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The Aquiya – Season 1 – Episode 3

Fire 🔥 and Water💧)
💥Episode 3💥
I opened my eyes first followed by raising my hands to shield my eyes from the sun….
I must have slept off while gazing into my best friend…. I stretched myself yawning and rubbing my eyes….
I wonder why I fell asleep again when I just got up from bed not long ago…
“I must be weird” I said shaking my head…
I stopped moving when my eyes landed on a body …wait a body???? Is he dead???? I asked no one in particular as I take tentative steps towards the body….”but wait Kayla, how did you know its a he what if its a she????” I asked myself……
“Nah it’s obviously a she… sorry I mean he…. Whatever I’ve got to check if he or she is still alive”I said to myself as I moved to the body….
I touched the face”wow it looks like me”I’ve never really
seen a human aside from well me ,mom and dad but now I’m seeing someone and wait he has something like dad’s so its absolutely a he since dad is a he…. I smiled to myself “I’m a genus” ….
He moved slightly,his eyes fluttering open and I see a very beautiful pair of eyes
“Ahhhhhh”I shouted moving back from the body”wh…….what are you???”I asked my voice trembling seeing his wings again then everything cane back rushing to me before I passed out”ANGEL”I shouted again about to pass out when his voice stopped me”Don’t you dare!!”he said …his voice sounded like thunderstorms reverberating throughout the forest……. I stood rooted to the spot…..
I fluttered my eyes open staring into the most beautiful eyes”she’s finally awake!!”that’s the first thought that ran through my mind…..
I stood up spreading my wings …..when she passes out,I waited for her to wake up but it seems she’s enjoying her beauty sleep so I let her be at least she has the right to rest before I kill her …..
I stared into her beautiful face and wondered if this beautiful girl is actually the one prophesied to destroy my father…. “Could it be her”was my last thoughts before I drifted to sleep… I’ve been flying for weeks now so that explains my tiredness…..
Immediately I spread my wings ,I notices she was going to faint again…. No can’t have her fainting the second time cause she might end up sleeping the whole day and I don’t have the whole day…..
“Who are you???”she asked her voice coming out soft.
Hmm I would love to have a taste of her before I kill her…..
“I’m Rick and I am here to kill you”I replied putting my wings back in my back …
Her eyes widened in surprise ,well I can’t blame her she has been living in the human world for far too long to notice who she is..
“Wh….why do you wanna kill me??”she asked ….
I raises my brows in amusement….she’s not afraid…. what I’m seeing in her eyes isn’t fear but she want to know why I’m here to kill her ….okay I think I should tell her….
“Ok…Aquiya I have no time for all this but I’m here to kill you because I am sent here to kill you …so you understand???”I asked spreading my
“What!!!!”she exclaimed incredulous….
“So come here let me kill you ,I don’t have the whole day”I said moving closer to her…..
I was about to grab her when she knead me in my groin”ouch!!!”I yelped in pain holding my manhood”why the hell did I think you’re gonna allow me to just kill you”I muttered in pain as I held on to my manhood…
For an Angel,its hard to hurt me but I guess cause she’s also something similar to me that’s why her kick hurt me so bad ….
Before I could grab her,she had turned on her heels and run away….
“I guess this is a game of hide and seek now!!”I muttered to myself as I ran after her ignoring the pain in my manhood….
That thing thinks that he can just waltz here then say he wants to kill me??? Me??Kayla????he must be going….
I felt happy with myself as I run “wow you got him there …kneading him in the balls”….
“Why are you smiling to yourself?”Mom asked me immediately I stepped into the house….
Oops I didn’t notice I was smiling to myself”nothing Mom where’s Dad???”I asked swiftly changing the subject….
“In his study!!”she replied..
“Thanks Mom”I said as I went in the direction of Dad’s study…
“Hey dad!!”I said popping my head through the door
“Kayla…. Where have you been??”he asked looking up from what he’s doing..
“At the pond dad”I replied going in fully….
“Hmmm okay”he said nodding….
“ERM dad have you ever seen a human with wings before???”I asked …
He looked up at me surprise written all over his face….
“Where did you see that??”he asked fully concentrating on me…
“Uhmmm…”I trailed off scratching my head”welllll saw it in one of my books”I said laughing nervously…
“Your books??”he asked suspiciously….
“Uhm yh……excuse me Dad gotta use the restroom”I said rushing out of his study without waiting for his response….
Phew that was close…. I can’t tell him that I saw an angel and the Angel is here to kill me…. no I can’t….
I mused to myself as I went up to my room… I opened the door and I saw someone in my room..

–second episode as promised oo
—just imagine make we talk oooo if you be Kayla and person com talk say he come to kill you, wetin you go do????As for me ooo I no go kill kick his something I go cut am off iffa get the chance😀😊☺😁
–abeg see lame excuse for Kayla mouth”I saw it in my books”lie lie girl ,you better tell your papa now ooo😁😁
—oya take a guess …who do u think she saw in her room????
Abeg comment wella oooo the comment dey sweet me for belle ….

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