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The Aquiya – Season 1 – Episode 13 & 14

✴Episode 13 and 14✴
Its mid evening when we all marched to war,I beside Gerald while Kayla beside my Mother….
All through the day,we went around KOV secretly to find any rogue Chaman …anyone of my father’s followers who are against Hus forceful rule….
We were able to round up to 50 Chaman and we are now matching to war…
I already swore to protect Kayla with my whole life and I’m sure Gerald will also….
We had planned to start a surprise war but surprisingly,the palace was heavily guarded….
We were shared into groups but so many of the Aquiyas stayed with Kayla ..I guess cause she’s the chosen one and she’s the one prophesied to kill the king my cruel father…
We walked stealthily towards the guarded entrance and swiftly killed the angels there…
Our target is to kill the king that way we won’t have
to kill more Chaman than necessary…
We got to the entrance and tried opening the door but I couldn’t open …I tried again but I still coulldn’t open it….
“leave there let Kayla try it!!!”I heard Mother said behind me..
I moved out of the way and allowed Kayla space to do her thing “Ladies first!!”I said winking at her…
She smiled shyly blushing lightly …I had to nudge her so she can focus …this is war and there’s no time to flirt…
She placed her palm on the knob and it immediately opened….
I was surprised and opened my mouth as I stared at her….
“don’t be surprised Rick,she possess more powers than you could imagine even Lucio can’t withstand it!!!”Mother said smiling proudly ..
I nodded and smiled at Dad’s Stupidness who thinks he has guarded the palace with a sacred code..
We all moved in each of us going staying at alert ,our sword ready to use.. We stepped into the corridors and killed the surprise angel but not all cause some of them surrendered.. I’m happy they already know what’s in store for them if they stick with him…
✅Author’s POV✅
Rick ,Kayla and the other few stepped into the palace killing anyone that tried to attack and letting anyone that surrendered go….
They used a new war tactic ,one Lucio doesn’t know about and yes Lucio has already heard of the looming war ,all he’s just waiting for is for them to fall right into his traps even though he didn’t make it easy for them to break into his palace ,be only made it that way so they won’t suspect that he’s already in preparation for them…
💧Queen Magdalene💧
“stop !!!!!everyone…stop don’t take any more steps!!!!”Kayla ordered all of us…
I have been waiting for this day ever since Lucio betrayed me….
The thoughts of this day got me going ….I feel sad for my people cause I fail to protect them…
I knew Lucio was power hungry ,I never thought it will be to the extent of locking his wife and her people up and taking over the whole land…. Well the prophesied saviour is now here and we are going to win….no we will definitely win…
“stop everyone!!!”I ordered in my loud voice… When I noticed that they’ve all stopped,I turned to Kayla “what’s
it Child, is there a problem???”I asked looking at her happy that rick finally found her….
“he knows!!”she simply said …her eyes going blue
“knows what???””I asked
“that we are coming!!!! we need to change our tactics ,be knows them and there’s a trap waiting for us?!!”
“trap????”I asked bewildered..
If Lucio already set a trap for us and we didn’t know ,then the mission won’t be successful…. I’m glad the heavens are with us….
“okay everyone, we need to be smart…we will continue with the plan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We stepped into the throne room and we saw Lucio on his regal seat,his head heals high staring at us…even his handsome face can’t hide the beast he is within….
“and who do we have here..”he said sneering“my beautiful prisoners, my runaway friend and off course my infidel son…. welcome to the palace of death!!!”he said his eyes momentarily blazing…
“we don’t have time for this Lucio so let’s get it started!??”the queen said raising her sword high “Attack!!!!!!!”she yelled…
In a twinkle of an eye,Lucio already cane down from his throne,his minions coming out from no where and slaving at us front and back…
All everyone was concerned about is protecting me… Rick wouldn’t leave my side neither will father leave the queen side…
Now I understand why Father has been teaching me Martial arts….its cause of times like this and I’m glad I learnt it cause I was able to kill more evil Chaman that time…. but it seems they are getting more powers over us cause they are more plenty than us…..
“dodge!!!”one of the Aquiya shouted pushing me out of the way using her body to block mine from danger…
She fell to the floor in a thud…blood oozing out of her mouth while I looked on in horror
“tsk tsk tsk…such a pity but don’t worry you will go join her soon!!!”Lucio said staring evilly at me
“never !!!!”I yelled raising up my sword to attack him…
I tried icing him but he only laugh it off “have you forgotten Aquiya,I’m also an Aquiya so it can’t work on me!!!”he jeered…
I became so angry that I went all in …I’m the chosen one and I’m going to save my people from death….
I controlled NY sword using water and it fought with him midair….. He was getting tired and its time to attack….
I aim for his heart and placed my palms on it..he widen his eyes in horror as he watched me ice his already cold heart… after icing it which reflects in his whole body making home become a statue, I raised my fallen sword and push it through his stomach….
Even in his iced state ,he gasped in fear and fell to the ground dead…..
I turned to the others yelling “victory is ours!!!!”I said raising my sword up
“yes!!!!!!”they all yelled…
I smiled locking eyes with Rick who smiled happily at me and something unexpected happened, I felt a metal blade pass
through me….
I opened my mouth in horror glancing at the sharp object in my stomach… A look of horror also crossed everyone’s face …I locked NY gaze on Rick who was running to me amidst the dead bodies
on the floor….
He got to me just in time with when I fell holding me close to him “Kayla!!!” He wept out holding my cheeks….
I feel life leaving me while I heard Lucio sneering “No!!!!!Victory is mine!!!!”
—everybody carry ur handkerchief ooo if ,we will be going for kayla’s wake keep tomorrow
—what will happen to Rick now
–even water is coming out of my eyes ,I can’t stop crying ooo😭😭😭😭😭
—Lucio ,you’re a very bad man oooooooo
—bye bye to Kayla.. R.I.P
Okay let’s wait for the final episode don’t know when its gonna drop told you inspiration is running so had to wake up early this morning to type this so I won’t leave you guys hanging…. Let’s anticipate the last episode. Thanks
From ur lovely authoress

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