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The Aquiya – Season 1 – Episode 2

Episode 2💥
“Go faster…..faster!!!”the bitch moaned under me as I slammed into her repeatedly……
I had barely spilled my seeds in her when a brisk knock was heard on the door…..
I rolled off her standing erect in all my named glory”come in” I rasped..
Just then the door opened revealing Akila the King’s messenger….
“Your Highness”he bowed upon entering the room..
“Scram!!”I said to the bitch who’s sprawled out on my bed as I put on my trousers…..
After hearing the door opening and closing I turned to Akila “what’s the matter???”I asked going to the window to look all over KOV vast lands…
“The king request your presence”his calm voice rang out in the stillness of the room…
“Why???”I simply asked…
“I don’t know your Highness!!”he replied…
“You can leave!!”I I ordered
He bowed and left the room leaving me alone to my thoughts….
I put on my
shirt as I exit NY room…being the Crown prince of KOV really comes with great responsibility.. I have to do my father’s biddings even If I don’t want to……
Just like now,I know he’s trying to send me on a perilous errand that will somehow harm someone …there’s no way I can refuse wanna know why,….its cause he has a leverage over me…. The queen mother if I don’t do his bidding,my mother and her kind will pay for it……
“I’m Herr your majesty”I said bowing in respect immediately I stepped into the huge throne room..
The kung my father was sitting in his mighty glory on his throne… I hate the fact that he’s my father or the fact that I’m related to him …he’s so power thirsty that he’s willing to imprison his beloved wife my mother cause he doesn’t want her to rule.
“Have you heard the prophecy??”he asked in his grave voice as it resonates throughout the room….
The prophecy!!! the one prophecy that has gotten the mighty king of KOV shaking …off course I’ve heard it where it says that a woman of special breed ….the woman of the same tribe as my mother the Aquiya will be the one to end my fathers reign… Oh I’ve heard it ….
“Yes your majesty”I answered….
“Good prepare yourself ,you are going to the human world to search for the woman in the prophecy”he said his face void of emotions….
“How do I find her your majesty,there’s many human in the human world how will I know if she’s truly the one??”I asked…
“Come forward!!”he ordered….
I moved forward towards him getting more closer to the throne then he put a magical tracker on me as.
“This will help you find her”he said…
I nodded then a thought cane to me”what do I do with her,am I supposed to bring her here??”I asked not knowing why he wants to find her…
“No !!!!you will kill her!!!”he sneered his eyes glinting with evil…….
I went to the window and letting free my wings of fire,I jumped out into the sky ….
Journeying for days ,the magical tracker finally led me somewhere in the middle of a forest …..without much ado ,I landed into the water …
I came out steadily out of it,since fire stream
through my body, the wetness on my body is already drying up as I ventured majestically out of the water then I saw her…. a beautiful girl looking at me her eyes bulging out before she finally closed it up …
“What just happened???”I asked myself peering into the girl face…….

–he has been sent will he do it.????
— but wait ooi y did he fall in the water. Abi he no get brake ni. Lolzzz😀😁😁😁
— Rick no do anything for our Kayla oooo let her rest small before u Conan kill her….
—Oya hit the like button and comment no time for dulling….

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  • Am sure is the one in the prophecy that will end the king life,rick pls don’t kill the innocent

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