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The Aquiya – Season 1 – Episode 8

✅Episode 8✅
“i’m not going!!”I said stepping out from NY dad’s back….
He looked at me ,his eyes glazing with fire”Aquiya we don’t have time!!!”he said gritting his teeth….
“I I’m not going father…. How do you expect me to go and endanger NY life….this f**ing prophecy your are talking about,I don’t even know it its just like I’m stepping into fire myself …I’m not going”I said my veins pipping out in anger….
“She has not seen the prophecy???”he asked turning to father….
“its not yet time ..that’s why “father replied…
“Kayla…. I told you I wanna tell you something’s today right….it’s about you ….about what you are….. Look here Kayla, you’re the only one who can save KOV ,not only that but also earth too cause once Lucio vets rid of every obstacle in Hus way ,he will want to dominate earth!!”father said…..
I blinked back the tears that was starting to fall from NY eyes …I don’t want
to die but if I stay here, many people will die cause I refuse to help them…
/Father what are you??? And did Mom know all about this???”I asked
He signed sadly before looking into NY eyes”I’ll tell you a story Kayla…..long ago ,in KOV…the Chaman and AQUIYA lived together…. The Aquiya are the begins that control water while the Chaman control fire…. The Aquiya are termed to be of peaceful nature and they are very powerful….
The queen of the Aquiyas Magdalene ruled with love and peace but her husband Lucio wanted all the power for himself…. He’s the king of Chaman although with the difference of powers, the both tribe can get married to each other….
Lucio tried to make Magdalene rule cruelly with him but she refused and so he waged war against them… He imprisoned her first before he began going for her troops…. I just couldn’t stand and watch all this happened so I flee here to the human world where I met your Mom and we began living happily together and yes your Mom knew about what I was and so we both swore to keep you safe until the right time”he concluded
I felt so hurt and anger coursed through me at the brutality of Lucio to my species”so the Aquiyas…they are all dead now??”I asked
“no they are not… In fact they are still very much alive kept in the dungeon wallowing in suffering day and night!!”the angel said
I felt a sharp pain in my heart at his revelation then I made my decision there and then “lets go save them!!”I said….
“Yeah that’s the spirit Aquiya!!”Angel said
“will you quit calling me that I have a name Angel!!”I said rolling my eyes…
“i also have a name Aquiya”he said …
I rolled my eyes and romped my foot in annoyance while father watched us with amusement in his eyes..
“Fine Angel what’s your name??”I asked…
“Prince Rick!!!”he replied curtly…
I scoffed prince my foot”if you are a prince ,then that must mean your mother is queen and oh my God…”I said covering my mouth with my hands
“Yes …yes Aquiya you don’t need to say it finish!!”he said reluctantly
“watch out!!,”dad yelled dragging me away from the impact of fire…
I looked up and noticed that the sky is filled with angels just like rick fire
emitting off their wings..
Immediately dad put me behind him ,his wings spread out …I opened NY eyes in shock …I didn’t know my father also has a wing….oh my…a f***king WING!!!!!!.
“i don’t like this one bit”Rick hissed also spreading out his wings also emitting flower”I’ll go fight them up there so you should stay here to protect her “he said turning to dad while dad just nodded….
He locked gaze with me for a while before going off to battle for my life…. I’m afraid deeply afraid….what if he gets killed all because of me… I also want to protect him ….
“KAYLA??!”Dad said dragging me from a line of fire as he battle with one angel from behind me….
I looked towards Rick’s direction and notices an Angel aiming for him from the back ….I didn’t know when I moved… All I knew is that I moved and when I actually touched that Angel, it freezed as I touch it…. Making it look like statue of liberty ….
“Wow Aquiya…the prophecy didn’t lie!!!”he said actually smiling
“we need to leave as soon as possible…. Instead of letting them bring the fight here ,we take it to them there”Dad said as he moved closer to me
When he noticed the statue behind me, he smiled and nodded”that’s my girl…now break it into pieces,we don’t want the ice melting bow do we??”Father said smirking….
“With all pleasure “Ruck said as he raised his sword high and bring it upon the statue… Awww my statue……

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