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Tempted – Season 1 Episode 4



I turned off the gas cooker and quickly brought out the fruits.I was home alone because Dave was yet to return from work and Clara had gone to visit her mother.
I heard footsteps behind me and smiled.No one needed to tell me who was approaching,his cologne alone has already enveloped my senses.
He backhugged me.
“I miss you”Dave whispered kissing my neck.
That is my husband for you.Once we’re separated for a few hours,he misses me like crazy.
I felt his hand slid down my thigh then upwards,into my dress,I felt his fingers on the rim of my panties. I shut my eyes expecting him to invade into my pussy but suddenly he took his hand away.
I turned around abruptly.
“What’s wrong?Why did you stop?”I asked.
“Well,I remembered we aren’t alone in the house anymore”He replied sounding somewhat upset. I know he’s still not used to the idea yet.
I smiled seductively and closed the distance between us,then brought my hands to his jacket, tugging it off.
“We’ll be alone for about two hours”I announced,unbottoning his sleeve.
“What do you mean?”He asked, confused.
“Clara went to visit her mom and she said she would be back by seven”
His lips curled into a smile as he stared at his watch.
“That’s good then, baby”With that,he yanked off my dress from my body and lifted me onto the table.
He stood between my thigh, placing a hand on my chin,he kissed me lightly and slowly….he deepened it.Our tongue met in an erotic dance.Damn! I could never get used to kissing Dave.
I felt his other hand slid to my breast,he ran his fingers through my nipples and in no time they are hard and aching for his touch.
He broke off the kiss and moved down to my breast trailing hot kisses around them before drawing a nipple into his mouth.
“Dave”I moaned as his hot mouth continued his assault on my breast.It felt so good and no matter how many times he’s done this to me,I still crave for more.
After minutes of taking turns on my breasts,he lifted up his head and kissed my neck…all the while still stroking my breasts.
“I fucking love your tits”He whispered.
Liquid heat was making a pool between my legs. I love it when he talks dirty to me.
“Tell me what you want me to do to you,baby”He ran his tongue over the shell of my ears.
“I want your fingers”I breathed.
Immediately,he went down on me and tug off my panties.
He kissed my clit before sliding a finger into me.
“You’re so fucking wet for me”
I squirm restlessly.”Mo…. more”I moaned.
And then he added a finger and the sensation caused me to cry out.


I know I told Abby that I will be home by seven but my mom’s place became so unbearable to stay.She kept on reminding me of my age and when I would finally get married.
I want to get married,I really do but I’m not lucky with men and now I want a man like Dave.Don’t quote me wrong.I won’t try to steal my best friend’s husband or anything. I would never do anything to hurt her. I just want a man who would look at me the way Dave looks at her as if she’s the only woman in this world.
I headed to the kitchen because I had to get something to eat. I hardly ate at my mom’s place because her nagging made me lose appetite for food.As I came by the door. I frozed when I heard soft moanings.
“Oh babe, don’t stop.Keep doing that!”It was clearly Abby’s voice.
I guessed she was being fucked in there by her husband.
“How do you like being fucked with my fingers, baby?”
My nipples grew erect just hearing those dirty words from Dave.
“It feels soooooo good”She clearly managed to get out.
“Dave!”She screamed.
I know I should leave, this was a couple’s business but my feet wouldn’t leave the door and I found myself looking through the peephole.
What I saw made my legs weak.
Abby’s thighs were spread open and she was moaning senselessly.
I could tell what made her scream like that was because Dave was now standing between her legs eating her up.
He had his trousers on but his sleeve and jacket were on the floor.
I suddenly wished he was naked,I wanted to see his cock.
Between my thighs flooded at that thought.
I saw him lift up his head but I could tell he replaced his mouth with his fingers.
“Who owns Abby?”He asked.
Panting,she replied.”Dave”
“Who’s the only one who can make Abby come”He asked again working his fingers fastly inside her.
“Now come for me, sunshine”He ordered,bent his head and latched on her clit.
A low moan escaped my lips as if I was the one under his sexual onslaught.
I could see Abby’s thighs shaking and she kept calling out his name as she went through her orgasm.
I couldn’t bear to look anymore,I leaned against the wall and realized that I was extremely wet down there.
After a moment of silence,I heard Abby’s voice again.
“Now, it’s my turn”
“Fuck!”I muttered knowing that she was going to suck Dave’s cock.
In no time, Dave’s groaning filled my ears.
“That’s it,baby”
“Your mouth feels so good around me”
I was tempted to look through the peephole again and catch a glimpse of his dick but I was scared of what seeing that would do to me so I hurried away….into my bedroom.
Taking off my clothes,I started touching myself, all the while moaning his name…..”Dave”


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