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Temilade – Season 2 – Episode 6 [Completed]

“May God guide us not to go astray. May He perfect His will in our life in the time we desire it most, amen”
I told her that I won’t leave her house. She consoled me for 4 days adding that either I continue the appeasement or not my wife will still die.
I later decided to go home in other to see what fate had in stock for me.
When I get home I couldn’t tell my wife anything except crying; despite the worriness all over her face. What a good wife! She patted me for
the whole day. Hmmm! I can’t alter a single word nor eat.
About 8:30am the following day, my wife brought an envelope which a NIPOST agent brought with my name inscribe on it bodly.
When I opened it, it was an appointment letter to a company which I wrote a proposal to 2years ago. I teared the letter instantly without a word.
At this point I pray “may we not go astray before our favor locate us”
Hmmm! My wife kneel
down, Oko mi(my husband), olowo orimi(my jewel) what happened please talk to
I shook my head and went inside.
The most painful part of it was that my wife family don’t want me to marry her but she insisted. I can’t
drink nor eat anything all I do is calculating the our my darling wife will bid me goodbye forever. My heart breathed fast whenever I see my wife looking her as a walking dead. I can’t raise my head to look her eye to eye.
Finally, the seventh day came like a lightening.
She was bathing my daughter Adejoke when I heard her voice Abbey!
I rushed to bathroom, I met her vomiting blood. I carried her out of bathroom and before I could reach
outside she died.
What a terrible trade by batter devil liked!
That’s how I lost my darling wife.
Tayo came to my house the second day which I raged my annoyance that I don’t want to see him.
I was lying down on the 3rd day when a masquerade appeared to me. He beat me to the extent that I couldn’t move my body as its down on me that is reality not dream. I was surprised to see Tayo again telling me that if I don’t go back to the woman for final rite that’s what I will be experience. I begged him to carry me to the woman.
The woman sprinkled a mixture all over my body and asked him to take me away. She furthered told me to
keep her warnings that my money has come.
That’s how I got myself into an everlasting bondage of devil(he concluded).
I and Maryam could not close our mouth albeit speechless.
Joke sneezed out suddenly. I rushed down to her bed.
Adejoke: Temilade what happened?
Me: oh thank God, it was an accident.
Adejoke: where’s aunt Maryam?
Me: she was with your Dad.
Adejoke: my Dad?
Me: yes.
Adejoke: how come?
Me: its a long story.
Adejoke: let go to them.
Me: relax now.
Adejoke: I’m okay please where are they?
I took her to her dad bed……
Maryam: how are you feeling now Joke?
Adejoke: I’m okay. What’s happening here?
Chief Abiodun: haaa! Adejoke my daughter(crying).
Adejoke: who is your daughter? Please aunt let leave this animal(facing Maryam).
Me: sit down Adejoke he’s still your father.
Maryam: but why did you
raped your daughter?
Chief Abiodun: just help me beg her for forgiveness.
Me: Chief(I called out smiling)!
Chief Abiodun: Temilade ha! you are also here.
Me: yes sir.
Chief Abiodun: ha!(Shaking his head) what a mighty God. So no matter how we runs, our shadow will still follow us. Please maryam help me beg them(crying).
Adejoke: you think I will die in prison abi shameless father.
Me: I said don’t sin against God through him.
Maryam: well, God will has come to pass eventually.
Chief Abiodun: (stretching his hands) Jo… …ke….ke.
Maryam: doctor! doctor!! Doctoooooor!!!

“Death is inevitable, so beware of last day and desist from bad ways”
Doctor rushed in, he tested him.
Doctor: (shaking his head)I’m sorry, he’s dead.
maryam: (hugged Adejoke) so you are my blood?
Adejoke: (crying) my aunt!
They both shed tears of joy before they separated.
Chief Abiodun was buried in a cemetery the following day.
The following week all his properties was willed to orphanage home.
*******Two months later**********
We all sat in out living room watching a Korean movie……
Adejoke: where is my grand ma?
Maryam: she’s in South Africa.
Adejoke: who took her there?
Maryam: after your mum’s death, she nearly kill herself. That’s why my Dad took her there.
Adejoke: but why I don’t know you?
Maryam: the last time I saw you was when your mum died. We lived in Abuja so we do come home once in
a while. I made an attempt to take you along to Abuja then but your dad insisted.
Me: who knows you were families well its good to be good.
Maryam: Alhamudulilah for that.
Adejoke: thank you Temilade you are the best friend in the world.
Me: hmmm! We should be thanking God and our darling sister Maryam.
Maryam: we thank God. And I thanked you girls for staying with me in the jungle.
Bell rings………..
Me: who is that?
Adejoke: come in. its Bright.
Me: okay.
Bright: good afternoon ma.
Maryam: afternoon my brother.
Me: welcome sir.
Adejoke: you will not greet me?
Maryam: does that necessary?
Bright: ok I’m sorry ma! Good afternoon.
Adejoke: better.
Maryam: Dupe!!!!
Dupe: yes ma.
Maryam: bring fruit juice for us.
Adejoke: (stood up) my lovely friend, my darling sister, I think I need to do formal introduction. Here is Bright my fiance.
Maryam: (smiling) hmmm! I see.
Me: Iyawo elese osun.
Bright: (prostrated) weldone ma.
Maryam: stand up dear.
Bright: I came here to fix date for our introduction and wedding.
Me: (coughing) hmm! Hmm!
Adejoke: (smiling) Temmy, Temmy.
Maryam: I hoped you and your wife has reached compromise?
Adejoke: yes ma.
Maryam: then tell us the date?
Bright and Joke moved closer to each other and had a mini discussion or let me use gossip.
Bright: (he stood up) 30th of next mont for the introduction and 31st for the wedding ma.
Maryam: that’s very nice. May God spares our lives.
Me and Joke: amen ooo
we both toasted and drank the fruit juice.
Maryam: Sis Temmy its left to you now.
Adejoke: abi!
Me: don’t worry Allah will do it.
adejoke: he has done it let her meet him.
Me: you are not serious.
Maryam: hmmm!
Me: don’t worry Big sister you will meet him soon.
Maryam: okay o.

“No condition is permanet, so don’t limit yourself”.
Adejoke wedding is such an elaborate graced by high influential peoples around the world.
I as the best lady also made the event a memorable and colourful in our lives.
Hmmm! Adejoke life made me believed that if there’s life a slave today can be king tomorrow. At this point I pray for those reading; no matter difficulty you’re passing through, it will be a sacrifice to your everlasting joy.
The following week, the couple went to SA for their honey moon.
I was coming from office a month after Joke’s wedding when my phone rings………
Me: hello!
Caller: Salam(peace)
Me: walekun Salam (peace be unto you too).
Caller: I’m I speaking with Hadiza?
Me: yes, how can I help you?
Caller: I’m Abdul-Lateef.
Me: from where and how do you get my number?
Caller: I’m calling from Abuja. I collected your number during your sister wedding.
Me: oh! I’m sorry. How you doing sir?
Caller: I’m good. How is work?
Me: Alhamudulilah.
One thing led to others. At the end of our conversation, he proposed to date me.
Abdul-Lateef was a guy that best Adejoke’s husband. He was very charming handsome guy based in UK as a programmer.
I agreed with his proposal after a month of intense pressure.
Our love grows wider everyday. Temilade found her lover eventually.
The said day came, people were eating and drinking at the occasion. everything has set for the clerics to
join us together when I heard a gun shot from no where…………
NOOOOOO(I screamed)!
Maryam: what’s it?
Me: hnnn! Hnnn! Hnn….m..(Breathing heavily). Thank God its a dream.
Maryam: you had a dream right?
Me: yes (I shook my head).
Maryam: okay. Stand up let go and pray.
We offered 2rakat after which some chapters in holy Qur’an was recited. After that I narrated the dream to her.
Maryam: just relax, it may be illusion.
Me: okay.
Maryam: by His grace no evil will fall on you.
Me: amen I believed.
We slept back after the prayer.
I was so surprised to see my mum early the following day…….
Me: good morning ma!
Mum: Temliade my jewel!
Me: yes mom.
Mum: it shall be well for you.
Me: amen.
Mum: as nobody knows the source of sea nor ocean,
enemy will not know your source of joy.
Me: amen ma.
Mum: I had a very scary dream about your wedding yesternight.
Me: enh?
Mum: beeni(yes).
Me: I had the same dream.
Mum: what shall we do now?
Me: don’t worry ma just pray for me nothing will happen by His will. I would meet my Ustaz tomorrow.
Mum: amin o. You know I don’t have anyone except you (crying).
Me: stop it ma. You will not lose me.
I consoled her for some minutes before Maryam also appealed to her.
What might brought this kind omen? Did I wronged anybody……….(Soliloquising).
Don’t you hear what God says that there’s no fear for those that believed in Him(A thought came in). I said to myself, no evil will fall on me and my fiance.
You’re reading Temilade season 2 written by Afolabi Sefiu aka Mr. Couple. Don’t forget to like my page
I know the dream I had stands for a significant impact in my future.
I’m ready to face the next phase of my life with full determination and courage. I can’t wait to narrate it to you.
Adejoke gave birth to a baby girl months later but unfortunately Itan(the boy she conceived to her father) died on that very day, hmmm what a coincidental.
I really thanked God for his mercy and grace over my life(Alhamudulilah Robil-alameen).
**********THE END***********

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