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The Aquiya – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 15]

The Aquiya

The Aquiya

💧The Aquiya💧
(Fire🔥and Water💧)
🍁Episode 1🍁
“Its all burning ,the buildings,every damn thing living or non living is set ablaze in flames….
I couldn’t stop it even though I am in the middle of it… though the fire does not seem to be burning me but I feel like its going through me inside out …
Then I heard the same voice I’ve been hearing since I turned 16….
“Save us!!!!”
The voice echoed, even in the midst of fire, the voice sounded clear and in pains…..
But this time around, I saw a winged woman…. she’s beautiful and then a man kneeling in front of her… the woman’s eyes looks like the deep ocean… I want to reach her at least leave the burning furnace I am but I can’t cause I felt fire hands drawing me back into there fiery midst…….
“Ahhhhhh”I shouted as I jolted out of my sleep sweating profusely…
I looked at the alarm and noticed its exactly 9am in the morning….
“Gosh I slept in
again”I muttered to myself …well I ain’t gonna rush …do you wanna know why,its cause I don’t have anywhere important to be now well except to go for breakfast..
I sluggishly got out of bed to do the necessary things that I’m supposes to do like making my bed and taking my bath…
But first things first,let me introduce myself… I’m Kayla Freedom… Funny surname right???? Well I don’t know why I have that surname but its my parents own so yea even if I don’t like the name, I’ve still gotta stick to it …you wanna know why???? Well its cause its my Father’s name ..lolzzzzz……
I’m actually 16 and the half plus quarter and a tiny little bit of days well that’s cause my birthday is in 3 days time…. yay…..I’m happy …..
I can’t really describe my features all I know is I’m beautiful well cause Mom says I am and also I think I’m a blond ….yes I think well I’m not really sure cause I’m afraid to look into the mirror and its cause when I clocked 16,I tried looking at my gorgeous self but ended up seeing a winged human so since then,I literally avoid the mirror but all the same I think I’m beautiful and one most important thing you need to know about me is that I live in a forest..
Yh you heard me right a forest ….a very huge one …I’m sire if at all a human is around here then that’ll be like 500 thousand miles to where I live so I live in the fires with me ,myself and my family….
Nature is my friend with the sun and I have a best friend well it’s the sea …I always feel safe whenever I’m in it…..
Its like my father designed the huge pond in our house or should I say forest house making it look like a beautiful tourist attraction but no one can come there except for me ,myself and my family….. and also Dad has been teaching me Martial arts ever since I could walk so yea I can defend myself but even if I’m happy here with my family, I still feel like there’s a part of me missing……
“Kayla!!!!!!”Mom shouted from the dining
Oops that’s my Mom calling”yes Mom,,I’ll be right out soon!!”I answered
already knowing why she’s calking me…..
So that’s it …that’s the end of my introduction for now really got to get downstairs before Mom barge into my room…..
“Morning Mom”I greeted stepping into the kitchen
“How’re you beautiful??”she asked looking up from her papers
“Good !fine !!great”I said smiling momentarily forgetting about my dreams just like I always do….
“Choose one Kayla!!”Mom said fixing her gaze on me while I just chuckled..”so what’s for breakfast??”I asked changing the subject…..
“Nothing’s for breakfast Kayla cause breakfast is done and dusted”she said going back to her papers..
*Mom!!!!?”I whined sitting close to her “I’m really hungryyyyyy”I said pouting
“Okay fine stop doing that bacon and scrambled egg’s in the fridge”she said resigning……
“Thanks Mom”I said going to the fridge”where’s dad??”I asked pulling out my plate of bacon and scrambled eggs…..
“He stepped out after breakfast when you were still having your beauty sleep”she said not even glancing towards me…
If only she knew that I wasn’t having any beauty sleep but horrible ones..
“Okay !!”I simply said as I focused on my meal…..
“Morning best” I said sitting by the pond….
I had barely finished breakfast when I ventured out of the house …it really feels stuffy in there since I get to see the same furniture’s all my life……
But I always feel better anytime I’m here in the pond ….its like the waters are calling on to me… I feel so much at peace like nothing could happen to me here but that thought soon changed when something like a meteor dropped from the sky into my beautiful best friend…
I shrieked back in horror…I’ve never witnessed this kind of a thing before …my first thought is to run but my Dad never taught me to run so I stood my ground and watched as the water settled and someone came out of it…no scrap that a non human came out of it with a huge wings like an “ANGEL!!!!”I muttered to myself passing out…..
–so that’s episode 1,what do you think …is it a good start???
–OMG she fainted and wait ooooooo did she just see an ANGEL?????
–well me I never sure oooo let’s find out in the next episode

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