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The Aquiya – Season 1 – Episode 6

đź’ĄEpisode 6đź’Ą
I was jumping and smiling brightly as I run and walk to visit my bestie…..
I didn’t even wait for father to see me before rushing out of the house, Dad revelations can wait but my bestie can’t…
I half jogged and half ran to the pond…. I was almost there when I sensed that someone is there ….my steps faltered… Who could it be????
I stopped in my tracks for a minute when a realization hit me….I’m not near enough to sense someone in fact I’m still some meters away so how come I’m sensing someone in fact when did I know how to sense someone….
I continued my jogging then I saw him… He was staring at me with his angelic blue eyes…. Though I was happy that he’s there even though I don’t know why but I formed a frown on my face as I stayed and stared at him
then what I saw behind me made the frown on my face vanish….
“Wow!!!!”I mouthed as I moved closer to the scene ignoring the ANGEL…
I walked pass him and in front of me was my bestie I meant the water spread out in front of me creating a path designed with flowers …then I saw some water like fairies flow around me putting a crown on my head……
I was so dazed as I watch the scene unfold before me…. After wearing the crown on my head, they all moved to the path ushering me in…
It was all new to me but nevertheless,,I walked through the path and into the water now standing on it… Instead of drowning ,I’m actually standing on water and I felt something in me told me to raise NY hands and as I did,I felt the water coursing through my hands as I controlled it making it blend with me….
I was smiling while playing with the water controlling it to go in different directions.. I totally forgot about the ANGEL who’s standing and probably watching my drama…
I controlled the water to him pouring the water on him”Oops sorry!!”I said giggling as I stepped out of the water surprisingly I’m not wet….
“I guess your friends welcomed you to the power world”he said smirking hands on his hips
I laughed walking to him..I watched him as his eyes was filled with amusement”did you know you just poured me water???”he asked…
“Yep but you don’t look wet ….at all”I said shaking my head still smiling…
“Well that’s cause I’m fire so it dries the water on my body”he said running his hands through his hair..
“So you mean ,your power is fire!!! Woah that must be cool”I said smiling”show it to me”I holding his hands and jumping like a kid who’s seen her favourite ice cream….
He has something close to a smile on his face but he didn’t smile”No …I can’t!!”he said going towards the water….
“But why ??”I asked pouting…..
He shrugged not answering just gazing at the water…. I went to stand beside him also gazing into the water…
“So what are you???”I asked suddenly want to know more about him
“I’m a CHAMAN.. Angel of fire ….”he said….
I nodded smiling”so you’re an angel after all”I mused while he just nodded….
“So what am I?”I asked breaking
the silence…
“Hmmm as you can see,you can control water… In fact you’re the strongest of your time now and yes ,you’re an Aquiya… Angel of water”he said…
Wow so that’s why I’ve always felt at peace whenever I’m around water… I’m an angel too..
“But how come I don’t have wings??”I asked..
He laughed hard his voice rich”off course you’re an angel so you have wings …Aquiya stop talking like a child though it makes you look cute”he said looking straight into my eyes….
My insides fluttered at his comments …..he just commented me ,he just calls me cute…
“What are you thinking Aquiya??”he drawled…
“Will you for once not calk me that”I said anger creasing NY brows…and I realise I don’t know his name too”what’s your name???”I asked
“I’m Rick ….Aquiya ….now there’s no time to waste let’s get on with it ,I need to go back to my kingdom”he said….
My happy mood dampened when I heard that he wants to kill me again”why will you want to kill me…. Okay I get it cause of one fucking prophecy”I said tears quickly gathering in my eyes…..
He looked quiet for a while “maybe there’s another way”he said…
“Another way for what??”I asked sniffling
“Another way for you not to die”he said smirking…
—her powers is here already what are going to say about that pls they said she’s the most powerful one of her time…
— and did Rick just mention another way????? Hmmm let’s fund out in the next episode
Love đź’‹đź’‹đź’‹đź’‹đź’‹

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