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Temilade – Season 1 – Episode 3

Temilade episode 3

When I got to the ward I met my mother shaking my brother shouting, open your eyes please amidst of crying!
I don’t know when I started shouting Doctor! Doctor!! Doctor!!!
He rushed in to examine him. He mounted his stethoscope to find his pulse. And he finally broke the news.
Doctor: am sorry he’s dead! Me: whaaat????
I started rolling on the floor. Doctor: nurse, park him.
Mum: why Biodun with all our efforts on you??? Am
doomed oh!
Suddenly! He sneezed heavily…….
I ran down to doctor’s office….
Me: Doctor! Doctor!! Doctor!!! My brother has woke!
After examing him, Allahu akbar (God is great) was the only thing doctor could muttered.
After five minutes of silence he manage to said………
Doctor: madam your son is hale and healthy now.
Mum: Alhamudulilah, Alhamudulilah,Alhamudulilah…..(meaning Glory be to God)
Biodun: I’m hungry mummy!
Doctor: nurse give him glucose first.
Me: what will you like to eat?
Biodun: rice and plaintain.
Me: let me go
and get it for you, ok?
Biodun: yes my sister.
A nurse rushed in……..
Nurse: emergency sir!
Doctor: what sort of emergency???
Nurse: it’s a fatal accident.
He left with the nurse……………………
Me: I will be back let me go and get the food for you.
I left the ward to get the food for Biodun. I came back
ten minutes later.
Me: here is your food Biodun.
Mum: sit up to eat your food darling.
Me: should I feed you?
Biodun: yes
A nurse came in later……
Nurse: doctor wanted to see you.
Mum: me?
Nurse: No aunty
I followed her to the doctor’s office.
Doctor: there was called for emergency the other
Me: yes about the victim of an accident.
Doctor: yes. I asked the nurse to call you because I knew your mother is hypertensive. Your father was among the victims of the accident.
Me: whaaaat??? I bursted into tears……..God why? What
has my family done wrong???
Doctor: you have to take heart at this point.
Me: this is too much for me to bear!
Doctor: not only that!
Me: what else again?? Has he died??
Doctor: no! It’s soo unfortunate that we have to
amputate his two legs.
Me: ampu..what?? God you are wicked! Why all these?
God why???
Doctor: you better thank God because he’s only
survivor of the accident.
Me: well, where is him now?
Doctor: he’s in emergency ward.
Me: can I see him now?
Doctor: no because he’s sleeping. So you will need to
deposit one hundred and fifty thousand naira for the amputation and other treatments.
Me: please doctor no way I can get such money at this time. Am still a student please help my family.
Doctor: you must look for the money as soon as possible. Failure to do so, may cause more harm to that legs.

you mean I must raise this money before you can operate that legs? Doctor please say something, my
father must not die.
Doctor: getting that money is the only option you have
Me: and you said my mother will not hear this, that’s
Doctor: just take it easy.
I left his office, I entered the world of thinking on how I can raise one hundred and fifty thousand within few hours. A thought came to my mind that I should go to my father friends.
/> I went back to my brother
Me: how are you now Biodun?
Biodun: I’m feeling better. Where is my Daddy?
Me: he’s coming just relax ok?
Mum: have you called him to know his where about?
Me: I’m not with my phone.
Mum: where is your phone??
Me: leave that for now ma.
Mum: what’s wrong your are dull? Is anything wrong?
Me: there is serious problem!
Mum: what’s wrong?
Me: (I whispered to her) Daddy had an accident and
It is fatal one.
Before I knew it, she fainted!
Me: Nurse! Doctor!! Nurse!!! Mummy please open
your eye!!!!
Nurse: why did you told her despite that you knew her
Me: it wasn’t my fault I have to tell her………CRYING.
She regained her strength thirty minutes later…….
Mum: what happened to my husband.
Doctor: you have to relax for now madam. If not you will just put this girl to dilemma.
I could not fight back the already saturated tears as I poured everything.
Few minutes later, I told my mun that I’ll be back. I went out to rally round maybe I
could raise the money for daddy treatment.
I went to one of my daddy best friend………
Me: ko ko
Gateman: who be that?
Me: na me.
Gateman: who be you?
Me: your Oga friend pikin.
Gateman: (opening the gate) so na you.
Me: yes now.
Gateman: Oga no dey house now.
Me: where in go?
Gateman: he traveled.
Me: which day in go come back?
Gateman: a no know o.
Emeka who are you talking to(the man spoke from inside)?
Me: I’m the one sir.
Mr Bola: Who are you?
Me: Temilade.
Mr Bola: come inside.
Me: yes sir. You hen? na lie lie go kill you.
Emeka: which kind lie. How many time I don tell you
say make we dey yans ourselves?
Me: make you ask am again. Mumu! Go dey yans
your mother or sister.
Mr Bola: Temmy leave Emeka come inside.
I went inside………..good day sir!
Mr Bola: how you doing?
Me: there is serious problem sir.
Mr Bola: what is it dear?
Me: my daddy had an accident while Biodun and
mummy was also on hospital bed.
Mr Bola: what??? When did that happened?
Me: Biodun has been hospitalised a week ago. Daddy had accident today which rendered my mum fainted.
Mr Bola: sorry dear (curdling me). Where are they
Me: TemiDun Specialist hospital.
Mr Bola: what assistance can I render now?
Me: (kneel down)
Mr Bola: you don’t have to do that am just like your
father moreso you are more beautiful than that (hugging me). So tell me what you want me to do for
Me: we need sum of one hundred and fifty thousand to carry out an operation for him.
Mr Bola: you don’t have Any problem ok?
Me: thank sir.
Mr Bola: (touching my buttock) just be a good girl ok?
Me: yes sir.
Mr Bola: go to my bedroom, bring the brief case on the bed.

I wondered what his aim might be.
Is this old man trying to sleep with a young girl like
Why now??
No if he try it I will show him the real me.
Mr Bola: I said go and bring the brief case on my bed
for me. Or what are you thinking?
Me: but sir……….
Mr Bola: what is it? Remember your daddy is on
hospital bed.
I entered his bedroom to look for it but could not find
anything. I decided to go and tell him. when I’m about to opening his Door, I met coming in with a towel on his waist.
Mr Bola: have you seen it?
Me: No am about to tell you I couldn’t find it.
Mr Bola: come closer to me Temmy.
Me: I said I didn’t see any brief case.
Mr Bola: oh sorry! I kept it in my wardrobe.
Me: okay sir. Let me go and wait for you in the sitting
Mr Bola: no, you don’t have to. Temmy I love you
Me: whaaaat???? Oh my goodness! I thought as much
since you’ve started touching my buttock. Sir, you said I’m like your daughter? So you’re sleeping with your daughter as well?
Mr Bola: what is the big deal in having affair with you.
Come on! You are no more a kid.
Me: sir if you can’t help the situation don’t make it worst.
Mr Bola: am ready to help you but you will help me
as well.
Me: what sort of help is that?
Mr Bola: let me have a taste of you.
Me: sir I can’t date you talkless of having sex with you.
Mr Bola: I will add fifty thousand to the money.
Me: are you crazy(I don’t
even know when it came out)? Do you know what is coming out of your mouth? s£x me? For money?
Mr Bola: Gbola(he slapped me) how dare you talking to
me like that? Whether you like it or not you can’t
escape it today!
Me: kneel down, am sorry sir I just got frustrated.
Mr Bola: no time for me in exchanging words with
Me: (his attitude at this time made me reasoned well, he must be under influence of druig) please sir am still a virgin and have made
promised that no man will touch me except the one I
wanted to marry.
Mr Bola: virgin? I will add another fifty thousand, how about that?
Me:(crying) don’t do this to me sir am begging.
He suddenly hugged me and hold me tightly………
Me: leave me alone! leave me alone!! leave me alone!!!
Mr Bola: if you like shout from now till tomorrow nobody can hear you.
Me: please for God sake!
Mr Bola: give me chance even if it’s only this time.
Me: (pretended) you mean only this once?
Mr Bola: yes.
Me: ok relax yourself let me pull my cloth (kissing
Mr Bola: so you are pretending before? That’s good of you( caressing my hair).
Me: I will give you three style you will never forget(yea I do hear that from my friends).
Mr Bola: are you serious?
Me: you will sorry for yourself when am done with
Mr Bola: I will surprise you as well.
Me: where is your bathroom?
Mr Bola: am too set for that.
Me: let me shower so that you can enjoy me to the fullest.
I removed my skirt to convince him.
Mr Bola: be quick please.
I pecked him and rest his back on the bed.
He laid down nodding his head like agama lizard, unknowingly to him, I picked my skirt and opened the
door wore my skirt along the way to sitting room and ran…………
Emeka: stop waiting dey pursue you wey you know fit
wear your skirt well. Abi my Oga too strong?
Me: you and your Oga dey crazy! Na thunder go fire both of una! I pushed him away headed to gate post. I opened it and ran as fast as I can.


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