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Temilade – Season 1 – Episode 9

After bathing we went to campus for lecture. I was so tired before I came back from campus that
day. We were both surprised when we don’t neither meet Ngozi at home nor we saw her in campus.
Busayo: where could this girl be now?
Me: please leave her matter for now because I’m hungry and I can’t cook.
Busayo: I will cook so relax. What do we do now?
Me: if you feel so concerned then call her. She dialled her number but it was switched off.
Busayo: where she might be now!
Me: maybe you ask google.
Please for God sake go and cook.
Busayo: okay please keep trying her number.
Me: na you shabi!
She went inside the kitchen. After some minutes, she eventually arrived.
Ngozi: hello friends!
Me: looking at her like doll baby.
Ngozi: am sorry now. My battery was down, I would have call you.
Me: okay you are welcome.
Ngozi: come on you no go smile to me.
/> Me: I was so tired from campus.
Ngozi: what about Busayo?
Me: she’s inside.
Ngozi: (shouting) Busayo! Busayo!! Come make I gist una.
Busayo: you this girl sha!
Me: what is it?
Ngozi: guess now?
Busayo: you better say whatever you wanted to say.
Ngozi: guess now?
Me: please Busayo what are you cooking?
Ngozi: okay, make I tell una. Chief has changed his mind to buy the car for me next week.
Me: congratulations!
Busayo: I pity you. Which day you know him that he wanted to buy car for you?
Ngozi: he doesn’t matter this man love me so much.
Me: don’t just forget our agreement.
Ngozi: (pretending she doesn’t hear my last sentence)before she cook finish let eat what chief bought for me.
Me: what’s it?
Ngozi: fried rice and chicken.
Busayo: I’m not eating.
They both entered the kitchen.
I was so suspicious of this girl that she may be planning something else. In other way round, I remembered the day I escaped from Chief trick. Yes
he bought snacks for me which I refused to eat. Haaa! How sure I am that this man uses only virgin, so far I saw this only in my dream? Haaa! I may be risking this girl life oh. it’s true I don’t witness this in reality(soliloquishing). Haaa! I have to tell this girl……..
Me: Busayo! Ngozi!! Please come.
Busayo: what happened?
Ngozi: talk now?
Me: I remembered something now which I think I must tell both of you.
Ngozi: what’s it?
Me: you remembered I told you that chief attempted to use me for ritual.
Busayo: yes.
Ngozi: ehn? ehn?
Me: I added that I escaped from him.
Busayo: yes.
Ngozi: talk wetin you wan talk!
Me: on that very day I had a dream in which I saw Chief and his Herbalist.
Busayo: okay.
Ngozi: soo?
Me: the man asked him that I’m I a virgin in which he said yes. Before I eventually woke up. So that’s why I made a conclusion that chief is using only virgin for
Busayo: you mean you concluded out of dream you had?
Me: yes.
Ngozi: mtchewww! Wonder shall never end. So because he promised to buy car for me now, that made you changed everything.
Busayo: you better listen. You mean that Ngozi maybe a victim?
Me: yes, so far I don’t really know.
Ngozi: you better wake
up from your slumber! For what you just said I’m no more interested in killing him again. If you both try any shit I will let you feel sorry for yourselves NONSENSE!
She walked out on us……
Busayo: so you made such conclusion out of your dream?
Me: yes o cos I believed in my dream.
Busayo: you should have tell us since.
Me: I don’t even remember, not until the memory of how Chief bought me snacks as well on that faithful day came.
Busayo: do you think Ngozu will belief this?
Me: she’s on her own so far I have told her, now I’ve satisfied my conscience.
Busayo: if not that I trusted you, I would have acted the same way.
Me: what are you insinuating?
Busayo: you also just think about how everything started.
Me: please is the food ready?
Busayo: is this matter of food?
I went down to kitchen myself….

When we ate finished, I summoned both of them again…….
Me: am sorry for not telling you this all this while. But I thank God that I remembered eventually. I hoped I should direct my words to Ng….
Ngozi: (interrupted) don’t even try to mention my name!
Busayo: let listen to her. She said she forgot.
Ngozi: do you think I’m foolish like Busayo? Look! I understand all your plot but remember that it wasn’t you that eventually linked me to Chief. I can vividly see now that chief did nothing wrong to you. You just wanted to use my head to dupe and kill this nice man. But your secret has leaked. I will marry that chief and nothing bloody liar like you can do to stop me. RUBISH!……….
Busayo: I don’t even know what to say again.
Ngozi: if you like sit down there and be listening to this liar. I’m out of this shit.
She walked away……..
Me: let those who have ear hears, will you follow her as well because I owe you no appology again?
Busayo: hmmm! This is incredible but I believed all what you said after all.
Me: thanks for that. I want to have a siesta.
Busayo: okay.
Ngozi did not talk to me all through that night.
The following day Femi sent the remaining thirty thousand to my
account. I called him to show appreciation. I also told him that I will be expecting him soonest.
So some days later, I was coming back from campus
to our hostel. when It’s few poles to my hostel I saw a jeep in front of it. I started asking myself, who can park the jeep? Can it be Ngozi or Chief??
To be sure of myself I called Busayo…..
Me: hello where are you?
Busayo: I was in hostel.
Me: I saw a jeep who owns it?
Busayo: Chief.
Me: okay. I thought as much. I will hide some where till when he leaves.
Busayo: okay.
I later called Femi………
Me: hello!
Femi: yes?
Me: how your day?
Femi: why asking (in tempting voice)?
Me: dear it’s me now Princess.
Femi: Temmy or Princess?
I hung up the call immediately to check maybe I dialled a wrong number.
No! The number is correct
now. What could have happened? How does he got to know my real name? Can Ngozi did this to me? No! What have I done to deserve this from her??
I called him again…….
Femi: what happened again? abi you had another accident?
Me: hon……
Femi: if you ulter that word! Wrath of God will fall upon you instantly.
Me: what’s my offence?
He hung up instantly.
What might wrong with this guy?
I texted this message to him.
“My heart, what have I done wrong which made you behaved like this to me? I love you from beneath of my heart. Acting this way is giving me a head ache.
Please tell me my offence so that I can make correction. Please for God sake talk to me”
Ten minutes later, he called…….
Femi: hello!
Me: yes dear.
Femi: I’m sorry for acted that way the other time. I love you with all my heart and nothing I can’t do for you. But a friend of yours called me today. She told
me that you are a scammer. She added that all you told me were lie. She conclusively said your pictures on facebook and names are not yours. So that’s why I acted that way.
Me: what’s her name?
Femi: she didn’t tell me.
Me: don’t mind her! She always envied the way you took care of me.
Femi: I thought as much dear. I’m sorry!
Me: thanks for understanding.
Femi: I will call you back later.
Hmmm! So who amongst my friend could do this to me?
Ngozi will be
responsible for this I conclusively thought.
Twenty minutes later, they drove out of the hostel so I rushed in.

when I got inside, I met Busayo eating spag…….
Busayo: welcome how was Campus?
Me: stressful.
Busayo: is that why you look dull?
Me: you can’t believe Ngozi called Femi.
Busayo: for what?
Me: she told Femi all my secret of being a scammer.
Busayo: that’s too bad of her. How could she do such a reckless and traitory act.
Me: I just want you to know so don’t tell her anything.
Busayo: why? after all we are friends.
Me: don’t just tell her okay?
Busayo: okay I won’t. So
what did Femi say?
Me: he almost lose interest in me but thank God he later took it as a mere blackmailing.
Busayo: how?
Me: I told him that my friend is just envy me.
Busayo: and he believed?
Me: yes.
Busayo: love is not only blind but also crazy.
Me: (laughing)abi now. did you left any for me?
Busayo: yea.
Me: I’m hungry.
Busayo: it’s in kitchen.
Me: I’m coming let me go and get the food.
I came back later……
Busayo: what of my share now?
Me: I will give you fifteen thousand tomorrow.
Busayo: you’re too much my friend. Let me gist you this.
Me: what’s it?
Busayo: it seemed that Ngozi have told Chief about you. So I suspected that Chief may be after your life.
Me: this girl want to ruin me totally but it’s a lie.
Busayo: you better act fast.
Me: I will move out of this
hostel tomorrow.
Busayo: to where?
Me: Clarion hostel.
Busayo: I don’t know the place now.
Me: anytime you want to visit me I will direct you.
Busayo: okay no problem.
Me: where is Ngozi and Chief going to?
Busayo: it will be chief house. I’m sure she can’t come home today.
Me: no problem then. I will leave as early as possible tomorrow so if she ask about my where about, tell her you don’t know.
Busayo: no problem.
I log in to facebook….
I changed my status to “thank God for my life, am now fully recovered”
Three minutes later, Femi joined me online.
Femi: hi my darling!
Me: yes sweetheart.
Femi: welcome back.
Me: thanks for your undiluted love and support.
Femi: can you upload your recent pictures?
Me: you promised me that you are coming next week, so you will see your wife.
Femi: okay darling.
Me: anything for your baby?
Femi: my heart for you.
Me: thanks darling. I will be right back.
Femi: okay waiting for you.
I switched to my real facebook account.
I saw a friend request and message from one handsome guy. I accepted the request and his message read thus:
Salam Hajiah, I think I saw you some weeks ago at a friend party. Please I will like to know you more probably we can establish a friendship. Thanks.”
When I checked through his profile I was infatuated. So I replied him like this.
Walekun salam, thanks for the complement. Your face truly looked familiar as well but don’t really know where we met. No problem about being a friend. Infact, I’m happy to be your friend.
He later asked for my number which I gave him.
The following day I moved down to clarion hostel.
Clarion: how you doing?
Me: I’m good.
Clarion: why this early in the morning?
Me: I’ve told you everything so once bitten twice shy.
Clarion: we must treat that girl f–k up.
Me: Chief will treat it.
My only concerned now
is about chief.
Clarion: how?
Me: she might have told him everything I told her.
Clarion: rest assured nothing will happen to you.
Me: okay oo. Has that your magga paid?
Clarion: you mean Harrison?
Me: yes.
Clarion: he sent $2000.
Me: wahoo! That’s good.
Clarion: out of $5000 I demanded.
Me: just take that one. Richard is another thing entirely.
Since when he promised to send $1000, he hasn’t send it.
Clarion: you mean it?
Me: yes.
Clarion: I will help you chat with him don’t worry. “Oku
iya e ni o de masin”
To be continued!

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