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Temilade – Season 2 – Episode 5

Oro ooo!(I heard a man voice). Who could that be(I asked myself)?
It is gateman (a thought answered).
I took another race before I got to a spot that I don’t know where to head to again. I cried to the point that my voice was seized. Few hours later, I was bite by a snake on one of my leg.
I crawled from that spot before I eventually met a woman that rescued me. I spent three days before I could
move my body.
Temilade God really save you and
took revenge from me due to my greediness and my egoism. Hmmm! Before I returned home, I was told
my mother was hit by a car while hawking which she died at the spot. That’s how I became a sales girl in
that supermarket you saw me.
Haaa! Truly the ways of God is not the way of man”
so if you don’t do what you did I might have lost my life
in such captivity.
Oh Allah I give you all the glory and honor for your kindness to me despite my inequity.
Temilade please forgive me said Busayo.
Me: who I’m I not to forgive you despite all these.
God is really wonderful. See Busayo I forgive you with all my heart and also pray to God to forgive both of us though we’ve learnt our lessons in bitter way.
I and my friend have planned to open a shop for you to sustain yourself.
Busayo: (kneel down) thank you so much may God elevate both of you more.
Me: Amen, So where are you living now?
Busayo: I was managing in my boss house.
Me: can i rent a self contain for you?
Busayo: I don’t know what to say than God will multiply your success in folds.
Me: amen. give me some minutes to treat this file so that we can go to an eatery together.
Busayo: I’m okay.
Me: are you not happy of being with me?
Busayo: more than happy! Infact you are my demi-God.
Me: Astagafurulahi(God forgive me) that’s a sin please stop it.
Busayo: ok.
Me: so will you wait?
Busayo: alright friend. There’s another confession I have to make.
Me: (looked surprised) confession??
Busayo: hmmm!(Looked depressed) yes.
Me: am listening!
Busayo: Chief Abiodun did not kill Ngozi.
Me: (I stood up with eagerness) then who killed her?
Busayo: a friend of mine introduced me to a group of yahoo guys. After some days, they asked me to get
them a pretty lady.
I told Ngozi which she accepted without knowing that seven of them do sleep with a single lady sequentially.
The following day, we went there. They gave me thirty thousand
and a hundred thousand to Ngozi.
I left them in the hotel.
Two days past, I don’t see Ngozi before I eventually heard her death on radio. I went to the person that
introduced me to them but she said she knew them just of recent. I want to report her to police station but Sade said we could be arrested as well.
Me: Haaaa! So what sweet rat eventually killed rat.
Well, I can’t blame you for that because that’s your job then which I warned you against. But nothing can
happen without the consent of God that’s her predestination. May God forgive all her sins and comfort her parent souls.
/> We both left the office to a nearby restaurant and had nice time.
I promised to send her the money following day into her account.
Just as we left the restaurant I received call from Maryam that we should come and pick her at airport.

I called Adejoke to join me. Few hours later we arrived at airport.
Adejoke: welcome ma.
Maryam: yes my dear sister.
Me: infact you have changed totally.
Adejoke: we are going together next time.
Maryam: I also hardly recognize both of you infact you are now a princess.
Me: let go inside the car.
I ignited the engine and turned the car toward our residence. On our way…….
Maryam: you people really surprised me. Hmmm!
Maryam: How I wish I have meet you long time ago. Just keep it up.
Me: we are also proud of you. You brought us from nothing to something. From prison to palace thanks
to you ma.
Adejoke: you are a worthy sister ma.
Maryam: I’m proud of you dear.
Me: thank you ma.
Adejoke: what about Itan and Ayomide?
Maryam: they are doing fine.
Me: hope you got all those things for us?
Maryam: yes they are inside that brief case. I missed you girls so much.
Me: we too.
Adejoke bowed her head down and before she could raise her head up, tears have saturated her eyes as they flow uncontrolably.
me: look at Adejoke ma.
Maryam: what is it now?
Adejoke: (looked troubled) what will I tell Itan if he asks about his father. How will I tell him I bored
him for my faaaa….ther?
Me: I have told you to stop thinking about that. God will lead us through.
Maryam: hmmm!(Breathed deeply) stop crying Joke. I will handle that myself so stop bothering yourself.
She took handkerchief to clean her face.
We eventually reached home.
ChiChi: welcome madam!
Maryam: how are you Chichi?
Chichi: am fine ma.
Me: Dupe! Dupe!! Dupe!!!
Dupe: (running out) welcome ma.
Maryam: is this not Dupe?
Adejoke: she’s the one.
Maryam: what are you eating (smiling)?
Me: she’s just changing everyday.
Dupe: its your grace ma.
Maryam: it’s God grace.
Me: go and open boot to carry those bags. Let go inside ma.
Maryam: what of Chibuso?
Adejoke: we have sacked him when he started messing around the compound.
Maryam: alright let go inside.
We accompanied her to the living room.
I was very glad that maryam had regained her strength and looked healthy. Hmmm! What a mighty
God you are a prisoner of 19years now moving in luxuries. Dead is the only hopeless person.
Few minutes later, Dupe prepared a delicious dish for us.
The following day, I took my lawyer to EFCC office to bail Clarion. After much of consultation from various
offices we bailed her with sum of 150 thousand.
We drove back home……….
Clarion: how do you make it out of prison because is not yet your time.
Me: oro po ninu iwe kobo. Let forget that side now.
Clarion: why you did not inform me when you out?
Me: I came out as reformed person so that’s why I want to stay away from you.
Clarion: I see!
Me: sorry for that.
Clarion: thanks for being a good friend.
Me: you did more than that. I pray that may God reward you accordingly.
Clarion: amen thanks. So who owns this house?
Me: relax you will know everything bit by bit.
Clarion: okay.
Me: let go inside so that you can bath and change this cloth.
she bathed and later changed her cloth.
After she ate finished, I drove her back to her house.
You’re reading Temilade Season 2 written by Afolabi Sefiu Abiodun aka Mr Couple. For more story like my page
I told her all my experiences both in prison and when I’m out. I persuaded her to stop yahoo and maintain
what she had achieved which she agreed. I promised her two hundred and fifty thousand to add it to her shop.
Maryam joined us to complete the 3rd fast. On the 4th day we cooked rice and turkey. I asked Dupe to
pack it into take away. We put them into car and drove down to begger base for the sharing.
As Adejoke was sharing it we heard an accident at the other side of road.
Hmmm! What! God of revenge has finally cometh.

I and maryam rushed down to the scene leaving Joke for sharing. We met Chief Abiodun in his lump of blood dying……………
Maryam: haa! Uncle Biodun.
Sympathizer: he’s a mad man.
Maryam: mad what?
Me: he’s insane ma.
Sympathizer: you know him?
Me: let him die he’s a wicked fellow.
Maryam: he’s my in-law.
Me: your what?
Maryam: he married my aunt.
Me: whaaaaat? Joke!
Joke!! Joke!!!
Maryam: please let take him to hospital.
As Joke wanted to cross the road a car hit her from behind and she instantly pass out.
Joke! Please don’t do this to me, you musn’t die my dear(I said as I fought back tears) while taking her to hospital.
I sat down waiting for doctor to come out of emergency room.
Thirty minutes later, she came out. Where’s my friend? Can I see her? What do you need? Money? Name your price Doc. My friend must live.
“I’m sorry Miss, all our effort to save the lady was proved abortive, we lost her” she said as she shook her head with great sympathy.
You must be joking Doc(I said as I threw myself to her).
Doctor please tell me you’re just jo….jo…..king(I stammered).
“Nurse please take care of this lady” she said as she walked away.
Suddenly I started laughing……………….Joke can’t die like that………….yes she told me we would live long. I faced a patient beside me……….does God make an empty promise?
“She shook her head which means NO”
But God revealed to me then………….that Adejoke would be great in life. Then why does He kill her? I said why does He kill my friend?? I said facing no one in particular.
Someone tapped me from back. When I turn to him “your friend did not die but she went to land of rest”. Land of what? “Land of rest”£ please take me to……….take me……….NOW……….I also want to go…..I want to goooooooooooo!

Maryam: Temilade! Temilade!!
Me: Audubillahi(I seek refuge from devil).standing up simultaneously. “Where is my friend?
Maryam: where are you going?
Me: I had a bad dream. Please has Joke woke?
Maryam: I think………
The door flung opened as smile consumed Doctor’s face. “I think they are both lucky” he said with big grin.
Me: erm…….erm…..can we see her now?
“Yea” he said giving way to E-ward.
Adejoke and her father were put in the same ward.
Chief Abiodun was hit at head while Joke was unconscious when we rush them in.
The most incredible part of it was that as Chief was hit, he regained his sanity back. When he opened his
eye and saw Maryam……………..
Chief Abiodun: help me beg God for forgiveness.
Maryam: but you said this man is insane.
Me: yes ma.
Maryam: how come then?
Me: I’m even surprised!
Maryam: you know him before?
Me: yes that was the Chief that want to use me for money ritual which I told you in prison.
Maryam: ehn?
Chief Abiodun: maryam please help me seek for forgiveness.
Maryam: what have you done wrong Uncle?
Chief Abiodun: I was the one that used your aunt for money ritual.
Maryam: whaaat!
*******flash back************
Chief Abiodun: after 10 years of our marriage, I was still roaming about the street jobless. Then my
daughter is about 8yrs of age.
One day I was coming from a casual work when I met my best friend in university driving a Range rover sport.
He parked, I rushed to hug him but he repelled me because my cloth was filthy………….
Tayo: Abbey is this you?
Chief: yea I am.
Tayo: despite your academic soundness in university.
Chief: can you see where this country has led me to!
Tayo: aren’t you the genius I knew?
Chief: hmmm………..
Tayo: I hope to see you in big company giving order as their boss.
Chief: big company you said…………I have applied for bar man job severally.
Tayo: really?
Chief: it’s serious my friend. It’s now I believed that been a genius in school
doesn’t guarrantee success.
Tayo: anyway you will sing a new song as you see me today.
He gave me his complimentary card to see him.
I went there the following day, after which he took me to an old woman. The woman assured me that I
will be wealthy in life. She later gave me a soap to bath in the middle of night. I was so happy not knowing that I was in trouble. When I bathed finish,
as I want to enter I met my wife coming out to urinate.
I went to the woman as she instructed early the following day. She asked me what I saw after the bathing. I told her that when I was coming out of
bathroom I met my wife. She said I should thank my
fate. She further asked again did you have a dream.
Yes, I saw myself having intercourse with a girl of about 13years of age.
Ok, listen carefully as henceforth you are billionaire.
Thanks ma(I prostrate).
She continue, your wife will die in the next 7days.
What? I shouted. You must not marry another woman. Haaa! I’m doomed. You will find a virgin to have sex with every six month to appease the
gods, failure to do so you will run mad. I apprehended the woman in annoyance attempting to kill her before she commanded me to leave her.
She threatened to kill me if I dare try such again.
Only then I believed that “eni kanju wowo a kanju rorun”.

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