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Temilade – Season 1 – Episode 8

Ngozi: thank you Uncle Femin, God will uplift you
more and more.
Femi: amen, please take care of her for me.
Ngozi: I will sir. Bye!
Femi: alright.
Me: wahooo! You people are too much……..hmmm! I bowed for you o.
Ngozi: chai! You caught a big fish.
Busayo: and you said you met this guy on FB?
Me: yes now.
Busayo: just picture! Infact you are too gbaski and some people are senseless.
A message beeped on my phone….. I saw an alert of
Fifty five thousand naira.
Me: guess whose message?
Busayo: uncle Femi?
Me: yes ooo 55k!
Ngozi: oh my God! This guy sure pass ooo. w€tin go be our share?
Me: relax, this is just the deposit. Abi Doctor our bill don finish(facing Busayo)?
Busayo: you mean you will still request another money from this guy?
Ngozi: I think na because of yeye aristo wey we
dey do na in make you to dey pity am for just 55K.
Abeg yarn me more jare?
Me: don’t mind Busayo, if Chief eventually use me for
sacrifice the other time; what would become of me now?
Ngozi: abeg leave this girl, na poverty dey worry am.
Me: we never finish the parole now.
Ngozi: you mean maga go still pay another one?
Me: I trust him.
Busayo: what’s the next step then?
Me: now you are talking. Ngozi will call him for appreciation later in the day.
After two days, I will call him myself to mounting another pressure on him to settle the outstanding bill.
Busayo: please who train you for this?
Ngozi: Dr Lilian leave that for now. What sure pass now na ego(money).
Me: okay the parole will continue then.
Ngozi: are you following us to the club tonight?
Me: no
Busayo: you will see big men that will spoil you with more money.
Me: jo! Jo!! What are you taking me for? I have about 150K in my account. I can’t do all this aristo of things
because of this change you are earning and besides no man will touch me until my wedding night.
Ngozi: leave her jare my friend na poverty won kill
Me: I promise you I will make double of yours tonight.
Ngozi: Busayo you can go alone I want to learn from
my Boss.
Me: you better go I can’t have time for you today.
They left an hour later, I log in with my second facebook account because of Femi.
I composed and post this to different groups with catchy pictures and graphics design thanks to Mr Couple for the design anyway.
I’m Miss Betty by name, an agent based in Lagos. If
you need sugar daddy/mummy, sugar boy/girl, lesbians/gays within lagos, Abuja and Portharcourt you can call me on 08106******
If you need sex chatting as well, it’s #200 per 15mins.
Don’t bother to send friend request because I won’t
accept it”
Before I know it, I received different calls.
I made three thousand through sex chatting infact Nigeria guys are he-goat.
I asked those who need other services to send one thousand to my account for connection.
I gave them different numbers to call for the connection.
Early morning on the following day my friends came back from the club…..
Busayo: hello Temmy!
you are back, how was the club?
Busayo: infact you missed a lot.
Me: how? What of Ngozi?
Busayo: she’s talking with her fresh fish outside. You need to see how this man dey spend money. Can you belief I made twenty thousand by dancing with him alone.
Me: are you serious?
Busayo:(she opened her bag) see the money now.
Me: haaa! For dancing only?
Busayo: yes. The man choosed Ngozi, he’s even with her outside.
Me: let me take a glance at him.
As I was about to leave for outside my phone rings…..I picked the call, it’s one of maga that requested for a lesbian.
I asked her to pay into the account first.
Temilade you are too bad (a thought cut in) but “oro akoda ko le dabi ti igbeyin” (another thought)

After she ended the call, I went outside to check the man Busayo is talking
about. I was so shocked when I saw Chief Abiodun hugging Ngozi! I momentarily rushed in. Busayo! Busayo!!…….
Busayo: what is it?
Me: (breathing heavily) is that the man you are talking about?
Busayo: what happened?
Me: talk to me please?
Busayo: yes now.
Me: haaa! See how God eventually delivered this man to our hand.
Busayo: what did you mean! You know him before?
Me: that’s Chief I told you about.
Busayo: haaa! Ori mi (my fate)! eleda mi o (oh my creature)!! No wonder this
man is lavishing money. What do we do now?
Me: let Ngozi come back.
Busayo: hope nothing will happened to me for collecting his money.
Me: nothing, it’s just that you are spending blood money.
Busayo: hmmm! Wait it seemed they are both coming.
Me: tell Ngozi I’m not at home. Let me go and hide inside the toilet.
Ngozi: hello Temmy!
Busayo: I don’t meet her inside.
Ngozi: where she could have gone?
Busayo: I don’t know.
Ngozi: chief that means you will meet my friend later.
Chief: no problem darling. Keep this for her.
Ngozi: thanks dear.
Busayo: (in pretence) thanks sir.
Chief: don’t mention, bye.
She escorted him out before she later came in.
Ngozi: haha na wetin happened now? Sebi Busayo said you no dey inside ni?
Me: sit down.
Ngozi: what happened?
Busayo: sit down jare!
Me: that’s Chief Abiodun I’m talking about.
Ngozi: which chief?
Busayo: which chief you escorted out now?
Ngozi: Chineke! So na the man be this?
Me: yes. That’s animal amidst of human being.
Ngozi: what I’m I going to do now?
Me: you will act according to our plan.
Ngozi: I think you said na virgin in dey use sha?
Me: yes now.
Ngozi: and me I don lost my virginity since 13yrs of age. So make in dey use them, I go dey spend the money for
Busayo: haaaa! You are heartless! Fellow girls like you.
Ngozi: na my mama pikin?
Busayo: na greediness go kill you.
Ngozi: you no collect the money wey in give you? Na him go kill you as well.
Busayo: I don’t know he’s lion in sheep fur then.
Ngozi: I think na because no be you wey in choose na in make.
Me: stop all these noises! If you wanted to continue dating him, I’m not stopping you.
Ngozi: it wasn’t that I don’t want to carry out that assignment.
Busayo: then what?
Ngozi: I done fall for this man.
Busayo: Igbo with money haaa!
Me: don’t worry!
Ngozi: okay I will do it but you will give me some time because he promised me a camry next month.
Me: you should have said that rather. No problem!
Ngozi: thanks my Boss.
Wait my phone is ringing, ha! It’s Femi. Pick it
Ngozi: hello uncle Femi!
Femi: how you doing?
Ngozi: thanks for being there for my friend.
Femi: don’t thank me! You don’t know how much I love this girl.
Ngozi: anyway thank you.
Femi: how was she now?
Can I speak with her?
Ngozi: better. You will be able to speak with her tomorrow.
Femi: thanks. Please don’t leave her vicinity.
Ngozi: I wont.
Femi: thanks! Bye.
Ngozi: una en! this guy don sink for ocean of your love.
Me: don’t mind him jare!
Busayo: what will you tell him tomorrow?
Me: he will surely balance my hospital bill.
Ngozi: hmmm! Temmy! Temmy!! You people will be saying I love money sey
you no like am?
Me: stop that jare! This is different.
Ngozi: hmmm! I beg I won go shower now.
Me: okay.
She went to bathroom to bath……..
Me: what did you think about this girl?
Busayo: I bet you she won’t do anything for that chief. She’s after his money.
Me: I thought as much. Let give her some time to get what she need, if she
act then, I will know what to do.
Let me go and check the food am cooking.
She went to kitchen.
This Igbo girl don’t know who she’s playing with, I will show her mysel.

I picked up my phone to dial my mummy number.
Me: hello ma!
Mum: how are you my jewel?
Me: am fine ma. How is my brother?
Mum: he’s fine o. How is your study?
Me: fine ma.
Mum: I bought some food stuff last week which I hoped you will come home.
Me: I have told you mum! Don’t bother about me. I’m alright.
Mum: hmmm! Since when your father died you don’t come home. I’m worried.
Me: I’m busy with my studies that’s why.
Mum: how are you coping without working.
Me: I’m doing a petty work which I’m using to finance myself. I will come next week because I missed you and Biodun. I also intended to give you some money.
Mum: thanks dear. But always remember that we don’t have anybody. Temilade remember the
daughter of whom you are. I don’t have any helper except God and you my children(crying).
Me: don’t worry I won’t disappoint you ma. Besides
as much as blood is flowing in my veins I will never let you lack.
Mum: okay oo. May Allah be with you dear.
Me: amen mum.
The following day I called Femi myself……
Me: Hello darling!
Femi: (excited)! Is this you?
Me: yes my darling.
Femi: how does it happened?
Me: all I know is that, I was coming from school before
I found myself on hospital bed.
Femi: sorry dear! How is your condition now?
Me: am almost okay now. Thanks. For being there for
me. You’ve made me realized that guys are not thesame. Infact you are one among the million guys.
Femi: stop that, if I don’t do it who else will do it? I’m doing what I suppose to do.
Me: all thesame you really surprised me. Thanks!
Femi: okay. When are you going to be discharge?
Me: if my mum could balance the remaining bill, I wiil be discharge next week.
Femi: how much is remaining bill?
Me: thirty thousand.
Femi: I will send the remaining money to your account tomorrow morning.
Me: this is much dear!
Femi: stop that! You don’t know how much I loved you.
Me: thanks darling. I love you with all my heart.
Femi: I love you too. I will send credit to you later dear.
Me: alright. How is work?
Femi: good. I will have Off next week so I will like to come to see my angel.
Me: I can’t wait to see you darling.
Femi: my eyes are eagered to satisfy it’s curiousity.
Me: I will be much expecting you. Give me a peck.
Femi: mueh….mueh. take care dear.
Me: thanks bye…..
Busayo: what are you intend doing about this guy?
Me: what do you suggest?
Busayo: maybe you tell him the truth.
Me: you are funny! How could that be possible? Since when?
Busayo: if he truly love you he will understand.
Me: what kind of understanding. All the information I gave him none is associated with me. Not even the names.
Busayo: so?
Me: let him send that 30K then I will know the next line of action. Wait a minute, where is Ngozi?
Busayo: she left early.
Me: to where?
Busayo: she don’t tell me.
I called her number…….
Me: hello
Ngozi: yes.
Me: where are you?
Ngozi: I’m not far from hostel.
Me: I said where are you?
Ngozi: I went to meet
Me: hmmm! Just becareful okay?
Ngozi: abeg na wetin now!
Me: okay, sorry!
I hang the call…..imagine how this girl talk to me!
Busayo: what does she said.
Me: she went to meet Chief. Busayo: I guessed so.
Me: she’s toying with fire! I went in to bath.

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