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Temilade – Season 2 – Episode 3

on my way to his house, I stopped by to give alms to a beggar walking around the road when I heard someone calling my name. I looked back to gaze at the caller. I was very shocked to see Mr Adeniran, the randy master in my 100 level.
Mr Adeniran is such a lecturer that don’t care about the student’s future. He sexually abused
almost all his female students. He failed a boy then due to non-compliance of his girl friend to have sex with him without knowing that the boy is number two among the cultist members. A month later, his families was killed in cold-blooded . Not only that, his two legs was
crippled. Hmmm! Let remember law of “KARMA” in whatever we are doing. Mr Adeniran now became a street beggar on wheel barrow. It was so pathetic for where he led himself to. I gave him 3000 naira before I left
which made him to almost cursing while praying.
Its good to do good. Beware of your shadow in all your doings because it will definitely hunt behind you.
When I got to his house, we exchanged greetings. I initially thought he knew what happened to me but his behaviour proved not. I explained Adejoke issue to him, after he offered prayer on it, he said: Hajia Hadiza your friend will be successful in life. WALLAHI (I swear by God’s name) she will be famous and wealthy but she can’t conceive or give birth. I asked him why?
He said, she was used for appeasement. I answered inquisitively by who? I don’t know that, but do you suspect anyone?
Yes, I said. Pick a rosary and mention the person’s name. I did so. After reciting some verses, he said you are right.
Haaaa! This girl is doomed Subuanallah. What’s
the way out? Unless that person die he said. I
thanked him and gave his wife five thousand before I left there.
I was on my way when Adejoke called to ask about my whereabouts? I told her I was coming from my mum place.
Adejoke: haaa! Why you don’t wake me to accompany you so that I can meet your mum?
Me: I will explain when I get home.
Adejoke: guess what happened?
Me: you know I’m not good in that.
Adejoke: Maryam just called me now that she will come back next week.
Me: that’s good(with happiness).
Adejoke: also, the boy has discovered my father new house.
Me: (cut in) yes?
Adejoke: but he said he was not living there.
Me: just relax we would definitely find him, I’m almost get there.
Adejoke: would you mind moinmoin and bread.
Me: its okay. All of a sudden, a lunatic just ran to my front. Screech! I applied brake……………….yeheeeeee!

It took me seven minutes before I could balance the wheel.
I steamed down the engine to take a look at the lunatic because of his familiarity look. As I was moving toward him he started running away. Though I was unable to ascertain it but with mere gaze it was Chief Abiodun. Subuanallah! so no sinner could go unpunish? Allahu akbar(God is great). Had I know then, I would have submit to God to judge this wicked fellow. I entered my car back, drove home.
Adejoke: welcome how was mum and your siblings?
Me: they are all fine.
/> Adejoke: let go to dinning the food is ready.
Me: there is a lot to discuss Joke concerning your father.
Adejoke: hope no problem?
Me: yes, let go to dinning.
After we’ve done with the food we went back to living room.
Adejoke: can you explain to me now?
Me: you remember I told you about a ritualist that nearly use me before I was jailed?
Adejoke: yea.
Me: do you know that I saw that very man today?
Adejoke: (adjusting her posture) are you serious?
Me: oh yea.
Adejoke: what did you do then?
Me: what can I do for a lunatic?
Adejoke: lunatic? as he gone insane?
Me: yes.
Adejoke: God judgment is the best(shaking her head).
What do you have to say about my dad?
Me: hmmm! (Breathed heavily) I’m sorry the man is your father.
Adejoke: no! How possible is that?
Me: I had discovered that since the day you told me about him then in prison. but I don’t want to add more pains to your heart that’s why I kept it within myself. Chief Abiodun Olohunlogbon was the man that promised to marry me before I was discovered that he wanted to
sacrifice me to his money deity. I joined bad friends due to his immorality and cruel act.
Adejoke: (crying) why did I came through this man?
After appealing to her, she summoned her courage.
I can’t dispute what you said because a father that could rape his own daughter and sent her to prison to cover his mischievous act, what else he can’t do.
So he has ran mad now………………..hmmm!
The angel of revenge had eventually visited him. What a pity for wicked ones!
Me: stop crying because there is more to say.
Adejoke: (cleaning her eye ) yes I’m listening.
Me: your father raped you to appease his money deity, but God really love you for gotten pregnant if not you would have died after three months.
Adejoke: this man has ruined me totally oh what have I done to deserve this Lord?
Me: you better listen all we need now is the way out. So since you don’t died you can’t conceive unless your father die.
Adejoke: please help me what can we do?
Me: I don’t even know.
Adejoke: let send hire killer to him.
Me: Astagafurulah lana(may God forgive us) how dare you planning to kill your father? No, its against the command of God.
Adejoke: but why God allow him to did such to me in the first instance?
Me: watch your tongue because God deeds is beyond human faculty of reasoning.
My prayer is that may God show us the way out.
Adejoke: amen but……..
Me: but what? You better let us hope in God or are we the one that rescued ourselves from prison?
Adejoke: no but I can’t continue like this.
Me: at appointed time, everything will be alright.
Adejoke: ok thanks my friend.
Me: let watch Mr couple programme.
Adejoke: oh its true am almost forgot.
Me: I love the guy so much, he was such a good presenter.
Adejoke: yea, he deserve an award.

Hmmm! Now I realized the concept of God’s word that says “you will reap what you sow even if it as tiny as a microscopic object”. Temilade sowed a bad seed, she was eventually reaped it.
Chief Afolabi fire an arrow and covered himself forgetting that the omnipresent one is watching his back. Oh Allah! You are the Algafar(all-forgiving), you
are Ar-raman(the merciful) forgive all my inequities knowinly and unknowing and shower your mercy over me. Show us the way to
tackle challenges ahead of us without deviating from your path.
Adejoke: amen.
Me: So you overhead all I have been
Adejoke: yes. Its already late go and sleep.
Me: okay.
The following day was a public holiday, so I and Adejoke went to pick my family. My mum was very much glad when she got to our residence. She kept thanking God for the next 10 minutes. We did a mini get-together for the re-union of my family because I and my family was never be into such luxury before.
After that my mum called us to give us word of advise.
Mum: my daughters! It shall be well with you.
No evil shall fall on you. You shall not want. My advice to you is that, remember where you are coming from. Never bite the finger that is feeding you. Be diligent and put God first in whatever you are doing. Don’t bite more than what you can chew. Beware of intruders for they are in every sphere of life.
Mind the kind of people you associate with for bad company corrupt good manner. As you will be admiring by different men of
both high and low status, be wise and chose wisely. Many of them will prowess they loves you because of your influence. Few of them are true lover. I pray to Almighty God to choose for you. I’m happy and I shall not shed tears over
Adejoke: thank you ma for your Priceless advice. I promised we will heed to it.
Me: we really appreciate your concern. I pray to Almighty God to spare your life so that you can enjoy the fruit of your labour to the fullest. Thank you.
Mum: amen.
Me: we want to visit someone now so I will tell driver to take you to the house I said.
Mum: o se oko mi Amoke, omo o toju iwo naa(thanks my jewel Amoke, your child will take care of you as well).
Me: amen ma. We will be back soon.
Adejoke: let use my car.
Me: has he wash it?
Adejoke: yes.
Me: alright. We entered the car driving toward prison road.
We branched a shoprite to buy some things. As we are about to check out of the complex, a lady was shouting your change! Your change!! When she approa ched us, guess who she was?

“Happiness is the best revenge, because nothing drives your enemy more insane than seeing you smiling and living a good life”. If you want your enemies to have shocker of their life, strive to be successful.
I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Busayo, my best friend in university running like an escapee because of #150.
I adjusted my shade for proper recognition but she couldn’t identify me.
Adejoke looked her with pity said you can have the change.
Busayo: Thanks(She kneel down). She turned back to leave, I told Adejoke to call her back. She rushed back.
Busayo: yes ma.
I gave her another five thousand. She started praying for me like just repented sinner.
When she’s about to leave I called her name, Busayo!
She turned back staring at me. I removed my spectacles and looked directly into her eyes. When she saw me, she was shivering and sweating like someone dying of chronic malaria.
Me: so you can be doing a sale girl?
Busayo: (crying) I’……….m so- so- rry!
Me: sorry? You the bride of Femi!
Busayo: (shaking her head) please forgive me.
Me: well, God has proved Himself to me. This is my card you can call me anytime because I’m in hurry right now.
Adejoke: who is she?
Me: my friend just relax I will explain to you. We left the shoprite to Prison.
Along the road……………
Adejoke: Temmy! who is that girl?
Me: that’s my friend that set me up.
Adejoke: the one that led you to prison?
Me: yes.
Adejoke: oh no! You still gave her money? Turn back let me deal with her.
Me: (smiling) God has dealt with her already can’t you see how see looked.
Adejoke: you f–k-up big time, I would have molested her there.
Me: that means we don’t appreciate God in our lives.
Adejoke: you and this sermon sha!
Me: B’olohun bati gbeja eda kin loluwa re tun binusi?
Adejoke: hmmm! You spoke well.
After some minute we arrived at prison. I went to their reception.
Me: hello ma!
Receptionist: you welcome.
Me: please we brought this little thing for the
Receptionist: oh! may God bless you ma.
Me: please i need your assistance.
Receptionist: what is it?
Me: please I want to see a wardress named
Receptionist: Adebimpe?
Me: yes.
Receptionist: no wardress is bearing such name here.
she was tall robust and fair in complexion.
Receptionist: since my ten years in service here I never see or hear such name.
Since I don’t want her to identify me as an ex-prisoner I bade her goodbye. When I got to the car……
Adejoke: have you seen the woman?
Me: the receptionist said no one was bearing that name.
Adejoke: Mrs Adebimpe ma ni?
Me: yes now.
Wait I will be back let me also check. She came back 5 minutes later with the same story.
Me: this is incredible!
Adejoke: it is mysterious.
Me: please go and drive I can’t drive again.
Adejoke: I don’t really understand this.
As I was about to open the car door I looked back, I saw the woman coming toward us.
I tapped Adejoke to look back. We both rushed to meet her but she disappeared.
Me: Joke I’m I dreaming?
Adejoke: this is terrible o.
Me: I saw her coming now.
Adejoke: I also saw her now.
At the scene of arguing we started feeling cold.
When this is happening, I remembered the story that my father told me about the yoruba believe of “AKUDA”. I told Joke to go inside the car.
To Be Continued.

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