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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 9

After listening to Dami stuttered, Eliza felt a ground jumpiness as the gravity of what she said dawned on her. She wished she never said it but felt relieved she said it. After all, that had been the burden on her worrisome mind for the a week.

But now, Dami’s attitude made feel decomposed, and did something so odd. The event made her mind quickly raised back to the behavioural of the Whites.
She came to terms that a a white guy would never feel eccentric to what she said. After all, she was inlove, which definately was not her fault that she fell inlove. And she wasnt ready to die of lovesickess. But now, she could see quirkiness punched out from Dami’s face. She felt totally embarrassed or probably otherwise.
She swiftly raised a prayer point in her mind asking God to erradicate the black mentality that has overshadowed the Africans. But right now, she was not ready to flop. She had to summon up her courage, she was not ready to be defeated.
” Yes i am going out, that is exactly what i am doing.” She paused for 3 secs before she resumed the exact lines that got Dami woowed “But you are taking me out on a date” she added bravely.
Dami tongue momentary got arrested by Eliza words. He coudnt fix if the next thing for him was to start jumping for joy or he should do otherwise. But as much he would prefer the latter, he still felt his heart spurred with great joy, her dream girl askin for a date.That would be the best thing that would be happening to him recently.

What a great feeling of perfection when the one you love, loves you in return. There is no feeling to be compared with that. You will discover infinite joy over flowing your heart.
Nevertheless, Dami’s joy was cut short momentarily as the thought of flopping the impromtu date kept staring at him.

The so-called date he was happy for, was a head of extemporaneous one. If he had been hinted afore, then he would have solved his wrecked financial status at the moment, and also spruce up his outlook for the day. But now he wouldnt want to turn down Eliza, if he did, then he was on loose to a hell of embarrasement.
“Here, take this,” Eliza voiced, stretching out her hand to pass her mastercard to him. “I know i caught you impromptu, so i had better be responsible for it. The pin, 1607″ she concluded, plucking out her seductive smile.

Dami felt everything happening was vague. He couldnt help but wandered how she was able to read his mind and quickly fix him up. And moreover, his mind raised nervously, as he kept on pondering on what was about to happen. Where the whole situation was heading to was getting clearer to him and he could now easily decipher Eliza”s mind, she wants her as much as he does too, so he promised himself to make things easier for her.
Dami’s brain quickly booted up and started scanning randomly for the best date to put up in other to save the scenario. As varities kept storming his head, he would try to weight them.

He could not afford to mess up things now. Eliza is big girl, so definately she deserve luxury treatment.

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This was one of a crucial opportunity he wouldnt dare to blow up. Finally he resigned to he would take her to one the prestigious eatry around.
After some minutes they had settled down in take-a-bite {take-a-bite is a popular eatry in shagamu, ogun state}. They both threw smiles upon smiles on each other, perhaps, it was delebrated action they both adopted to kill the tension burning in their system.. While Eliza was already appalled, reason while Dami would just sit and threw glances at her. She expected him to man up, probably start a coversation, atleast she had breached her pride by asking for date. And already helped in preserving his ego by helping his lumb financial status.

“So dearie, what would you like to have?” Dami voice halted the thought running throug her mind.
“hmmmm, anything will do” she replied knodding her head amidst the sudective smiles pasted on her lips.

“Aiit then, be back in a jiffy” Dami stood up and walked briskly to place an order for dual.
Eliza kept reminincing all the events of the past few hours of her arrival, she couldnt wandered how she had been through alot. Firstly, she had been welcomed by the good sides of her mum, and while enjoying the latter, Dami surfaced. And so apparent that Dami’s came into sight had been the only circumstance that sparked the conflict between her and her mother.

She still couldnt fathom the reason why her mom would want to quilt the nonconcentric relationship between her and Tunde. She couldnt even describe the tons of antipathy she contained towards him. She would never let Dami slip away from her. She resigned to hersef.
” So here we go, baby girl” Dami words sounded assuredly that he had switched from the perfect driver he was meant to be to a love strucked lad. And exactly the situation Eliza hoped for.
They soon later started settling scores with fried rice and chicken placed before them. “You know i will like to take your selfie” Dami emmited, while also picking up his phone.
“Ohh realy?”
“Yes, it will make good to show my friends that angels do exist” he quickly responded fawningly, making Eliza blushed.
” So you want to tell me that you dont have any angel in your life that you would probably have shown your friends ?”
“Of course No, you Know i havent had any opportunity to qet close to a angel like you” he replied.
“So what about your girlfriend or perhaps your wife ?” Eliza dropped again.

” Oh that ? I dont have any. Have never seen any lady that caught my fatansy” he swiftly responded.
While Eliza’s heart was immediately goaded with happiness. The thought of Dami been in a relationship had not even for once crossed his mind. She didnt know the type of impulse that pushed her in asking him such question and if he had answered negatively, she would died from the bucks of disappointment.
” You know what ?” Dami’s voice rang again
“What is it ?” Eliza asked with anticipation sketched on her face.
“If i told you i love you,? He paused, displaying a bite of nervousness,
“What would be your respond” ? He finally breathed.

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