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Temilade – Season 1 – [Episode 1 – 11]



TEMILADE Episode 1

My names are Ogechi Hadiza Temilade.
I’m 22yrs old.
I’m a 200L student of a reputable
University here in
I’m studying psychology. I got admission
when I was 20yrs of age. I came from a
poor family . My parent cherised
education despite their financial
handcap. Before I could pay my tuition
fees and other necessary fees
I went through a hell. My mum as a corn
seller could
only afford to buy some bend down select
clothes (BK) for me when I was in 100L. I
was living with three girls as room mate.
Hardly could you believe these girls are
student for the kind of life they were
living. I do my things on my own
because their way of
life is very hurrible. They go after men,
aristo things. I
decided that no matter what I can’t join
them. I was
on my way back from lecture room when
i met a group of ladies named Unique
Babe who introduced me to FB runs. I
want you to relax to enjoy and learn from
bad experience.
I knew one of them named Clarion as our
Senior girl
in my secondary school days.
Me: Sister Senior girl longest time!
Clarion: how are you?
Me: am fine.
Clarion: you are now a big girl see as all
your shapes dey call guys .
Me: hardly I even recognised you as well.
Clarion: are you in this campus?
Me: yes, am in 200L in psychology
Clarion: wahoo! You mean you have been
in this
school for almost 2yrs now? Na wa oo
Me: yes aunty!
Clarion: let me give you my phone
number because
there is a lot to discuse.
Me: okay.
Clarion: meet my friends, T black,
Florence, Double K,
Lady D and Ngozi
Me: good afternoon ma.
Clarion: T black, Florence, Double K, Lady
D, Ngozi
meet Temmy.
*****waving their hands how you doing?
Me: am fine. How your studies?
Clarion: thank God. I will be expecting
your call.
Me: yes ma. Bye
We departed that fortunately I lost her
phone number before I get home.

****about 3weeks later****
I went to an eatery
after a marathon lecture where I met
Me: good afternoon ma!
Clarion: afternoon. How you doing?
Me: am good.
Clarion: why you don’t fulfil your promise
Me: am sorry! It due to mid-semester
test and besides I lost your number
before I got home that day.
Clarion: what would you like to eat?
Me: rice
Clarion: white? Fried? Jollof?
Me: I prefer white.
Clarion: chicken or fish?
Me: anyone.
Clarion: bring a plate of rice with 2laps
of chicken.
me: (surprised)! one is okay.
Clarion: eat like a Queen my dear and let
go home there’s a lot to discuss.
Me: but two laps will be too much for me
besides I’m a
student, I………………..
Clarion: I said relax to eat and let leave
this place.
To be sincere I really enjoyed the food
because it’s
been long I ate such food. I was planning
to spend
just #150 before but when I calculated
everything it’s
You’re reading Temilade, a story by Mr
I flashed back to those days when we are
school. Clarion was also from poor
family just like myself. I remember that a
teacher bought her a uniform when her
parent could not afford to change her
tattered uniform
for her.
Series of thought was running through
mind concerning the
kind of dress she
wears and how she
paid for my food.
clarion: did you enjoy the food?
Me: yes I did.
Clarion: one of my friends owns this
eatery so you
are free to come in anytime.
Me: (surprised!) How do you mean?
Clarion: let go home we will talk about
that later.
As we are going her phone rang she
asked me to listen
to their conversation………..
Clarion: hello dear!
Caller: am good, have you see the alert?
Clarion: no, how much did you send?
Caller: 25K
Clarion: okay, I will go and check it
Caller: will you be online tonight?
Clarion: I can’t because of today stress.
Caller: what stress?
Clarion: lecture now.
Caller: am sorry dear.
Clarion: thanks I love you.
Caller: love you too. I’m still in office
when I reach
home I will call you back. Bye
Clarion: bye dear.
I looked at her face as a blatant
is that guy?
Clarion: that’s one of my ATM.
Me: ATM?
Clarion: just relax.
Me: okay
When she said this, I began to think that
could Clarion
be Aristo girl? No, maybe is her boyfriend
I concluded. We both entered Cab to her
As we entered the cab, I noticed that clarion
was chatting with about Four different guys. When
she noticed that am spying her chat. She asked me to
move closer to her in other to see it very well. The first
guy (presumed to be a rich guy) scared me. Their
conversation goes thus:
D guy: hi
Clarion: hello am cool.
Guy: thanks for accepting my request! where are
Clarion: you welcome. Lag
Guy: are you from Lagos?
Clarion: no am schooling there.
Guy: you are endowed.
Clarion: stop flattering me!
Guy: am not, you are beautiful.
Clarion: thanks!
Guy: can I have your number?
Clarion: no problem about that but later.
Guy: why?
Clarion: let have a formal intro!
Guy: am sorry for acted in haste!
Clarion: don’t worry!
Guy: can you tell me about yourself?
Clarion: am clarion, the only daughter of Chief(Engr)
Tijani the CEO of Afotech engineering consulting.
Am studying Physiology @Unilag.
Guy: what’s your muslim name?
Clarion: Monsurheart.
Guy: that’s beautiful.
Clarion: and you?
Guy: am Moshood Bello from Kano. Am a business
Clarion: that’s awesome.
Guy: can you be my bride?
Clarion: bride you said?
Guy: am not joking! All I ever wanted in a woman is in you.
Clarion: stop telling lie!
Guy: just give me chance ok?
Clarion: you are handsome as well. But don’t you have a girlfriend Hausa guy for that matter. You know our culture.
Guy: Walahi(I swear by God name) I don’t.
Clarion: ok, assuming I give you chance, won’t you break
my heart because men are the most wicked creature have ever seen.
guy: you’re right but its vice versa because I had similar encounter from girls as well.
Clarion: ok.
Guy: can you give me your number now?
Clarion: give me yours I will call you when I recharge.
Guy: you mean you don’t have card now?
Clarion: yes
Guy: which network should I send?
Clarion: MTN
Guy: I will send you a card so manage it for me. I
will be expecting your call.
Clarion: thanks dear.
Guy: I want to transfer money to my client now. I will be back!
She busted into laughter!
Can you see this mumu aboki!
He won marry a fine girl!……….. He no see Hausa girl for the whole kano state.
Before I knew it, a 12digit pin entered her inbox, she
asked me to load it to my line. Guess how much this
guy sent?……………..
#1500 recharge card.
Me: the card is #1500
Clarion: that’s your own luck! Don’t mind them. You
see! this is how I’m managing myself.
Me: I can’t finish this card, but wait this pics am
seeing are not your real pic.
Clarion: you will soon Jasi. You no say u be mummy
pikin, I will blend you don’t worry.
Hmmm! Are you into yahoo?
Clarion: you are a naughty girl! Ya what?
This is just an advance chatting.
I looked her face and began to think how she just
got a #1500 card in a jiffy without any stress. Should I
asked how I can be doing this to sustain myself. NO! This is
not good. But TEMMY you are the one loaded the
card (a thought cut in) but she gave me now(another
thought). I concluded that I will not do it.
Some minutes later, she called the guy back.
Clarion: hello dear. Am overwhemed with the kind of
love you showed to me.
Guy: You don’t know the kind of love I have for you.
Clarion: I love you as well. Just promise you won’t
break my
Guy: don’t burn your credit I will call you later in the
evening. Stay cool.
Clarion: Mashood right?
Guy: yes.
Clarion: that’s beautiful.
Guy: I will call you back.
Temmy you see, u hav to jara e(wake up). You just
need to use your brain and be getting some cash to sustain yourself.
The significant difference between rich and poor is their ability to utilize their natural gift(brain).


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