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Tempted – Season 1 Episode 7



True to Dave’s words,Abby didn’t go to work the following day.
So it was just the two of us in the house,catching up on the latest gist.At times like this,I wish I could stop thinking about Dave romantically. I mean… Abby’s so good to me.
“I think if things were up to Dave,he would’ve preferred I closed down the boutique”Abby said.
She had told me before that when they got married,it was hard to make Dave succumb to her wish not to be a full house wife.He wanted her to sit at home all day and do nothing…Oh boy!If Dave was my husband and he tells me something like that,I would willingly sit at home all day, simply being his wife.
But then Abby wanted to work and at the end managed to get him to open a boutique for her.
“How’s your foot now?”I asked.
“It’s totally fine,Clara. I told you that Dave was only overreacting”
I hated hearing that word from her,she doesn’t know how much I wish someone would overreact like that to me each time.
The front door opened and Dave walked in.He was home earlier than usual.
Abby and I greeted him but he simply nodded, placing his briefcase on a chaise lounge,he hurried into the kitchen.
“What’s up with him?”I asked.
Abby shrugged.
He walked back into the living room, holding an ice pack.
“Babe,It really doesn’t hurt anymore”Abby whined.
But he bent before her, removed her flip flop and pressed the ice to her ankle.
It was as if he had been thinking about his wife’s foot all day at work.
My heart felt as cold as the ice and I quickly headed to my bedroom.
As soon as I got there,I shut the door and leaned against it.
“That’s it!This has to stop, Clara.Dave loves his wife.You shouldn’t try to replace her.You won’t hurt Abby”I said to myself.
I decided that the best thing to do was to avoid been alone with Dave or making eye contact with him or even skin contact.


My head feels so fucking heavy. I hardly fall sick so maybe this is just a minor headache.
And I wouldn’t want to make Abby worried when I call her at night.She travelled to Abuja this morning to check out her goods properly which had been shipped from Paris.The last time she allowed them to be delivered directly to her in Lagos,she complained that some expensive dresses were missing.
Damn! I miss her already.This was part of the reason why I never wanted her to work but then she wanted to and anything Abby wants…I’d do it.
By the time I closed from the office, I’m feeling cold and my suit jacket suddenly feels so light.
I got home, I’m glad I didn’t see Clara around because she might tell on me to Abby that I look pale.Having no appetite at all,I retired to bed, pulling two duvet around me. I decided it was best I don’t call Abby. I would call her when I’m feeling okay.
My phone rang.
Shit!It was Abby and even if I avoid her call,she won’t stop calling so I picked up.
“Hey babe”
I tried to keep my voice as neutral as possible.
“Sunshine,how was your day?”
“It was okay,have you eaten?”She asked.
I shivered slightly.”Ye…yeah.What about you?”
“Are you okay,babe?”She asked.
I swallowed pulling the duvet up to my neck but I still don’t feel warm and I’m starting to shiver more.
“I’m… I’m fine”
“You don’t sound okay.Are you sick?”
She’s caught me.”It’s nothing serious.I think I’ve caught cold”
“Are you running temperature?”She sounded so worried.
“It’s nothing”
“Have you taken some drugs? I think I should head home now”
“What? It’s fucking late,do you want to give me a heart attack, I’m fine,I can take care of myself”
“Oh babe!”
I sighed heavily.


It’s been two days now and I have been able to get a good distant between me and Dave.I think of him less now,so I think I’m not falling for him.
My phone rang,it was Abby. I know she was in Abuja to inspect her goods.I picked up.
“Hey best”
“Please could you help me check up on Dave.He hardly falls sick but when he does,it pretty serious.And he can be a big baby at times, refusing to take drugs and all”She rambled out, worriedly.
Dave was sick! For some reason I felt really sad.
“Don’t worry, Abby.I’ll go and see how he’s doing”I assured.
“Thanks,best.I’m so glad you’re in my house right now”
‘Me too’I thought and hung up.
Fuck keeping a distant between us.Dave needs me right now.


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