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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 8

Eliza couldnt believed her ears and eyes, her mother called her name, by her initial name. So she had deliberately dumped the jillion of pet names she adopted for her. That was so weird!

As some one who was fostered under a motherly care and affection. She seemed to have become addicted to her mum calling her with pet names, and of course, it made her feel she was still intact in her mother’s endearment.
She knew her mum never called her by her initial unless she was perturbed by something and realy want to it be disclosed. And that was exactly the time she would swop to calling her “Eliza” a method she purposely used to tinge her emotion a bit. While sometimes, she also used it as a weapon to chastise her or instill a disapproval.

Apparently it did work on Eliza, a girl who had grown up becoming emotional feeble and weak, who always enjoyed the mother to daughter tender love, affection, would quickly succumbed and melt under her mother’s duress to whatsoever her wish was. She didn’t like being treated like a hostile by her very own mother.
“I am talking to you Eliza, you arent deaf yet, are you ? ” same voice rang again, jolting Eliza out of reverie. Ohh! fine. If it has come to this then Its cool. If her mum thought her rants or playing rigid will pave way for her this time, she had better shown her the stuff she is made of now, she is no more the forlorn type of girl that trembles under her rage. If her mum has decided to play hostile on her, then she would stay rigid. She is not ready to bend, not when the love of her is concerned, Dami. Eliza thought.
“Sorry old lady” Eliza started with a smirk. As you can see i am in a hurry, will talk about it when i am back” she told her mum bluntly without even waiting for any more response from her. Dami could be waiting.

Her mum was stunned as she stared at her daughter who scurried away from the room like some one trying to meet up an appointment. Her heart gnawing so hard, as the thought of loosing her beloved daughter in just a week of her arrival, beset her. She realised her daughter was no more the debile or docile she used to be. The boldness, the impudent discovered in the way she talked back at her really said it all.
“Hmmmmmmm” She thought of everything they discussed the previous night. She knew all what she told her was pure and out of motherly love. She wanted a promising and glowing future for her daughter and she wouldn’t dare jeopardize it by entrusting her feelings on Dami. “Dami a common driver”. Even with whatsoever except for Tunde.
She had deliberately started a topic about Tunde with her daughter yestyday. She was so much concerned about rekindling the love her daughter once had for him.
She saw Tunde as the perfect guy for her beloved daughter. Not even after Tunde approached her some weeks before Eliza’s arrival. As the young man approached her, she could read a mild difference on him. A changed soul, like that of prodigal son who had returned home.
She had promised herself not to let him slip away from her daughter’s finger. Of course Tunde is a whizz-kid, some one his progress stired up day after day. A well collected and successfull lad.

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Some one who had scribed his career with the most fortunate people in high places, with multitude of girls who are trooping to walk down isle with him. What a golden opportunity Eliza has for some one like Tunde coming back for her. “hmmm” She swooched a laud breath.
“I will do everything to bring you two togetha” She whispered to herself. “Even if it would cost me to Lost of my motherhood, i will help you protect your future Eliza.” She tweeted.
Dami was lost in his own trance, though he was still conscious enough to handle the the handwheel. But still, right from the time he set his on her Eliza yestyday, her thought had occupied his mind. And the more he tried to besiege the thoughts, the more they trooped in to stay.
He had purposely stared at her yestyday when he saw her fumbling with the device. And quickly lopped to help her fix it. Same reason he threw pet name at her just to build up the familiarity.

Nevertheless, he knows Eliza was her boss and wouldnt jeopardize his only means of living. But one thing tells him that Eliza likes him. There was a chemistry when there body met yestyday, he felt a soft s£nsat!on trickling round his body. Something he hadnt felt before. Afterwards, he noticed Eliza’s felt some sudden impulses too.

Could their feelings be cons£[email protected] ? Dami you better think straight, no they give yourself falso hoope oohh hmmm … Fine girl like this no go come get any guy for im life. His thought helping him to do some questioning and answering.
Wait a minute.

“So where are we heading to, Lizzy?” Dami found his tongue. It had been up to a minute on the road and Eliza hadnt informed him the venue she intended going to. If he no ask so she no talk ?
“Ohh where we are heading to right?” Eliza response turned out to be a question back to Dami.

“Yes” he replied brusqely.

The question turned out to pissed him off. If it had happned to be somebody else, there was certainty he would have lynced the person with words. Though he passive a kind restiveness in her voice.

Eliza found traces of grievance in the way he replied her question. She was stupid too for throwing back a question as an answer. Was she even stupid ? No she was nervous, jittery and scared. But none of the four was going to break her down. She needs to brace up.
She later mumbled some words that made Dami woowed in astonishment.
“I i i i d ddont really get that, i thought you said you are going out,” Dami finally stuttered. …

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