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“sweetheart don’t you think you might have offended him? He might be showing you the other side of him just for you to know that he is not taking it lightly with you”. Yvonne said softly with a puzzled look on her beautiful face. She was Mirabel’s best friend and confidant. She was a plumped lady in her mid 30’s and was brown skinned like the color of a sweet tasting caramel flavor inside a yummy chocolate cake. She wears a contagious smile that exposes a diastema between her two upper teeth which added greatly to her ravishing beauty. Her long soft lustrous hair was nattily braided and the artificial nails fixed firmly on her fingernails were very beautiful and sleek. They looked very perfect on her and her cute dimples captivate whenever she smiles. In fact a misogynist could easily be carried away by her ravishing beauty. The two ladies had met each other at a hairdressing salon and their friendship had been blossoming ever since they met each other.

“Yvonne, you should know I was never a troublesome woman. I’ve always wanted to build a loving and happy home with my husband and not the other way round but I don’t seem to understand his attitude towards me these days”. She cried out as she tried very hard to fight back the ocean of salty tears that had welled up in her eyes. She paused briefly and continued

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“The height of it all is that he had refused to take the full responsibility of my pregnancy and had even locked up my supermarket after sending away all my workers. Our first pregnancy for crying out loud!” She said with a sudden outburst and bursted into tears. “I never bargained for these tortures I’m passing through in my matrimony”. She added amidst sobs. Apparently, she was too overwhelmed with the agony she was passing through which made it difficult for her to control her emotions. Yvonne could not believed her ears when she heard the last bombshell that dropped from her mouth. She could feel the pains she was passing through and felt very bittered about it. She knew what it feels like to be in a marriage filled with so much acrimony. She was once in her shoes which almost ended her life. She still wondered why a responsible and easy going man like Toyese could be so mean and heartless towards a very kind-hearted woman like Mirabel. “Well, men like him don’t cherish what they have until they lost it”. She thought and shrugged her shoulders. Mirabel was still crying profusely when she offered her a small white embroidered handkerchief to wipe off her tears as the red velvet blouse she wore had been soaked by her salty tears. Yvonne puts her arms around her in a warm embrace and consoled her. “It’s okay girlfriend. I can feel your pains. I was once in your shoes and I know how it feels. You need to calm yourself down because of your unborn baby. You are doing more harm than good to the health of your unborn child”. She consoled in her usual sweet and gentle voice. “Yvonne I don’t need a soothsayer to tell me that I’m doomed already. Where should I start from? He has locked up my only source of livelihood and you know fully well that I’m a full time housewife. How do I cope in my present condition?” She complained bitterly amidst sobs. “You don’t have to talk like that sweetheart”. Yvonne admonished and continued “You will not be doomed in Jesus name. Why do you now have me as a friend? You will be fine and your unborn child will be fine too. I will talk to him and I pray he will change for good. Trust me”. Yvonne assured her. A thin smile crinkled on her face and she felt happier again. “Thank you so much girlfriend. I’ve always known I can count on you. I don’t know what I can do without you”. She flashed her one of her sweetest smile while Yvonne chuckled. “It’s my pleasure sweet. What are friends for? We have turned blood sisters already. Come on won’t you give big sister a hug?” She said jocularly as she spread out her arms towards her and the two best friends remained in each other’s warm embrace for some moment before they eventually let go of each other. “So guess what?” Yvonne broke the intense silence that engulfed them with excitement bodly written all over her face. “What is it? Tell me now. don’t put me into suspense. You know I’m not very good at guessing”. Mirabel answered anxiously. “Alright. I’m gonna help you out. I just prepared you your favorite food”. Yvonne announced with enthusiasm showing in her voice. “Ohhhh my gosh! You are such a darling sweetheart. I’m so famished right now that I can consume a horse”.

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“Anything for you girlfriend. Now let’s go to the dining room so you can have your food. You need to feed our baby. She must be very hungry by now”. Yvonne said excitedly as they marched towards the dinning area and their incessant chatterings rented the air.

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