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Temilade – Season 1 – Episode 6

Temilade episode 6

After that I rubbed the cream I had in my bag but my clothes is too dirty and filthy. I begged the woman to give me one of her cloth so that I can wash mine. I put on the one she gave me. I later gave her husband to and fro money to the town to charge my phone which he did. Infact God love me most if not, it would have been from fry pan to fire and finally to FURNANCE. Hmmm Glory be to God.
He came back about three hours later with my battery fully-charged. And before he came my cloth has dried. I changed to my cloth and before I left I gave his wife two thousand naira which she appreciated a lot. The man escorted me to where I boarded bus down to my place. Along the road I called my mum to know her where about but no response. I got home three hours later and met her
absence. I asked from our neighbor her where about………
me: good afternoon ma.
Mama Florence: (shivering) is this your ghost or what?
Me: I’m alive ma.
Mama Florence: how did you escaped?
Me: it’s God grace please ma, what about my mum?
Mama Florence: (crying) what a pity! Haaaaa(shaking her head)!
Me: what happened ma?
Mama Florence: when your father heard about your condition, he had heart attack which led to his death.
Me: don……don……..don’t tell me my father is dead (stammering)!
Mama Florence: you have to take heart.
Haaaa (crying)! I caused my father death eventually because of my greediness. God forgive me for all my shortcomings.
I cried as much as I could after which I made another decision that any man that come across my path will surely pay for this dearly. I’m ready to join Clarion group now. I TEMILADE, will show you men pepper.
I called mum….
Me: hello mummy.
Mum: is this you Temilade?
Me: it’s me ma.
Mum: haaa! God why did you do this to me? Your father died as a result of your disappearance, hoping he wouldn’t seeing you again.
Me: mama florence have told me everything. I’m sorry for bringing this to our family ma. Where are you now ma?
Mum: I’m still in hospital (crying).
Me: I will join you soon.
I hide my number to dial chief number………..
Chief: who is this?
Me: Temilade.
Chief: why did you ran away?
Me: so you still have gut to talk?
Chief: what have I done?
Me: don’t worry Police will soon get you arrested.
Chief: (laughing hysterrically) if you like call IG, I will let you pay for it.
Me: and I will tell you am a woman.
Chief: do your worst! He hung-up the call…….

I called his number back but he kept rejecting it, such is life.
After his burial rite my mum summoned me…….
Mum: my dear, i and your dad decided to send you to school to any length since your childhood irrespective of our limited income. But as you can see now, your father is no more (crying).
Me: mummy stop this, the deed has already been done. And that’s how God wills.
Mum: I suggest maybe you should learn an apprentiship.
Me: don’t worry ma. I will sort myself out. Kindly use
the money I gave you to start a business so
that you can cater for my siblings.
Mum: hmmm! “Sort yourself out”? please remember ONCE BITTEN TWICE SHY!
Me: mummy chief will pay for the agony he caused my family in a big way.
Mum: leave revenge for Allah (God).
Me: ok ma. I will go back to campus tomorrow (pretended).
Mum: don’t follow the path of wayward girls in your
campus. Please remember I’m a widow now.
Me: I won’t disappoint you ma just keep praying for me because I knew it’s efficacy.
Mum: don’t cause more harm to this family by joining those useless girls around.
Me: I have heard you.
I went back to campus the following day.
When I got to hostel, I explained everything to my room mates who were experienced runs girl…..
Me: I have a deal for you.
Ngozi: yarn me jor na waitin?
Busayo: let her talk now.
Me: there is a man I just met about two weeks ago. He is
so rich and generous. I discovered is a ritualist. So, I
will get all the detail for you to get him. All you have
to do is to follow my instructions.
Ngozi: I beg make am snappy I want ego.
Busayo: please how do you mean?
Me: all I want from you is to rub and poison him for me.
Ngozi: na wetin him do you now?
Me: he attempted to use me for money ritual.
Ngozi: Chineke! I no go fit deal with that kind person oo.
Busayo: how sure are you that he will not use us as well?
Me: he only use virgin for his money sacrifice every six months. That is twice a year.
Busayo: haaa! Eniyan meji lodun kan! He deserve to die.
Ngozi: you mean say you be virgin?
Me: yes now.
Ngozi: hmmm! You no say I hate lie. So make you no try am. Virgin for where?
Busayo: how true is that Temmy?
Me: Wallahi (I swear in God name).
Busayo: kudos to your parent and you as well then because I don lost my own since 13yrs ago.
Ngozi: na waiting u dey do panu. Virgin at your age? You no shabi enjoyment. Abi you no get that thing? Anyway, Na my teacher even take my own for his office when I dey JSS three.
Me: leave that for now. How lectures?
Ngozi: nothing much jare.
Busayo: we wrote two tests but we helped you.
Me: thanks my good friends. Ngozi: you go marry my
brother Temmy.
Me: for where?
Ngozi: my brother is also a virgin now.
Me:(laughing) you are not serious! How you take
Busayo: don’t mind her jare. She want good thing for her brother.
I will be back I got to see Clarion. I left hostel for Clarion hostel…………

I met Clarion inside her room….
Clarion: where have you been?
Me: it’s a long story.
Clarion: I called your number severally the day you left but you don’t pick it.
Me: I was rubbed that very day. They even collected
the money you gave me.
Clarion: oh my God! am sorry. How is Biodun now?
Me: he’s alright now. I lost my father three days ago.
Clarion: JESUS! How does it happened?
Me: it’s a long story dear as I said earlier. All I want now is your help.
Clarion: may God forgive him. What’s that?
Me: I’m ready to involve in the Facebook runs.
Clarion: are you serious?
Me: am damn seriously.
Clarion: now you are talking. You have to understand the concept of this life.
Me: I have now.
Clarion: which phone are you using now?
Me: blackberry bold 5.
Clarion: that’s good.
Go to google now. You will download different kind of unclad and half clad pictures.
Me: help me do it.
She collected my phone and before I know it, I have
about twenty pictures of a beautiful ladies.
Clarion: you will now create a new facebook with a
sweet name. Don’t use number but a mail.
She lectured me extensively on all parts of her business.
I created a new account with a very sweet name. I entered a very attractive information such as work place, schools, relationship status, current city, about, interest and others. I asked clarion, why she asked me not to use my
Clarion: if you do so, some of your friend that are on
facebook will detect you. And if they report you to FB
admin, your account would be suspended due to impersonation.
Me: okay.
Clarion: click on find friend and select import contact
from phonebook.
Me: I did so. It bring out result “200 contacts imported, 150 have joined FB. I clicked on done.
Clarion: you have two options.
Me: what are they?
Clarion: either you operate on local or international.
let me start from local.
Clarion: that’s good to start with. You will start uploading those pics one by one. Before you know it, you will be having at least fourty friend request from guys everyday.
Me: what are the next steps after that?
Clarion: they shall be asking you out.
Me: what do I tell them?
Clarion: you will be pestering them till you get some information about them. There are some that you will
set up. Also, there are card givers who will be recharging your line. You will also meet some scammers like us. Hmmm! Those kind of guys will drive you crazy with their sweet words, we called them lover boys. All they will be
telling you is love and mind you if cares is not taking you go dey “fowo kanga di kanga”. They will turn you to their ATM as well.
Also, beware of ritualist.
Me: thanks for these comprehensive tutoring. I will adhere to them.
Clarion: you will sleep here today, I wanted to chat with some of my client in Italy on yahoo messenger so that you will understand better.
Me: no problem. I’m hungry now.
Clarion: go to kitchen, I left some fried rice.
I entered kitchen……..

I learnt many things from Clarion concerning the facebook runs and other illegal cyber business. I went back to my hostel the following morning………….
Busayo: welcome, how was your night?
Me: not bad and yours?
Busayo: splendid
Me: what about Ngozi?
Busayo: she went for night duty.
Me: you these girls! You will not kill yourself sha.
Busayo: wetin poor man go do now?
Me: well sha, we no go kill ourselves.
Busayo: how about the issue of Chief?
Me: yea, I have devised a plan. And this is what it is, you will call him that, he
gave you his complimentary card some weeks back.
So we will act according to his reaction.
Busayo: I’m not good in that field let use Ngozi you no say she be Igbo girl.
Me: you are right let wait for her. Lest I forget, I will
introduce you to advance chatting which include facebook runs and others.
Busayo: se o maa bowo de sha(will money involve).
Me: you no trust me?
Busayo: na you sure pass, I beg tell me?
Me: there are some rich guy/man, girls/woman on
facebook who needs your services. Also, there are
white men/women who are ready to spend their money
for us.
Busayo: are you talking about yahoo?
Me: it’s an advanced chatting but Ote dey call am
yahoo(can’t even imagine how I changed quickly).
Busayo: yarn me more dear?
Me: I will be directing different guys to you, in which they will be asking you for sex/relationship. Your response will depend on their option.
Busayo: explain please, because how is that possible?
Someone knocked……..
Me: who is that?
Please I want to see Busayo.
Busayo: is that not Kola?
Kola: Yes.
Busayo: what do you want by this time of the day?
Kola: can I come in?
Me: come in.
Kola: thanks.
He came in……..
Busayo: did I ask you to come in?
Kola: please help me to talk to your friend, I love her
so much.
Busayo: are you so jobless and senseless to the
extent of coming to girl hostel this early talking about love?
Me: relax now! Kola don’t bother yourself. I will talk to her on your behalf and I believed she will change her mind. Please you will teach me GNS 311 and EEC 322 because I have missed lectures for the past
two weeks.
Kola: ok just help me.
Busayo: no think am! I hate you and I can never date
Me: (silent for a while) imagine the brilliant, handsome guy dying for useless girl like Busayo. Aristo babe for that matter.
Well, love is blind and unconditional they said.
Kola: when you are ready for the tutorial you can let me
Me: okay. I will persuade her okay?
Kola: thanks.
He opened the door to leave, as Ngozi came in cheerfully.


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