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The Aquiya – Season 1 – Episode 9

Episode 9🔥
I watched from dad to mom then to Rick….. That name sound so sweet like chocolate…. I could probably get filled up with pronouncing his name..
“earth to Aquiya, why do you like zoning out??”he asked turning properly to face me…
Now we are sitting in the dining having late lunch ….after finishing the battle and making sure those assassin in form of angels are dead,…Dad suggested we come home for lunch and we also invited the angel too….. so now Rick is sitting beside me while mom is sitting beside dad..
I ignored him and focused on my food ,well I can’t tell him that I was busy thinking about how beautiful his name sounds …off course I can’t…
“thanks for the meal ma’am!!”he said ..
I noticed he’s finished his food and standing up
“its okay your highness,you can just call me Aria”Mom replies smiling and blushing lightly….
I understand he’s handsome so its no crime for her to blush but helloooo she’s married and her husband is also handsome just older….
I dropped my spoon “thanks Mom for lunch”I said standing up annoyed at myself that I’m feeling this way towards my Mom ..I’m sure if its another girl,I would have tear her eyes out …
“Hmmmm Kayla why didn’t you finish your food???”Dad asked his eyes twinkling… and he’s trying to hide his amusement…
“nothing Dad,I’m just filled up!!”I lied smoothly..
“okay if you say so”he said “why don’t you go take a rest now, Rick and I still have a lot to catch on!!”he added….
Yh sure….but why is dad telling me that …its not like I want the arrogant prince to spend all day with me… Mtcheew I don’t even like his gut…
I nodded and went upstairs into my room not minding to lock the door ,I fell on my bed exhausted…. wow my birthday is full of surprises and revaluations
I suddenly have this feeling like I should test my new powers…I smiled slyly to myself as I try to find anything containing liquid in NY room… none… no liquid at all so now what.
I looked at the window pane and I saw a drop of water …I think that will do …I controlled it with NY mind making it become part of me …with that one drop,I made it transform into more water ….
I kept on playing with it that when the door opened, I directed the water there and whoever it was froze …I guess I freezed the person…oops I just hope its not Mom and Dad..
I moved closer to the frozed body and noticed that its already melting… Wowwwww…I watched it melt finish revealing Rick..
He shook his hair sending all the water out of it “you know you should be called frozen Aquiya!!”he said smirking….
I rolled my eyes and went to sit on the bed “your fault…. you should have knocked!!”I said
He scoffed“and why will a prince like myself deem it fit to knock before coming in FROZEN???”He asked
“wait that’s foul play… You get to call me Aquiya and Frozen and I call you your name…
Not Fair!!!”I said
“well my beautiful Aquiya ,the world is not fair!!!”he said…
Awwwnnnn did he just call me beautiful……I guess he didn’t know that he just called me that….
“why are you extremely handsome???”I asked..
“wow …my little frozen finds me handsome”he said smirking….
“i don’t find you handsome so don’t get way in your head so don’t get me wrong.. besides NY dad’s handsome too”I said defending myself….
“well the Chaman men tend to be handsome.. Veryyyy….so also is the Aquiya women that’s why we get married to each other …The Aquiyas are rend to be peaceful more than the men”he said “that’s why I wasn’t surprised when I see you as a beautiful women…a very beautiful one!!”he said looking deeply into my eyes…
“Ermm …I need water!!”I said my throat suddenly dry….
He laughed out loud coming fully to where I was sitting “you are a creature of water if you are suddenly tasty ,it must surely mean something!!”he said prancing slowly to me..
Now standing close to me inches from my face,his hot breath fan my skin as I gulped slightly… Is he gonna kiss me???? Thus will be my first kiss… I closed NY eyes in anticipation but it didn’t come instead he chuckled deeply “i will see you tomorrow Kayla!!”he said
I opened my eyes and see him just stepping out of the window.. The fact that he had called me my name didn’t occur to me instead the fact that I had closed my eyes anticipating his kiss made me blush in sheer shyness…..
💧In the night💧
I am walking through the remains of battle then I saw a woman …a very beautiful one and I instantly knew that she’s the Aquiya queen…
“its time Kayla!!”she said
I nodded cause I already know within me that its time already and we have already planned to begin our journey tomorrow…
“to win in your quest,you must first release all the Aquiya held captive to form an army of your own, once you so that it will be easy for you to kill Lucio”she said…. Breeze blowing her hair…
“is that all the prophecy is about??”I asked
She smiled showing her dimples and set of white teeth “don’t get killed and the world will be saved!!”she said before vanishing ….
I opened my eyes slowly staring into Rick’s own
“what did you see???”he asked his face showing no emotions
“how to win the war!!!” I said smiling …..

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