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The Aquiya – Season 1 – Episode 11

✴Episode 11✴
I glanced towards Kayla and Gerald as we flew in silence to KOV….
I smile as I remember the kiss yesterday… I hadn’t intended to kiss her but nevertheless I’m glad it happened and I slept cuddling her….
“why are you smiling sheepishly???”Gerald asked me….
“its nothing!!!”I said coughing out….
I looked at Kayla who’s stealing glances at me and tried to focus my mind on the task ahead….
Its almost nightfall and I can already sight the outline of the palace “we have got to be careful now!!”I said while they both nodded…..
“lets pass through the east door…..first things first,we have got to go to the dungeons to release my mother and the others!,!”I told then as I lead them to the east entrance of the palace.
..I know the guards will be weak there cause my father doesn’t want guards anywhere near the dungeon ..he doesn’t want to be betrayed and
yet he betrayed my mother and locked her up…..
“here!!!!”I said dropping on the ground in front of the entrance to the door…
Gerald landed beside me followed by Kayla “no guards here???”Gerald asked looking straight ahead for any danger
“yes !!!no guards,he doesn’t trust anyone so he makes sure he’s the only one that can gain entrance here”I replied opening the door “ don’t worry we are on the same side Gera….I won’t do anything to hurt you… I may be my father’s son but I’m different”I quickly added when he’s giving me a look besides I can’t tell him of my intentions for Kayla…at least not yet…
He nodded and Kayla follower me in before he did so making Kayla sandwich between us with him at the back and I at the front….
We walked in silence until we got to the first door …I stopped signalling for them to stop too “we need Kayla to open this!!”I said pointing to the place where Kayla has to place her hands….
“why me???”Kayla asked…
“well I said earlier that he made sure this place can’t be breached by anyone well that’s cause he sealed the dungeon with the Aquiyas powers and Chamans own and he has the blood of both running in him so he’s the only one that has access here”I explained…
“but how is he able to have both powers??” She asked.
“well that’s because once an Aquiya and a Chaman tie the knot, it is possible for the Aquiya to transfer from her power to him if she chose to and I know in Lucio’s case he took it by force”Gerald explained…
“yes that’s true but my mother would never transfer her powers to him so he took her maid and forcefully transferred it to himself afterwards he killed the maid”I further explained…..
Kayla nodded and gingerly place her palm in the spot….it radiates blue and the door clicked open ..
She removed her hands and we opened the door going in… We walked further into the dungeon and we got to the second door “would you like to do the honours???”I asked turning to Gerald…
He smiled simply and walked over to the door …he placed his hands in the spot and it radiates a fire like colour before the door clicked open…
We stepped in and I
could see my mother tied in chains with the other Aquiyas… I rushed over to her and hugged her even in her tattered clothes ,she still look as beautiful…
I tried to release her chains but couldn’t,it was stuck “let her do it!!”Mom said staring at Kayla who stood transfixed by the door…
I made way for Kayla and she moved closer to Mom…immediately she touched the chains,something unexpected happened… the chains loosened itself

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