
Still smitten, Dennis looked at his friend and said; “There’s just something about her”.
End of episode 1😉
Stay tuned tomorrow to see what happened next.
Written by Sonia Okehie

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