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The Aquiya – Season 1 – Episode 10

Episode 10✅
“ I’ll miss you Mom!!”Kayla said hugging her mother..
I watched the two with longness cause it made me miss my Mom the more..
Staying with the Aquiya has been eliciting some feelings in me …feelings that I could associate with love…… This must mean I have finally found the ONE for me but did she feel the same way?????
it took all the will power in me not to kiss her yesterday…. I don’t know if she was going to reject me nooo I’m afraid she’ll reject me that’s why I didn’t make the move….
Even as I watch her sleep,I couldn’t take my eyes off her and when I see her eyes open boring into mine, I knew immediately that she has seen it…the so called prophecy because without that ,we can’t win the war but I’m happy she has seen it now…
Now there’s no time to waste ,its
time to fight… I listen with rapt attention as she narrates the vision to me and I only nodded and smiled….
Now we are on our way to war and leaving Aria behind was a hard thing to do for her family….
“ I’ll miss you too Kayla !!”Aria replied holding her at arms length and culling kayla’s face in her hands”I’ll miss you too honey so rake care of yourselves and make sure you win okay?!?”she said while Kayla nodded….
She turned to Gerald who hugged and kissed her hair”Take care of your self… I’ll be back !!!!”he said…
“ protect her well !!!”Aria replied ….
I watched the family and grit NY fist together restless to save her…
“ bye!!!!”we finally said as pur wings sprang out of our backs….
“ uhn!!!!what of me???”Kayla asked staring at our wings….
“ohhh little frozen, if you want me to carry you,I will gladly do but just stretch your hands,your wings will sprout out!!”I said…
She rolled her eyes at me doing as I have said and her beautiful wings also sprout out…
Her white wings is so beautiful just like her and she squealed happily sighting it…“ Wowww!!!!my wings so beautiful even more than yours arrogant prince”she said …
I rolled my eyes and took to the sky followed by Kayla then Gerald….
We flew in silence …I leading the way and making sure no one sights us yet….
“ we’ll rest at the forest of KIRN for night and we’ll continue the journeys tomorrow ….I’m sure we’ll get to KOV by nightfall tomorrow!!”I announced
They both nodded and we journeyed for 10 hours more and when we noticed it was getting late, we finally got to the forest of KIRN… Thank heavens cause if we are sighted outside by the angel then my father will be alerted but if we spring on then the element of surprise, we’ll definitely win this war.
“ here !!!”I said leading then further into the forest and we all drop down tired….
“ I’m tired!!!”Kayla whined
I chuckled at her childishness “ stay here, I’ll find dinner!!!”I said preparing to walk further into the forest…
“wait I’ll go with you!!!”Kayla said jumping to her feet and rushing to me..
I cock my head to a side “ thought you said
you’re tired???”I asked
“well I am… But I don’t think you know how to hunt”she said shrugging
“ and why would you think I don’t know how to hunt???”I asked amuses that she can say that
“ Cause you’re a prince besides I’ve lived in the forest all my life so I can help!!”she answered..
I shook my head and turned to Gerald who nodded “ I’ll be okay.. Have fun!!!”he said
I rolled my eyes….there’s no fun in going dinner hunting…. but there’s actually fun in going with the beautiful Aquiya… I nodded and lead the way as we both walked farther into the forest…..
“ so tell me more about yourself???”I asked hoping to start a conversation after much silence…
“ there’s nothing more to know about me Aquiya except that I’m a prince!!”he said
“there should be!!”I said slowly…..
I don’t know what I want to ask….no I actually know what I want to ask ,I just don’t know how to ask it “ uhmmm…is there a woman waiting for you over there???”I finally blurted out….
I face Palmer myself in the darkness as I awaited his answer….
“ hmmm why are you asking frozen??? are you going to get jealous???”he asked stopping in his tracks as he faced me making me stop walking too….
I’m not feeling his joke or enthusiasm “ yes or no!!!”I said folding my hands across my chest
“and what if I say NO???”he said advancing towards me….
I stood my ground as I watch him get closer to me “ what do you think you’re doing??”I asked my voice breaking…
He smiled which somehow looks sexy to me“ what do you think I’m doing??”he asked completely reaching me and standing in front of me
I swallowed my lips and licked it nervously… I felt his gaze at that particular place and I kept praying that he would just kiss me and get the tension over with… His eyes hold a glint that I couldn’t fathom …a mischievous glint in his eyes… He bent to my ears his cold hands brushing NY face ever so lightly “you are so tempting Aquiya… So irresistible!!”he said in a whisper and he take NY lips in his….
It spread warmth to my toes as his mouth devoured nine… I savoured the kiss as I held on to his chest… Holding him tightly and not wanting to let go..
His hand snaked to my waist as he brings me more closer to him… I went willingly since that’s exactly what I wanted too..even though its my first kiss,I still try to match him as his tongue delve into my mouth and danced together with my own….
He suddenly pushed away giving the both of us to gasp for air… He rubbed his face on mine as he take in shaky breaths “ if I should continue Kayla,I wouldn’t want to stop so let’s just go get dinner and go back to the rendezvous!!”he said breathing heavily on my face…..
I just nodded not wanting NY voice to betray me as I walked beside him while he held on to my hands all. through…..
We were able to kill an animal and go back to father….father’s gleaming eyes told mW he guessed why we are late… We made dinner and everyone of us prepared where to sleep….
I was already dozing off when I felt Rick’s hands snaked around my waist from behind me ….I momentarily froze before relaxing relaxing into his touch “ you Snell so sweet”he muttered….
I blushed at his words and smiled brightly …“goodnight Kay!!!”he said finally dozing off
I smiled at the feel of his hands around me and slept peacefully…

—They have finally kissed ooo….I dey miss my own rick ooo
–;and something is telling me that the girl papa already know ooo abi????
Your lovely authoress

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