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The Aquiya – Season 1 – Episode 5

💧💧The Aquiya💧
He’s fire 🔥,She’s Water💧
💥Episode 5💥
“Who were you talking to Kayla???”Mom asked looking around the room…
I shifted from one foot to the other thinking about what I’m going to tell her…. I possibly can’t tell her that an angel is here to kill me… Nooooo I can’t…
“Kayla!!!!!I’m talking to you”Mom deadpanned looking at me seriously..
“ERM I was just practicing a drama I read in a book”I lied smoothly….
“Practicing a drama in a book ???but it definitely seems like you were having a conversation with a ….Man….I heard a deep voice Kayla”Mom said
“Mom!!!!! You know I’ve been alone for a Long long time so I always end up mimicking you and Dad’s voice you know to kill boredom”I said going to hug her…..
“I’m sorry baby…. I’m sorry that you had to go through all this”she said hugging me back”but know that everything your father and I has been doing is to protect you”she said looking into my eyes..
“Protect me from what Mom?”I asked trying to understand what she’s saying….
She was quiet for a while before replying”your father will be in the best position to answer that”…..
I nodded and smiled a little”so why are you here???”
“Well dinner’s ready!!”she said smiling….
“Wow dinner!!!!! Can’t wait”I said rubbing my tummy…
“Dad ,why are we leaving in the forest?”I asked Dad during dinner…
He looked up at me surprised …he looked from me to Mom then me again.
“Why did you ask??”he said pinning me with his stare.
“I’m almost 17 Dad and I need to know why we are living far from civilisation”I replied…..
He was quiet for a while before replying”why don’t you wait Kayla… I’ll tell you when the time is right”he said going back to his meal….
“When is the right time Dad …I feel like I need to know now!”I said already loosing my appetite…
He sighed deeply dropping his spoon and standing up”I will tell you in 3 days time”he said going to his room….
In 3 days time????
that’s my birthday…. he’s gonna tell me on my birthday…. Sadly enough the angel is gonna be back to kill me on my birthday too…
“Don’t worry ,everything’s gonna be fine??”Mom said squeezing my hands on the table before clearing plates the plates…..
💧3 days After💧
I got out of bed yawning…”Yay today is my birthday” I shouted happily but my face changes to a sullen mood when I remembered that Prick said he’s gonna kill me today…..but to look on the bright side ,Dad is gonna tell me why we have been living here….
“But I miss his handsome face” my sub conscious says….
Woah …No what was that …I don’t miss him”kayla!!! How can you miss someone that’s after your life?”I said pointing my fingers to myself…and just then the door opened revealing Mom…
“Happy birthday to you!!,happy birthday to you!!! Happy birthday to you Kayla!!!!happy birthday to you!!!”she sang holding a cake🍰🍰🍩 in her hands with one two…seventeen candles…
U smiled brightly blowing on the candles before pecking her”thanks Mom”I said…..
“Happy birthday Darking and get dressed”she said pointing to a dress ….a very long white gown with stones…..
“Wow Mom its beautiful!!”I said going to the dress and picked it up….
“Off course it is dear… We’ll be waiting for you downstairs”she said kissing my forehead before leaving the room….
I smiled to myself and hold on to the dress smiling brightly….
“I bet when he sees you in this dress ,hell be surprised!!”my sun conscious said….
What the hell… I shook my head removing the thought from my hand …why will you want him to see you in this dress Kayla??? Remember he’s your enemy….. Well there’s no time for this I need to take my bath…..
Its finally today… Shell be dead before today ends “but do you really wanna kill her??”my sub conscious asked…
I stopped in my tracks at that question ….off course I don’t want to kill her in fact seeing the Aquiya has changed a little thing in me….. I’m not even sure if I wanna kill her…. And I kind of miss her, I miss talking and bickering with her, I miss her fiery gaze and I seriously miss those mouth of hers…. How would it feel to kiss her???
“Ohh for the love of KOV ,why would I want to kiss her??” I asked no one in particular as I gazed into the pond …she was seating here when I first met her…
though I promised her that I’ll be back for her on her birthday, I never really did leave her side… I’m sure father would have been expecting me…. I paced the woods as I waited for her.
I scent her first before seeing her…. She was jumping and laughing like a little child ,her blond or should I say white hair more longer than before bouncing on her back..
She looks so beautiful in the gown she was wearing that I stood mouth agape staring at her priceless beauty….
She stopped when she felt my presence… She looked up her eyes meeting mine.. Her smiling face changing to a frown for a minute before turning into a wide smile then she mouthed

–i who is seeing the love between these two….
—why sis you think Kayla said Wow …do you think its cause she saw Rick or there’s something else???
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