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Temilade – Season 2 – Episode 4

We waited for almost 30 minutes before I could ignite the engine.
Adejoke: what can you infer from what just happened?
Me: that woman is a ghost.
Adejoke: you are very correct but who could she be?
Me: that’s my area of confusion.
Adejoke: what can we do now?
Me: let drive down to my Ustaz house. I’m very sure he will explain everything to us.
Adejoke: alright.
After about forty five minutes steady speed, we arrived his house.
Me: asallam alaikun(peace be upon you)!
Ustaz: waleqi salam(peace be upon you too)……………..ha! ha! Hadiza, come in.
Me: naam(yes sir). We entered his sitting room.
I want to do Istikhara (findings).
Ustaz: naam(alright)
He brought out his rosary and asked me to take one from it. He recited some verses in Qur’an and later said:
you are confused about a particular thing?
Me: yes.
Ustaz: Allahu akbar(God is great)! According to what I saw, the woman in question is truly dead.
Adejoke: how Alfa?
/> Ustaz: the woman did what she do to save her only child.
Me: hmmm! This is incredible Alfa.
Ustaz: Hadiza God really good to you because it was revealed to me that through this woman in question you was rescued.
Me: its true Alfa.
Adejoke: can she be my mummy or maryam’s mum?
Me: let ask Alfa. Please help us to confirm sir?
Ustaz: what’s your name?
Adejoke: I’m Joke.
He recited another verse and said: she’s the one.
Adejoke could not hide her feelings, she cried bitterly. After much of consolation, she wiped her face.
Adejoke: please Alfa how can I see my mummy family?
Ustaz: sister Joke the time is almost here. When God will perfect His will in your life. All you have to do is
three days of intensive prayers and fasting. On the last day, make sure
you give alms to the needy especially beggars.
Me: thanks so much Alfa may Allah strength you more and more.
Ustaz: amin. Hadiza make sure you forgive those that have erred you so that God will double your blessing in multitude. Masalam(remain bless)!
Joke was bit happy when she heard what Alfa told her.
Before we could get home its almost three hours later due to traffic congestion.
Gateman: welcome ma.
Me: thank you Chukwudi. what about my mum?
Gateman: which one be your mum?
Adejoke: are you crazy the woman we brought in the morning before we went out.
Gateman: I think say she be our new cleaner?
Me: Joke leave him let go inside.
Dupe: welcome ma.
Adejoke: how are you?
Dupe: I’m fine.
Adejoke: what about mum?
Dupe: she’s in living room watching TV.
Me: what did you cook for us?
Dupe: pounded yam and vegetable.
Me: Ok, take this bag to my room.
We went to living room.
Adejoke: Salam alaykum ma! I was surprised for hearing it from Joke being the first time.
Mum: walaeki salam.
Adejoke: did I get it?
Me: yes my friend.
Mum: you are welcome how was your journey?
Adejoke: fine ma. Hope you enjoy your day ma?
Mum: yes dear, Dupe was such a nice girl.
Me: that’s she for you.
Adejoke: what about Biodun and others.
Mum: they are in swimming pool.
Me: okay.
Mum: Clarion called me.
Me: what does she say?
Mum: she said she went to prison last week to check you. Haven’t you
told her you are out?
Me: yes.
Mum: but why?
Me: I will explain later ma. Give me her number.
Mum: check it on my phone.
Me: ok, we want to eat now.
Mum: this film was so interesting.
Adejoke: oh OWO KISUN abi?
Mum: yes.
Me: the producer was such a wonderful writer.
Adejoke: he was endowed.
We are coming ma.

After taking our lunch I asked my mum whether she like newly rented apartment which she was very happy about.
I told her that I will arrange for their packing latest next weekend. She appreciated me so much before
driver took them back.
I later dialed Clarion number to hear from her……….
Me: hello Clarion!
This is EFCC office, the owner of this phone was apprehended an hour ago via ATM machine. Meanwhile, if you need more info you can come to our office here in Lagos.
Hmmmm! So, no matter how clever someone in bad act nemesis will surely catch up. What can I do now to safe this helpless girl (I Murmured)?
I was thinking of the way out when a client of ours called me that we’ve been granted a contract of seventy million naira.
I shouted Alhamudulilah to show my appreciation to God!
Adejoke: (banged in the door) what happened?
Me: the contract of Afo & co construction company was awarded to us eventually.
Adejoke: oh thank you God. My friend this called for celebration.
Me: yes but have your seat.
Adejoke: hope no problem?
Me: Clarion was arrested some hours ago by EFCC via ATM machine.
Adejoke: what’s her offence?
Me: I told you before she’s into yahoo na.
Adejoke: its true I remembered. What’s the way out?
Me: I will see lawyer tomorrow.
Adejoke: that will be better.
Me: I suggested we should start the fasting tomorrow.
Adejoke: yes my friend.
Me: I hoped its high time I teach you how to perform Solat.
Adejoke: yes I’m ready anytime.
Me: do you speak with Bright?
Adejoke: he called me some minutes ago.
Me: what can we do for that girl?
Adejoke: which girl?
Me: Busayo.
Adejoke: maybe we should just open a shop for her.
Me: that’s my thought as well.
Audu: good afternoon ma!
Me: Audu u don back.
Audu: I don back wallahi.
Adejoke: who ask you to come in self?
Me: leave him.
Audu: I kill am for road.
Me:what? w€ting you kill??
Adejoke: talk now! Na wetin you killed?
Audu: (kneel down) madam please help me I don kill am patapata.

*******we both throw glances on ourselves wondering what Audu has killed.
Me: relax, wetin you killed.
Audu: Bingo.
Adejoke: ha! ha!(Shaking her head) so because of Dog now you want to give us BP?
Me: I wondered o!
Bingo is our neighbor trained dog.
Audu: please na mistake forgive me da-Allah.
Adejoke: its okay.
Me: go and throw am for dustbin. I go go see mam Nkechi.
Audu: na gode madam! Na mistake o!
Adejoke: she said its okay.
Audu: yaowa madam.
When I got to office the following day, I summoned all the workers to a meeting. I addressed them thus:
I appreciate all of you for your support toward the upliftment of this company since I became the GM. I
also commend the effort of some diligent workers who handled the proposal of our just approved contract .
In addition, its my pleasure to tell you that this company has just won a contract of seventy million naira.
Secretary: a round of applause for our GM.
They all clapped their hands.
Secretary: on behalf of myself and my co-workers, we also appreciate your managerial function in this company. We give kudos to you for your mutual understandings and motivations all the time.We promised you that, We shall continue to give you maximum cooperation.
Another round of applause.
Me: thanks to you all. you can return to your duty post.
I later went to my office to treat some files. An hour later, I heard a knock on my door…………
Me: who is that?
Secretary ma.
Me: come inside.
Secretary: a lady named Busayo demanded to see you ma.
Me: let her come in.
Secretary: alright ma.

Few minutes later she entered.
She kneel down begging for mercy.
Me: Busayo stop embarrassing me! Have your sit. That’s a bygone.
Busayo: let me remain like this. I offended you and your creature.
Me: you did it out of adamic nature and if you don’t do it, I may not be in this position today. Please for Allah’s sake have your seat.
Busayo: thank you Temmy.
Me: how about Femi?
Busayo: (crying) Femi is a wolf in animal skin. You can’t imagine what he did for me.
Me: stop crying!
Busayo: ha! Femi is
Another knock again!
Me: who is that?
Accountant ma.
Me: come in.
Accountant: I want you to check this voucher before proceeding.
Me: you may leave it on table. I will call you back in the next 30minutes.
You may continue.
Busayo:ha! Men are heartless.

“Failure is an opportunity to begin again it’s only when you refuse to continue/move on you become a failure, so make a new shot”. Temilade failed but she kept her hope alive and she’s now a success.
Busayo: I just implore you to
forgive me so that God can forgive me.
Me: I have forgiven you but tell me what happened?
She sighed!
Busayo: I think God loves you if not, you would have been in another mysterious world but due to my egocentric behavior, I was replaced for you(she said with tears).
Me: please don’t talk in parable.
Busayo: three days after you was jailed, I asked him to take me to his parent since he proposed to marry me
which he promised to do.
A week later, he fixed the following day. Early in the morning, I called him to pick me up.
An hour later, I called him to know his where about; he told me his car developed a fault. He added that he was in mechanic shop.
3hours later, I called his number but not go through. Few minutes later, it was totally switched off. I started
thinking what might have happened. Throughout that day, I don’t see him.
Early in the morning the following day, his call woke me.
He asked me to prepare myself for the journey.
I asked the reason why he was unable to come yesterday. He said before they could fix the car it was late and he had battery low.
I believed all what he said and arranged my luggages.
I rushed down to market to get fruits to offer my parent inlaw.
An hour later, I was bit surprised when he called me to join him at junction. My ego could not let me think twice before I board a bus to the said junction.
We eventually started the journey. About 2hrs later we approached Ibadan. He parked at a restaurant
telling me to wait behind. 10mins later he brought a 5alive juice for me. I dranked it and that’s all I knew until the day I gave birth. Hmmm! Temilade human being are very wicked and cruel. My baby was pounded with black soap right in my presence.
Isale oro ma legbin pupo o(she shook her head).
Most people you see around with exotic cars are the regular customers of this den.
There are many departments such as suya department where human flesh is roasted for human consumption.
I was placed in department of baby production. I bored three babies before I escaped.
On one faithful day, I was asked to carry food to gateman. When I got
there, I seduced him to have sex with me. He fell victim and before he could wear his cloth, I locked his door and took the gate key. I took to my heel
running to unknown destination with ordinary bra and pant.
I ran from one bush to another.
When I got to a spot, I was so fatigued so I rested a bit.
When I looked my back I saw three decomposed humanbeing, I screamed with fear of being eventually died as well.
I stood up again running before I had gun shot POKA!

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