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Temilade – Season 1 – Episode 7

Temilade episode 7

Ngozi: Hello friends!
Busayo: (hailing Ngozi) sharpy, sharpy baby. The girl
wey shabi watsup.
Ngozi: I don tired. That guy nearly kill me with his blow job.
Busayo: money no dey come easy now. na so e dey be. Also, customer always right.
Me: welcome. How was your night?
Busayo: don’t even bother to ask about that.
Ngozi: am okay jare. a moment I want to shower
Busayo: abeg wait make Temmy yarn you weting dey
for floor.
Me: let her shower first!
Busayo: okay o.
I logged into my FB account to check latest development.
I saw seventy one friend requests and about fifteen messages. Among the messages, I discovered that a particular guy sent about seven of the messages.
Here is his messages:
Hello princess! Thanks for accepting my friend request. I was impressed when I went through your profile. I’m Femi by name, a graduate of UI currently working at shell company in PH. I’m from Lagos state. Epe to be
precise. I appreciated most things about you especially your beauty. I would like to know more about you.
Me: you welcome dear. I’m Princess Precious a girl from Auchi Edo state. All you read on my profile were
Femi: I’m happy to meet someone like you.
Me: thanks.
Femi: can we be friend?
Me: no problem about that.
Femi: I mean a friendship that can lead to conjugal bliss.
Me: You are funny!
Femi: I mean it! You are too beautiful. I want to have you totally.
Me: you want to marry me?
Femi: you got me right!
Me: I can’t marry you. Besides, someone you’ve not seen.
Femi: it doesn’t matter.
Me: okay but i don’t want to suffer for emotional pain again.
Femi: so there are senseless guy that can break heart
of angel like you.
Me: don’t flatter me jor!
Femi: am not, you are more than that Princess. Infact, you’re an angel in human form. Please let the bygone be bygone. I promised I will take care of you. And I will never break your heart.
Me: let me see may be I can consider you because I have suffered a lot in the name of relationship.
After much persuasion, I accepted his proposal.
Femi: am the most happiest person on earth today.
Me: for what? Are you telling me you never meet someone who is prettier than me?
Femi: yes because they are not my choice.
Me: hmmm! Men!!
Femi: am saying the truth.
We later exchange number.
He became very fond of me, moreso, he do send recharge card to me every three days.
I tried to figure out on how I can make him my first catch. After considering the chances and options, a thought came to my mind that I should planned for a huge money. So I decided to use an accident trick.
About thirty minutes later, I summoned my friends about
the Chief Abiodun parol.
Me: Ngozi you are going to carry out Chief assignment.
Ngozi: busayo don explain am small.
Me: can you handle that?
Ngozi: I fit do am well. w€ting dey be say make you
tell me how he go be and how we go share the
Me: that’s very simple. I will give you all details you
need. And the sharing would based on the method we applys.
Not knowing I’m heading to my
destruction gradually.

Listen attentively, what I need from you is a matter of smartness and trickery. You will poison him in other to stop him from that his selfish act.
From my research so far, there is a ring he do use to confirm maybe you are virgin or not. So far he know you are not virgin, you have nothing to fear about. Though he won’t spend much for you based on that.
Ngozi: how do we get money from him?
Me: he has two brief cases, one black and other is brown. He do bring in black one every friday.
You will strike him on friday night.
Busayo: what will be the first step now.
Me: let call him now.
She brought out her phone to initiate a call to chief…………..
Ngozi: hello chief!
Chief: hello. Who is on the line please?
Ngozi: I’m Ngozi by name.
Chief: what can I do for you?
Ngozi: you gave me your complimentary card some weeks ago at a get together party of one honourable.
Chief: okay, How are you?
Ngozi: I’m fine sir.
Chief: where are you now?
Ngozi: I’m in school.
Chief: how can we see?
Ngozi: where can I meet you sir?
Chief: can you meet me at Mr cherry?
Ngozi: when sir?
Chief: tomorrow evening.
Ngozi: okay sir.
Chief: you may call me when you are coming.
Ngozi: alright bye sir.
She hung the call……
Ngozi: what else to do now?
Me: merely looking at this your charming beauty, chief will fall for you. So establish a cordial relationship with him pending the time. Also, all money you realise during those time is yours.
Busayo: you go dey give am well well now.
Me: please don’t go beyond what we sent you.
Ngozi: rest assured! I can’t fake you girls.
Me: okay.
As we are discussing Femi call came in which I ignored.
Me: you will pick this guy call for me and tell him I
had a fatal accident this afternoon.
Busayo: but why? You told me this guy is ready for
you. Even to the level of marrying you.
Ngozi: you be mumu abi? Se na her picture she dey
use abi?
Me: look Busayo, since none of information I provided was correct including pictures. I gat to tap him fast.
You will tell him that doctor said you should deposit
Fifty thousand for my treatment.
We patiently wait for him after Ngozi have rehearshed very well.
Five minutes later he called back…..
Ngozi: hello uncle Femi!
Femi: hello. What about Princess?
Ngozi: (crying) she had an accident this afternoon.
Femi: (stammering) whe…..n where is that?
Ngozi: on her way back from Campus.
Femi: J-E-S-U-S! How is she feeling now?
Ngozi: I don’t even know now because she’s in emergency room.
Femi: emergen……….what? Ngozi: The problem now is
Doctor asked us to deposit sum of #50,000 and we’ve
been trying to call her mum since then.
Femi: can I speak with Doctor?
Ngozi: let me go and check her in office. I will call you
Me: weldone Ngozi! Busayo you will be the doctor
Busayo: what do I tell him?
Me: you will perfect what Ngozi have said.
Busayo: hello!
Femi: yea, is that doctor?
Busayo: yea Dr. Lilian
Femi: I learnt that my girlfriend is in your emergency room. What can you do for me?
Busayo: you have to deposit fifty thousand within the next twenty four hours else her condition may worsen.
Femi: can I transfer to your account?
Busayo: no, we collect cash.
Femi: please give phone to her friend.
Ngozi: hello
Femi: I will transfer fifty thousand to Princess account now. Please for God sake go and withdraw it with her ATM.
“Nemesis will surely catch up with those who make end means in ungodly way”. And that’s what I failed to know!


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