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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 7

It was a bright morning again, the sky was giving out it bluish colour and the sun was getting ready to smile. Though with outward impression that it was the type of sun scientists claim that gives a kind of vitamina D to the body. But anways it could easily be assented that it was yet another begining of a great day.

Eliza had already woken up from her sleep, but still la!d noiselessly on her bed with her eyes shut tight to each other. She didnt get enough sleep overnight. Yestyday dinner was an augury, or let me say it ended it like one. As she kept reminincing every dim words her mum ejected.

She knew her mum had took her time to have everything prepared for her.

She sat up, opened her eyes and used her two palms to rub away the vertigo in them so as to enjoy the beam in her room channelled by the sun. She heaved a sigh, before she retured her hands akimbo while still siting comfortably on her bed.

Then just immediately after that, her eyes caught a portrait of the same person she saw on her arrival. Ohh! So i havent sent you back to the hade you belong to? She thought. She felt a kind of adrenaline surged through her as she leapt up instantly to grapped the portrait from whatever thing holding it grimly to the wall and “Praaa paa paa paa paa paaa paaa paa paa!!” the portrait got shattered into debris.

The adrenaline seemed to had quashed now that it was done working on Eliza. Eliza breathed heavily like some who just finished a 1000 metres race. So after all, it was her mum that reinstated the portrait after she travelled.

But one thing that got Eliza much hazy was her mum sudden developed interest on her boyfriend, opppz did i say boyfriend ? I mean her ex-boyfriend.
Eliza and Tunde had never had any steady relationship or whatsoever. Their relationship was a good example of a meander not heading to a point in particular. In short, if there was an award been granted on basis of relationships, then theirs would have been honoured with most vacillated relationship in the world. And they had since called it quit between them after she travelled for her masters and Tunde had made some nasty mess up again.

She recalled vividly how she felt committed from the begininng, though she knew Tunde as freak philanderer right from onset, but she, out of many of her rational philosophy, believed that being a lady, she had a special kind of aura that would coerce her man to submit to fidelity, hence that made her to stay consecrated to the relationship for a longer period of time.

But Tund flubbed everything, he ruined all her staunchness, all her determination was turned annul, which got her frustrated at the end of the day. And that was the she first time she chucked out everyting that served as connection between them. Which included Tunde’s portrait, a golden trident and chaine he bought for her on 21st birthday.

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And though after that, she was still hoping things got better between them someday. But unfortunately, the day never came, as the worst day surveyed instead. After she travelled out for her program, Tunde had called to tell her that he stopped loving her long time ago and already had eyes on another lady. He was sorry. That was his usual perfect line he employed to ditch out his used clients.

The words didnt seem to ache Eliza much, as she wasnt surprise, at least it was Tunde, a coquette(male) she knew so well. She only took his words in good faith while she riveted all her attention on her program.

And now, she coudnt fathom any reason why her so called mother who was not ignorance of the whole scenery between them would try to fix them up together again. Her mother had pleaded on behalf of Tunde but not after she first reprehended him. Also, made her believe that Tunde was a changed man. Her mother confessed to her to that she wouldnt concure to any other suitor Eliza would present to her unless it was Tunde.

“hmmm” Eliza heaved a sign, if mum is trying to quilt my relationship with you Tunde, trust me it would be mission impossible.
She picked up her phone to take a glimpse look on the screen. Dam, it was after 10am already, she leapt up from the bed, gave a lousy yawn with all her body parts stretched out then stood motionlessly on the ground but facing her bedroom mirror. She watched her reflection for some seconds and gave a smirk while the thought of her curves excited her.
“I should be going out today,” she thought to herself. Atleast she had informed Dami Yestyday that he would be her driver today. The opportunity she needed to utlize her plan. She was ready to qive out whatever it takes to be with Dami and nothing would defect her fantansy.
She shambled to her bathroom to take her baths, and in a jiffy she was done. She took a long time to surveyed her reflection before nodding in complecency. She glimpsed at phone to view the massive digital clock displayed on the screen.

It was 11:55. She quickly scurried away from her room, climbed down the stairs and when she landed on the floor of the siting room and she thought she saw some one the dining. though still in her haste she never bothered to stress her mouth to utter a word. And never gave an hitch about anybody, because to her, nothing was of a great ideal when compared to the adventure shrouded on her mind
“Eliza, where to ?” A stern voice rang out from the statue she thought she saw. And by the time she tilted her head towards the angle the voice came from. She couldnt help but swooned in bewilderment. …

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