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Temilade – Season 1 – Episode 11 [Completed]

He listened attentively to all my narrations though with disbelief.
DPO: this is serious. Why didn’t you report to us then?
Me: since I don’t have any evidence to back up my claims, I decided to share it with my friends then.
DPO: what’s your evidence on this?
Me: my friemd Busayo can bear witness as well as some of my other friends.
DPO: who is the man you are even talking about?
Me: Chief Abiodun Oluwalogbon.
DPO: which Oluwalogbon?
Me: the CEO of ASA T global investment.
DPO: that philanthropist?
Me: yes. He’s a wolf in sheep fur.
DPO: how did you so sure that he was the one that killed
your friend?
Me: am very sure. Just try to investigate the matter.
DPO: hmmm! What of if it’s mere plot?
Me: I’m very sure sir.
DPO: and you said is Chief?
Me: take a look at this sir (I gave him my phone to view pictures we took together).
DPO: hmmm this is
incredible! Thank God we still have some people like you who can boldly come out to address a serious crime like
this. Not minding the bad impression people had about police force.
Me: initially I don’t want to come here but my conscience did not allow me(I lied who won’t fear them).
DPO: thank you so much.
Me: yes sir.
DPO: Sergeant! Sergeant!! Sergeant Dipo!!!
Dipo: yes sir!
DPO: arrange your boys we need to arrest Chief Oluwalogbon over the death of that young lady.
Dipo: yes sir!
DPO: you may leave but drop your number at canter in case we need any information.
Me: alright sir.
The way DPO behaved looked suspicious, as I came
out of his office I stayed at the door to eavesdrop. Five minutes later DPO made a call…..
DPO: hello Chief.
DPO: there was a young lady that came here this morning. She claimed she knew you as well as the corpse dumped at Oloti junction yesterday.
Chief: what’s her name?
DPO: Temilade.
Chief: that was the girl I said she escaped the other time.
DPO: she said something of that nature trully.
Chief: —————–
DPO: sir, do you truly involved?
Chief: ——————
DPO: then we have to meet later in the evening.
Chief: ——————.
DPO: Chief! Chief!! Alright sir, I trust you.
This girl is daring the whole chief hmmm (laughing).
As much as I remained DPO of this division, nothing will happened.
When I heard this, I was bit shocked about his last statement. I quickly left the vicinity of the station. What can I do now? Eehehe! Hmmm! Let me inform Clarion…
Me: hello clarion.
Clarion: yes how are you?
Me: I’m in danger now!
Clarion: what happened?
Me: I went to police station to report Ngozi death to them but unfortunately they are after my life now.
Clarion: what? You mean they are working with Chief?
Me: yes.
Clarion: join me now. I will call Bukola immediately.
Me: who is Bukola?
Clarion: he’s SP(superitendent of police).
Me: I will join you in the next fifteen minutes.
I took a bike and told him to speed up as much as possible. In less than ten minutes, I got home.
Clarion: welcome.
Me: yea.
Clarion: he will join us soon. Hope you knew his house?
Me: yes.
Clarion: just relax.
Minutes later, a team of policemen arrived at Clarion hostel.
SP: where is the lady?
Me: I’m the one sir.
SP: get inside the car.
Me: yes sir.
SP: I will call you Clarion.
Clarion: alright.
Me: I looked clarion face with a worried face due to the way the guy acted.
Clarion: relax there won’t be any problem!
We drove out of the hostel as students trooped out to take a look at scenario……
SP: where exactly is that man house?
Me: Olohunlogbon estate.
SP: Corporal hope you heard what she said?
Corporal: yes sir.
About forty minutes later we approached his house.
Gateman: what happened?
SP: is chief at home?
Gateman: NO!
SP: are you crazy? Do you think I came here to joke?
One of them cork his gun……
Gateman: (shaking) he’s inside I beg don’t shoot me.
SP: you, you and you follow me.
Some minutes after, Chief was brought out with handcuffed.
Me: can you see now that not all the policemen take bribe.
He looked me like a worthless being.
Chief: which division you came from that you can’t even give me my due respect?
SP: you have the right o keep your mouth shut because
whatever you said here would be use against you in the court of law.
Chief: but….bu…..
SP: go inside the car.
I was droped at the junction and chief was took to SAS office.

Thank God chief is finally
doomed. With great delight, I called Busayo and later Clarion……..
Me: hello Busayo!
Busayo: yes dear,
Me: where are you?
Busayo: I’m in a restaurant having fun with my love. I have been calling you since to know your where about.
Me: I’m sorry! guess what happened?
Busayo: I’m not good in that. What happened?
Me: Chief has been arrested.
Busayo: wow! At last. How does it happened?
Me: I led police to his house.
Busayo: I’m sure he will pay dearly.
Me: yes, I will get back to you later.
I dialled Clarion number……
Me: hello my friend wey get mouth.
Clarion: yes what’s up?
Me: they’ve arrested him.
Clarion: I trusted my baby.
Me: are you kidding me? Are you dating?
Clarion: that’s my future husband.
Me: SP Bukky I mean?
Clarion: yes o.
Me: ok.
Clarion: Where are you now?
Me: I’m in junction and you?
Clarion: at home.
Me: can you join me there?
Clarion: where are we going?
Me: I want you to accompany me to bank.
Clarion: what will be my share?
Me: I will give you 10K.
Clarion: a whole me?
Me: manage am jare.
Clarion: okay I will join you soon.
Me: waiting then.
What can I use this money for? Okay, I will open a boutique and find a sale girl to manage it for me pending the time I would finish in school. NO! It will be better to pick up Habeebat since she was only hawking pure water for my mother. Yes that’s a good suggestion. These are series of thought running through my mind.
Few minutes later, Clarion arrived……..
Clarion: shall we proceed?
Me: yes. I stopped a bike which took us to bank.
When we arrive at the bank, the queers are not much. I filled the withdrawal form and submitted. I waited for about fifteen minutes, before I finally approached the cashier I submitted to.
Me: can you tell me what’s happening?
Cashier: please aunty exercise some patience.
Me: what’s the problem since?
Cashier: it seems your account has been freeze-up.
Me: meaning of that? I beg give me my money jare!
Cashier: go and have your seat let me consult my superior.
Me: hmmm! Had it been I come here to save there won’t be such story.
Cashier: I’m sorry please relax.
Me: okay o am waiting.
I moved away from canter to have a seat.
Clarion: what’s the problem now?
Me: I don’t really know their Whala oo.
Clarion: make they do fast my maga go they wait online for me.
Somebody tapped me from the back,
when I turned it was Afolabi.
Me: hello(smiling)!
Afolabi: Temilade(with a stern face)?
Me: yees(still smilling)
Afolabi: you are under arrest.
Me: stop joking!
Afolabi: am detective Segun from FIB (Flashing his ID card)
Me: ehen! Under arrest for what?
Afolabi: when you get to our office you will know better.
Me: you Afolabi! Detective?
Afolabi: move.
He collected my phones and drove me to their station.

When we arrived at their station, I was locked in a cell.
I wondered what my offence might be. Can it be Femi
that set me up? NO!
I thought over and over but could not arrive at any conclussion. A blow from a cell mate brought me back to reality as I fell helplessly on ground.
Cell mate: sey then no dey greet for your
Cell mate: are you deaf(she said with another hot slap)?
Me: I don’t know(I said stammering).
Cell mate: ok, you go soon hear am.
Me: (only touching my cheek)
Cell mate: wetin you bring come?
Me: I kept silent as tears was free-falling.
Cell mate: see, let me tell you, I killed my friend and that’s why I’m here and if I kills you it’s still murder case so compose yourself (fastening my grip).
Me: I only noded.
She eventually went back to her corner when she got fed up with my silence.
Twenty minutes later, Clarion came to visit me…..
Clarion: hello Temmy!
Me: hmmm! Can you see where they kept me.
Clarion: Relax, Bukky will sort it out.
Me: you mean that SP is here?
Clarion: yea.
Me: thanks my friend.
He showed up a moment later…
SP: how you doing Temmy?
Me: am not fine with this o.
Clarion: have you see the guy?
SP: we’ve met. But he never tell me anything. He said until the complainant arrives.
Me: what’s my likely offence to caused this?
SP: with my experience in this job, it seems your account is used for cyber fraud.
We both looked our face and reply “CYBER FRAUD”?
SP: yea cyber fraud. I mean your account was used to duped
Me: I don’t understand please.
SP: I’m coming, I have to see someone nearby.
After he left…..
Clarion: with what Bukky has just said, hmmm! Femi has set you up.
Me: but how come he got me red-handed?
Clarion: didn’t I warn you conerning that son of b—h Afolabi abi wetin you call his name.
Me: haaa! I see, I can now understand. Femi use Afolabi to get me after Ngozi have divulged all my details to him.
Clarion: that’s it.
Me: way out please?
Clarion: I can’t say for now. Let be hopeful on Bukky but before then, I will be back wanna see a lawyer.
Me: okay, Thanks.
Thirty minutes later, a lady constable came to my cell…..
Constable: get up and follow me(opening the cell).
Me: to where?
Constable: hmmm(shaking her head)! Fine girl like you, yet you imbibed in cyber crime. Follow me jor.
She took me down to an office.
I was very shocked and ashamed when I met Femi in
that office.
Tunji: that’s the girl.
Femi: I see, Princess! princess!! (laughing) you think you are smart but am smarter than you. Here we are today. So you can be crying like this?
Me: I burried my face in shame.
Femi: What a pity with this your dress.
Segun: where is that girl now?
Femi: she was in other office.
Segun: Constable!
Constable: shun sir!
Segun: go and call that girl for me.
Constable: alright sir.
She later came in with a girl in her late twenty. She dressed in foil lace which complemented her bag, shoe, ear ring, beads watch and of course thesame color with femi’s attire.
I asked myself, I’m I dreaming when I saw the figure majestically walked. She sat beside Femi like a couple waiting to tie the knot.

I couldn’t believe what I saw infact she’s the least person I expected. I was dumbfolded seing my room mate since my first year in university as the sole brain behind my predicament. Haaa! Busayo of all people. That’s day I believed this ascetion that “no more friend but enemy in pretence”
Busayo: I’m here love.
Femi: welcome dear. So this is your friend that turned me to ATM.
Busayo: yes so. Ms advanced chatter aka Temilade the facebook
Femi: if they ask you what led you to it now, is either you blamed it on devil or economy of the country.
Busayo: don’t mind her, its simply greediness and ungodliness.
Femi: you’re right, she lacked fear of God.
Segun: which action you want me to take now?
Femi: let her face the wrath of law.
Segun: okay.
Femi: well, before we leave, I’m happy to tell you that Busayo is my fiancee.
Busayo: why bothering yourself? I knew she don’t need soothsayer to tell her that. Temmy, I think I warned you but you said am too local and poor. Can you see now that who laugh last laugh best. I’m getting marry soon(showing me a golden ring). In whatever you are doing remember the “LAW OF KARMA”.
Suddenly and involountarily, I took courage and said……..
Me: arresting me or sentencing me is not my pains, but you! My best friend. you did this to me. Believe me you will regret you ever do so.
Busayo: (laughing) so you can still face me to talk. Please sir! Ensure they torture her very well.
Femi: thanks Segun for the job well done.
Segun: I was only doing my job besides what are friends for.
Femi: all the same thank you.
Tunji: take her back.
Clarion came later requesting to tell my mum but I warned her not to do so.
I spent three weeks in the cell which was contrary to the Nigeria constitution before they charged me to court but does a criminal like me has any right? No.
When I got to court, Clarion has arranged a lawyer for me.
I could see different people sitting down to witness the pronouncement of judge on various cases. As the Judge walked in……….
Secretary: court!!!
We all rise for the arrival of the judge.
Judge: call the case number.
Secretary: case no 333/HFU/07A of one chief Abiodun.
Judge: appearances.
Both lawyers did introduction and whom they stand for…….
I was bit happy when I noticed it’s the same chief case. After much of quotation and citation from constitution, the judge gave pronouncement thus….
Judge: after we’ve heard from prosecuting counsel. and defense counsel, this court found out that the charges levied against Chief Abiodun Olohunlogbon CEO of ASA T global investment is baseless, lacked justification and mere deformation of character.
This court therefore strick the case off and discharge you unacquited.
Hmm! I could not believe my ears as Chief and his entourage were jubilating. He was discharged after all my efforts to bring him to book, to put him behind the bar. Infact, nothing like this saying again “judiciary is the hope of a common man”.
No doubt! the judge was bribed.
Poor man faces the crime they commit as well as those they don’t, whereas rich go scot free irrespective of the gravity of their offence.
Suddenly I heard the judge said, Next case!
Secretary: case number 202/G12/12C of one ms
Ogechi Temilade.
My chest pounded faster when I heard my name.
I moved to the dock.
After taking the oath….
Judge: appearances.
My lawyer and Femi’s lawyer stood up and said their names.
After a lot of arguments and justification from both
lawyers, judge gave his verdict thus…..
Judge: before I pass my judgement do you have anything to say Barrister Akorede?
Barrister: my lord, I don’t have anything to say than to tamper her justice with mercy.
Judge: with evidence presented to this court. It was seen clearly that you Ogechi Temilade is guilty
of Conspiracy and fraud which is punishable under the constitution of federal republic of Nigeria. On this note, this is my judgement.
Hmmm!(I took a heavy breath).
Judge: this court sentenced you to four years imprisonment with hard labour without any option of fine.
Barristers: as your lordship pleases.
Judge: I rise……
Secretary: court!!!!
I was sentenced to four years imprisonment just like that
whereas a murderer was discharged unaquited.
Temilade you came from a devouted Muslim family. You was brought up very well to the best of your parent ability though they are poor. You deserted your lord and embarked on “REVENGE ADVENTURE” you forgot that, the best judge is God. Hmmm! Have you now realised God is all knowing (a thought came in). Suddenly I shouted NO! NO!! NO!!! I can’t accept this (weeping in the process).
I was locked in blackmaria and drove to prison.
*********THE END SEASON 1*********

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