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Tempted – Season 1 Episode 3




I watched as Abby treated my wounds, I’m truly blessed to have someone like her in my life, she’s like my sister…. she’s always looking out for me.But I don’t know what’s wrong with me.Why am I so unlucky with men?
In school then, everyone had thought Abby was unlucky to have a boyfriend like Dave but she turned out to be the luckiest and happiest of us all.No one would have thought that he would become a multimillionaire.
“Are you sure Dave is okay with me staying here?”I asked.
“Of course he is,and you can stay as long as you want”Abby replied.
I smiled,so grateful, it’s quite boring staying alone,I really couldn’t wait to get married but it seems that isn’t happening anytime soon.
Abby stood up from the bed.
“You should get some rest now”With that,she hugged me and walked out of my new room.
I slowly laid on my side,a memory flashed into my head,a memory of me in Dave’s arms.
Why am I suddenly thinking about that?
Maybe it’s because it felt so warm….so wonderful!
‘What is wrong with you,Clara, that’s your best friend’s husband’ I mentally scolded myself.
“You’ll be alright,Clara”He had said to me.
Those words had made me feel so relaxed.


“Is something wrong?”Abby asked walking into the bedroom.

“No”I replied but I know she doesn’t believe me.
“Come on,I just want to keep a close eye on Clara, she’s been through a lot lately” she replied..
“It’s just…well we talked about this,even family members don’t stay long when they visit,you know how uncomfortable I feel about outsiders sharing our home with us” i said..
“This is Clara we’re talking about, she’s like my sister,and I know that you’re partly annoyed that you can’t make love to me everywhere again”she said
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I grinned, stupidly.She caught me.Well,that was part of the reason.But then this was Clara we were talking about,it really wouldn’t be uncomfortable having her around, right?
“Fine”I agreed and pulled Abby into my laps.
“Well then,you have to work on muffling your screams,we wouldn’t want to wake up our guest,you know”I said, smiling sheepishly.
“Well,I can work on that”she replied..
And with that I started undressing her.
I turned around, laying her flat on the bed.
Her eyes dilated,the way they always do when she’s fully aroused and damn that look always takes my breath away.
I took off my clothes and pressed my erection against her body making her squirm beneath me.
I know where to touch her, where to make her beg for more.
I slid my finger into her and start moving them, teasing her over and over again.
She gasped, opening her legs wider and I know she’s unable to focus on anything as I bring her to a good climax.
She brings her hand over my chest and down my abs.
I shut my eyes and felt her hand stroking my cock.
Fuck!She knows how to touch me too.
My inside clenched but I don’t want to cum just yet so I take her away and kissed her senselessly.
I moved downwards and licked her nipples then suck it into my mouth until she is arching her body towards me.
I positioned myself at her entrance and plunged into her,with a deep satisfying stroke.
“Dave!”She moaned, closing her mouth with her palm.
Now, this is what I hate. I don’t like when she muffles her scream. I love thrusting and hear her screaming my name.
Clara should get well soon.
I focused on the moment giving my woman all the pleasure she deserves at the same time I’m groaning in ecstasy thrusting ardently into her.
She comes undone around me and I felt my legs turned to jelly as I shoot my load into her. I feel ecstatic hearing her gasped in pleasure as she feels my hot seed inside her.
I look down to where we’re connected and see some of my seed at her entrance.It’s always a beautiful sight.
We take a moment to recover our breath and then I pull her onto my chest.She’s mine and would always be.
“I love you, babe”She whispered softly.
I smiled and kissed her head then her nose.
I love hearing that every damn time.
“I love you, sunshine”I replied.


I woke up feeling so famished. I got out of the bed and headed out to the kitchen. I have been in this house several times before though I never slept over so I know my way around.
I pushed open the door and saw Dave.His broad back was to me.
He was dressed only on a pair of joggers.
“Good morning”I greeted.
He turned around and suddenly I had to hold the wall for support at how sexy he looked.His chest was broad and stacked with muscles.His bicep and abs made me want to run my mouth and hands through them.
“Morning”He replied, smiling.
Damn!Had Dave always been this handsome?
I had to drag my weak feet up to the breakfast bar and took my seat.
“Where’s Abby?”I asked.
“She’s still sleeping but I’m making breakfast”He replied and returned to cooking.
“I didn’t know you could cook”
“Don’t underestimate me,woman,there are a lot of things I can do”
A lot of things? I curiously wanted to know.
He placed a flatware containing fried potatoes and egg sauce in front of me.
“Eat up and take your medicine,you know our madam would be mad if you don’t”He joked and we both laughed.
He took a tray and headed out of the kitchen.
No one needed to tell me that he was going to serve Abby breakfast in bed.
What a treat!
I picked up my fork and started eating.
At that moment,I realized how lucky Abby was.


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