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Tempted – Season 1 Episode 5




It was about 1:am in the early hours of the morning. I was seated on the couch with a laptop on my lap working on a project. I glanced up at my sleeping wife clad in only my shirt.In her sleep,the shirt had somehow moved upwards, exposing her ass to me.
Damn!She was an angel…my angel.
I willed myself to focus on my laptop but then I heard a sound and looked upwards again.
“Babe”She called and stirred.
Realizing I wasn’t in bed,she slowly sat up.
As soon as she saw me on the couch,she stood up.
I could tell she was still feeling sleepy.
I quickly put aside the laptop knowing where she wanted to sit on.
She sat on my laps, resting her head on my shoulder.
I wrapped my arms around her.
“Why weren’t you in bed?”She asked with her eyes closed.
“I had some work to do”
I tilted my head to look at her and her lips are pursed out,I swear, she looks so cute right now but I know she doesn’t like sleeping without me.
She has become addicted to me and I swear I am madly addicted to this woman too.She always tells me that sleeping in my arms makes her feel warm, happy and safe.
I’m always glad she madly craves for my warmth.And when I’m away on a business trip,I have to be on the phone with her and sometimes sing for her till she falls asleep.
Yeah! I love spoiling my woman.And right,my mom called today,she keeps wanting a grandchild from me.Abby and I have been married for almost one year now and I’m the one who insisted not to have children right now.I’m not ready. I still want to enjoy Abby for a while without kids disturbing us.
But now,I think I should better be ready because my mom threatened to call Abby and disturb her about getting pregnant.
I wouldn’t want that at all. I don’t want anyone disturbing my angel.
I kiss the pout on her lips and she smiles still closing her eyes.She’s still feeling sleepy because she’s exhausted.From the kitchen,we had headed straight to the bedroom and it was till midnight before exhaustion finally overtook us.We even forgot to eat dinner.
“I’m thirsty”She whispered.
“Alright,let me put you to bed and head downstairs, okay?”
She nodded.
I carried her in my arms, walked over to the bed and lowered her down.
I kissed her forehead and exited the bedroom.

I walked into the kitchen, opened the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of water.As I turned around,I was startled at who I saw standing by the door dressed in only a shirt and beneath the shirt,I could see her panties.It was Clara.
Don’t get me wrong,the panties wasn’t what startled me.I really wasn’t expecting her to be awake at this time.And suddenly appear by the door dressed so indecently.
“I’m so sorry,Dave. I was thirsty and I didn’t think you’ll be in here”She said tugging down her shirt,that action only ended up exposing the top of her breasts.
“It’s fine”I replied and walked away.

When I got to the bedroom,Abby drank some water and fell asleep in my arms.
I inhaled the scent of her hair…so lovely.
Should I tell her what I saw?
Clara didn’t know I was in the kitchen.And she has never dressed indecently in front of me before so it was best I let this slide.It’s nothing.


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