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Temilade – Season 1 – Episode 4

Temilade episode 4

When I discovered that I’ve totally moved away from his house, I stopped to rest a bit. After few minutes, I went to a phone booth to call Chief Afolabi maybe he can help me.
Me: hello Chief.
Chief: how are you?
Me: am fine sir.
Chief: your voice sounds familiar.
Me: yes, I’m Temmy sir.
Chief: Temilade right?
Me: yes sir. Thank you for the other time.
Chief: all thanks belongs to Allah. how you doing
Me: I’m not fine sir.
Chief: what happened? Hope your brother is now ok?
Me: my brother is feeling better now but my father had an accident today.
Chief: Subuanalah!!!! Am highly sorry. May Allah avert
bad omen from your family.
Me: amen sir.
Chief: what can I do for you now?
Me: his legs are to be amputated.
Chief: why?
Me: the accident is so fatal.
Chief: oh my God! So what can I do to help the
Me: Doctor said we should deposit
one hundred and fifty thousand.
Chief: where exactly are you now?
Me: Surulere junction.
Chief: hope my card is with you?
Me: yes.
Chief: meet me at my residence in one hour time.
Me: alright sir.
With this response from Chief I was bit hopeful and relieved. I entered bus to chief Abiodun house.
Thirty minutes later, I approached his gate……….
Me: I pressed the bell.
GM: who is that?
Me: am Temilade by name? GM: who are you looking
Me: I wanted to see Chief.
GM: do you have any appointment with him?
Me: yes.
GM: are you with his complimentary card?
Me: yes.
GM: pass it under the gate. Me: here is it.
GM: I can see it truly, you can come inside(the gate slided open).
Me: thank you. I entered the compound. Exaggerations apart, since I was born I’ve never seen this kind of building before. Talk of the interior, garden, swimming pool and others infact it’s paradise on earth.
When am about to enter his sitting room, a thought
came to my mind, is this man reliable enough?
Hmmm………….Temilade remember the daughter of
whom you are! It could be from fry pan to fire(I thought).
I later gathered courage to entered.
I sat on the sofa waiting for the Chief arrival.
Cook: what will you like to drink?
Me: am okay.
Cook: how will you be in presidential villa saying you
are okay. We have soft drinks, assorted wines, fruit
juice, less alcoholic just name it.
Me: if you insisted I prefered fruit wine.
Cook: let me add this what will you like to eat
Me: I will be okay with juice. She went in to bring the
juice which I enjoyed very much.
Some minutess later, a guy came to me that Chief is waiting for me in his visitor room.


when he said this, I was more nervous and worried. I recited Ayyatul Qurisiyy(Q2v255) to seek God protection over me. With much confident, I followed him to see Chief………..
Chief: welcome darling.
Me: thanks.
Chief: hope you did not find it difficult to locating
Me: yes sir. It’s very unique in this area.
Chief: come and sit beside me.
Me: thanks for the other day.
Chief: I learnt that you didn’t eat, let eat before
Indeed! It’s presidential villa. I ate to my satisfaction.
While we are
eating chief did something funny, he
tried to feed me which I decline.
After we ate finished………..
Chief: this is my house, my wife and my children were
in abroad. I lived here alone with my workers as you
might have noticed. So I want to marry a young girl that can take care of me. I don’t mind to have you as my wife.
I said this out of my feelings not because you need
my help.
Me: I appreciated you since the first day we met. May
I ask you something?
Chief: go ahead.
Me: is your wife living in abroad permanently and also can you allow me to think about it?
Chief: she’s a dual citizen so she normally spend much time there. And secondly, no compulsion in love but I will be much happy to hear a yes from you.
Less I forget, which university are you?
Me: Al-Hikmah university.
Chief: after our marriage you will quit that school. So
I will liaise with a foreign university online. So you
will obtain your degree in my house.
Me: thanks for understanding sir.
Chief: I will give you a cheque of two hundred thousand to take
care of your Daddy.
Me: I’m speechless for this sir. So people like you is
still on this planet(tears escaped it’s gland)!
Chief: if I don’t do it someone else will surely do it
just let thank God and stop crying.
Me: may God continue to exalt you.
Chief: amen thanks. Let go to living room.
He handed the cheque to me which I cashed the following day.
I paid the specified amount for my dad’s treatment.
The following day, I bought a blackberry Bold 5 and a new line.
I called Chief to thank him……….
Me: hello chief!
Chief: is that not Temilade?
Me: yes sir. Thank you
sir may God continue to exalt you.
Chief: amen. how about your mum and my name sake
Me: they are discharged now.
Chief: so any good news?
Me: not really! I can’t withstand your wife.
Chief: just leave the issue of my wife ok?
Me: alright sir.
Chief: will you marry me.
Me: hmmmm………….yes sir.
Chief: am happy to hear this. Infact it called for
celebration. Where are you now?
Me: am at home.
Chief: can I pick you up to celebrate it?
Me: I want to visit my dad in hospital now.
Chief: forward your account number to me now.
Me: thanks sir.
Chief: remove that sir!
Me: ok
Chief: don’t mention dear.
My mum called me from bedroom……

I answered her from the sitting room.
Me: yes ma (entering the bedroom).
Mum: I want to have a discussion with you, sit down.
Me: yes ma.
Mum: may God spear you for us. I saw all your effort
to save Biodun, your father and me as well. However,
as a good parent, I have to ask you this, where did
you raised such money for our treatment?
Me: (kneeling down) thank you mum. I appreciated your
observation ma. There was a man I met on my way
coming from campus last week. I explained what my
family is passing through so he gave me twenty five thousand that
day. When Dad incident happened, I went to many
of his friend where none of them ready to help. I later
went to him which he eventually gave me a cheque of #200,000. In nut shell, he’s messiah of our family.
Mum: you know am your mother right?
Me: yes ma.
Mum: why are you telling me lies?
Me: wallahi (I swear by God’s name) he is responsible for all.
Mum: ok. What is relationship between you?
Me: in the first instance, he didn’t demand for anything until when I need his assistance for dad treatment.
Mum: and what was his demand?
Me: he proposed to marry me.
Mum: and you agreed?
Me: I agreed when we spoke on phone today.
Mum: think before you do anything and seek Allah’s
guidance over this.
Me: thank you ma I will do so.
Mum: I prayed for best in life for you my jewel Amoke (My pedigree as a typical yoruba tribe).
Me: amen, may you also live long to reap our fruits.
Mum: amin thank you my dear.
Me: I want to visit him this evening.
Mum: may God guide you.
Just as we are discussing, a called from chief…….
Me: hello sir!
Chief: hello darling! How you doing?
Me: am good and you?
Chief: cool only that I missed you.
Me: okay I will come by five o’clock.
Chief: I will be glad to see you again. Lest I forget I’ve
told my secretary to transfer #50,000 for your domestic expenses.
Me: thanks darling.
Chief: I will be expecting you
Me: alright!
Mum: is that the man?
Me: yes ma.
Mum: okay.
Let me go and prepare dad food it’s getting late
Mum: thanks for the cares.
Me: I will go to his house immediately I left the
Mum: alright remember the child of whom you are.
I went to hospital as I’ve planned it. Just as am
coming out of hospital, he called me that I should
join him at a junction.
When I got there, I entered his Range rover sport car.
Chief: welcome dear. Which eatery do you preferred? Mr bigg’s, Chicken republic, 24hours or spices?
Me: anyone that befitted Chief wife.
Chief: I will surprise you.
He pecked me.
He drove the car toward a big eatery called De Champion Chef.
We dinned together as a new lover. You know how it usually be.

After eating we left the eatery and he
drove me back home.
Chief: when are we meeting again?
Me: when do you feel like?
Chief: I don’t mind tomorrow.
Me: even me.
Chief: that means our spirit is working
Me: I thought as much.
Chief: I will be expecting you tomorrow
Me: okay but I will go to hospital first.
Chief: Oh sorry for not ask about my
father in-law!
How was his condition now? Me:
Alhamudulilah (Thank God)
Chief: I will like to visit him tomorrow.
Me: thanks for your caring.
Chief: stop it am doing it for myself.
Me: will you come down to greet my
Chief: next time! just help me give her
this envelope.
Me: this is much!
Chief: it’s all for love.
Me: okay, thanks dear.
He drove off………..
Me: sallam alaykun waramatulahi
(peace, blessing and mercy of God be
upon this you)!
Abiodun: walekisalam(and you too).
Welcome my
Me: where is mummy?
Abiodun: she’s in bedroom. Me: have you
Abiodun: no!
Me: I bought this for you.
Abiodun: thanks ma.
I went in to see mum….
Mum: welcome dear it’s late now.
Me: am sorry ma!
Mum: hope you are not crossing your
Because it’s only God that is trustworthy.
Me: yes ma, may HE lead me alright.
Mum: amen! So how is your dad?
Me: he’s feeling better.
Mum: okay.
Me: I bought this for you.
Mum: thanks! may you also reap fruit of
your own labour too.
Me: amen! I’m thinking of something ma.
Mum: what’s that?
Me: I have about seventy thousand in my
account now, I suggested that maybe you
should start a business
with #50,000 so that you will be able to
take care of
domestic responsibility.
Mum: (she started crying) what a pity!
Me: stop this ma, you knew Dad
condition presently. He
need much love and care these days.
Chief also sent
this envelope to you.
Mum: what’s inside?
Me: It will be money open it. Mum: it’s
money count it.
Me: #20,000.
Mum: hmmmm! May God bless this man!
Me: amen.
Mum: don’t just disappoint me okay.
Me: yes mum thanks.
I went straight to bedroom to sleep, his
call came
Me: hello darling!
Chief: how you doing?
Me: am good.
Chief: I wanted to visit my uncle at
Agboriefon village
tomorrow and I will like to take you
Me: no problem dear. I will get to you
latest by 10am tomorrow morning.
Chief: thanks dear. Good night.
Me: yes dear.

I had a bad dream that very night. I saw
a Lion
playing with goat. Suddenly, the lion
grabbed the goat
and tear it into pieces. I was shocked
the Lion
face turn to Chief face. I was frightened!
When I woke up, I was drenched in my
I took my kettle to perform abulution and
prayed about it.


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