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The Aquiya – Season 1 – Episode 7

đź’ĄEpisode 7đź’Ą
“Maybe there’s another way”I told her looking deep into her eyes…
Pain tug at my heart when I see her eyes swell up in tears….I will admit it that this past 3 days ,the urge to please father has vanished….I want to save this one and besides saving her is also saving my mother….
“What do you mean by there’s another way for me to live… I thought you were ordered to kill me”she said throwing stones into the water….
“Yes I’m ordered to kill you but if you promise to save my mother then I’ll protect you with all my life”I said facing her fully…
“Your mother??? How do you want me to save her???”she asked
I chuckled at her naivety”you don’t know the power you possess Aquiya…. All you need to do is to promise to save her and I’ll protect you”I replied…
Looking into her eyes ,I can see the uncertainty there… She
was quiet for a while biting her lips and creasing her brows…I smiled when I see that she’s made her decision..
“Okay Fine ,I will help you save your mother”she replied her face showing no emotions….
“Okay no problem, we need to go to KOV right away”I said letting my wings show out….
“Woah!!!!wait,you can’t just waltz here and take me back to K or wherever you call it…what about my parents?”she asked bewildered….
I scoffed”there’s no time to waste Aquiya!!”I said making to grab for her hands when a voice stopped me..
“Let go of her right this minute!!!”the hard voice say and I can feel the Aquiya flinch in fear in my hold…..
I’ve decided its time to let Kayla know,, its time to let her know what she truly is… When I left KOV few years ago ,I never thought I would meet a human woman that I’ll come to love…..
When she gave birth to Kayla, I knew we need to hide else Lucio will catch her and kill her since she’s a threat to his reign….
I stepped out of my office heading straight to kayla’s bedroom but I didn’t see her there… Hmm where could she be????
I went downstairs and saw Aria in the dining room..
“Where’s she???”I asked her immediately I stepped into the kitchen….
“She went to the pond immediately after breakfast”Aria replied…
I nodded and made to go out of the house when Aria’s voice stopped me
“Are you going to tell her today???”she asked
“Yes Aria …its time!!”I replies as I went out of the house…..
I was almost close to the pond when I sensed that someone is with Kayla… Someone that is emitting fire… No…it can’t be that they found her already… No it can’t be….
I quickly quickened my steps as I braced up myself to fight for my daughter’s safety… When I got closer to the pond, I saw a man with his wings spread out holding Kayla on the wrist…
“Let go of her!!”I shouted as I moved closer to them brows creased in fury…
He let go of her wrist and Kayla turned to me”Dad!!!”she mouthed in fear….
I pushed her behind my back and faced the stranger in front of me… the stranger who looks familiar to me…..
“I should have known It was you
all along… Gerald!!”the stranger said smirking…..
This strange yet familiar man is definitely from KOV.
“What do you want with her???”I asked taking a protective stance in front of Kayla…..
“Don’t tell me you don’t recognize me Gera!,”he said…..
That name got me thinking… Its only two people that call me that …the king and my student ….his son….
“Rick????”I called more like a question….
“If its not my runaway teacher”he scoffed running Hus hands through his hair….
“Rick!!!! What are you doing here??”I asked…
“Don’t tell me you haven’t heard of the prophecy Gera …I’m here to kill her”he replied shrugging..
That prophecy… I see so if he’s here then that means Lucio knows….
“You can’t kill her Rick she’s my daughter”I said…
He looked surprised for a while”your daughter??? Last time I checked, you were not married”he said…
“When I left KOV, I came to the human world and I met a beautiful woman… We fell in love and I got married to her”he said….
“Why did you leave KOV??”he asked….
“I’m not in support with your father killing the Aquiya’s and he knows it so its either I join him or he kills me so I had to run”I told him while he nodded…
“We need to be fast about Kayla ,once my father finds out that I betrayed him,he’s gonna send his servants to come kill her… So I need to take her to KOV to fulfil the prophecy”he said ….
“No I’m not going!!!”
—some secrets has unlocked here hmmm what do u have to say about it…
—-hmmm Rick is actually Gerald’s student… OGBENUTAN …..
—do you think Kayla will agree to go ….its a matter of life and death….
Oya comment its really hard to think and give you this episode and any typographical errors ,abeg forgive me ooo
Your lovely authoress
Rick and Kay below

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