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Tempted – Season 1 Episode 6



I returned to my room somehow feeling happy and a little guilty.
Truth is, I wasn’t able to fall asleep after spying on Dave and Abby in the kitchen. I kept on thinking about him…. I kept on wanting to be in Abby’s shoes…. I kept on wishing to be his wife.
So when I heard footsteps,I knew at once that it was him so I followed him with the intention of making him see how sexy I am.
Now,I’m feeling happy because he looked…well I think that was a look of admiration for my body. I’m sexier than Abby and I think I’m more beautiful too.Why didn’t I even notice how sweet Dave was before?Why didn’t he chose me?
I know if I want Dave wrapped around my fingers,it will be a piece of cake,all men were weak. I just have to make him see that I can be a better wife and lover than Abby… I just have to make him see how unique I am.
But I’m feeling guilty because this is my best friend’s husband. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. I can’t stop thinking about him… I can’t stop fantasizing about him.
I have never wanted anyone the way I wanted him.
Was this love?
As I laid down to sleep… I picture Dave running his hands through me…
Dave talking dirty to me….
Dave sucking and licking every part of me….
Dave rising above me…
Dave sliding inside…
Fuck! I don’t wanna hurt Abby but her husband was driving me insane.

The following evening,Abby wasn’t home from work and I suddenly wanted to cook for Dave but then my cooking sucks so I decided to wash the dishes…both clean and dirty instead.
“Good evening, Clara”I heard Dave’s voice.
I turned around feeling a little disappointed,I had expected him to think that I was his wife then he would hold me from behind,but then,he opened the fridge and grabbed a bottle of water.
“Evening”I replied unable to take my eyes off him,he was dressed in blue long sleeves,a pair of gray trousers and black suede shoes.
He looked so gorgeous.
My eyes darted to the table where he had spread Abby’s legs wide and ate her out.
In my memory,I suddenly saw myself in place of Abby…Dave was between my thighs fucking me with his fingers and tongue and I was writhing and screaming his name.
I was brought back to reality with a sharp sound.Only then did I realize that the plate I was holding fell from my hands and broke into pieces.
Dave who was halfway through the door, turned around abruptly.
“I’m so sorry….it just slipped and….”I managed to get out and bent down to pick up the broken pieces but his hand caught mine.
I swallowed staring at his warm hand on mine.
“Don’t touch it.You might hurt yourself.I’ll cleaned it up”He said, softly.
On wobbly legs,I stood up and slowly sat on the chair.
I felt highly flustered staring at the hand which he had held.
He cares about me!

About an hour later,Dave had prepared a simple meal of spaghetti for us, equally leaving some for Abby,any time he gets home before her,he makes it his duty to cook.Now,we were seated in the living room watching a documentary.I stared at him,he was so engrossed in what he was watching,he had changed into something casual but he still looked hot.He just looks sexy in anything he wears without even trying.
Abby returned home leaping slightly.
As soon as Dave saw her,he hurried up to her.
“What happened to you?”He asked, alarmed.
He looked so worried and I felt slightly angry at Abby for making him like that.
“I fell at the front of the boutique but it doesn’t really….”
“Why weren’t you careful?And why didn’t you call me to pick you up? Imagine,you had to leap…..”
“Babe, I’m really okay, it doesn’t hurt much, it’s just my ankle”Abby pressed on.
But Dave surprised us, especially me by carrying her into his arms, walked up to a couch and gently, he placed her on it.
“I’ll get some ice”With that,he walked away.
“You should’ve been more careful,best”I bit out, smiling.
“It’s nothing,Clara.That’s how he always overreact each time I get hurt”Abby replied.
‘Overreact’I thought, angrily.
Sorry was the only thing Tony would say to me even if I was bleeding.
Dave came back with an ice pack.
He bent before her and took off her shoe,then slowly,he pressed the ice on her ankle wincing slightly as if he was the one in pains.
I think Abby noticed the look on his face,so she said.
“I’m sorry,babe.For making you worried”
Dave smiled up at her.
“Then be more careful,you know I hate see you in pains”
“But I’m not….”
“Don’t argue with me, Sunshine.And you’re not going to work tomorrow”
“Babe”Abby whined.
I quietly excused them unable to bear the ache building in my chest seeing how much Dave cares for Abby.


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