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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 6

The way at which Eliza stared at the person made it her eye balls grew too big for the socket, even at the verge of combusting. Her mouth also, was still wide opened like that of whale that swallowed Jonah. While her heart momentarily stopped beating like it had gone on indefinate strike. She saw Dami mouth moving, spraying out some words but it seemed her ear had also join the strike, as she couldnt pick out anything out what he said. She just stood there astounded.

“Sorry, may i help you with this?” Dami softly quizzed producing that wild smile waived with some sort of *love pellet* that enchanted Eliza for days.
“Ohh ok” Eliza nodded sporadically, jolting back to her sit with all her numbed body resuming to work. Dami was the last person she espected to see at that time. She wasnt aware of all the time Dami had spent to notice her fumbling with her phone before the phone finally slipped out of her hand. Anyways, she however felt good he came around to help and probably, she could use the moment to spice things up for herself.
Eliza watched keenly how Dami strainlessly fixed her device up, he firstly detached the simcard from it holder, then uncovered the back casing of her device before removing the battery then hitched up the sim inside the sim connector port beforw he later punted back the back cover. What a genius ? She thought.
Not realising how the little or tiny things your crush or lover does, it will always seem great and intrest you. What Dami did was not out of normalcy, it was jus a normal thing other guys out there will do. But the emotions she fostered towards him made all what he did to be exagerated.

” You know stuffs like this could be annoying sometimes” Dami broke the silence,handling the device back to Eliza. He had actually noticed the look of astonishment in Eliza eyes, the reason ? He didnt know, but might wanted to know. All he had to was to feign ignorance like he never noticed anyting.
“Yeah, exactly and especially to feminine folks like me” she toned dabbing the surface of the device with the hem of the clothe she put on.. “Anyway thanks and i think i am owing you one”
“Owing me one ke ?” Dami’s mind repeated, while his jaw instantly dropped. He didnt see any big deal with his kind gesture and was not even expectin any form of reciprocal.
” ohh noope.. I am good, you woudnt stress yourself over my flimsy gesture”
“Are you sure”?
“Yes dear..its nothing” he muttered, also nodding his head convincingly “had better take my leave”
Eliza’s heart didnt hesitate to puke out throuqh her mouth as the word *dear* flew out from Dami’s lips. Her joy knew no boundary, for him relating to her romantically means he definitely felt something for her, so she thought. And, it actually did help because it buttressed what she felt for him too in her own world of fantansy.
“I would never let you slip away from me” she thought to herself.
“Hey! Wait”
Dami halted his movements before tilting his face towards her “hope no problem dear?”
“Jeeez! He just said it again, he likes me, i am so sure” Eliza mind kept bubbling like that of a secondary school girl in love.

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“Hope you can help me out with driving moro? I will like to go out, but i am scared, i really have a kind of phobia for
driving in this country” she lied.

“Hmmmm, Sure, anything for you dear” Dami thought before answering. He knew on Mondays, he was always resuming his work with Eliza’s mother after some insipid rests on weekends. But this particular Monday, her madam had informed him she wouldnt be going anywhere due to reasons unknown to him.
Probably Eliza knew that and reason she wanted to make good use of the lapses
“okie, 12pm moro then” she uttered softly, forcing out a feign look that concealed the happiness dacing inside her. She watched him closely behind as he disappeared into the lawn.
“Yes! I am gonna use the best of my opportunity, Lizzy baby wise up, you wouldnt want to dull yourself now” All these words kept sprewing out of from Eliza mouth as she advanced towards their siting room.
“Welcome baby, Dinner is ready.”
Eliza turned her face up to find her mom gaze resting on her.
After some minute Eliza settled down with his mum on the table. Eliza took her time to served both of them their dinner while her mum folded her hands ajaw.
Alot of thought running rapidly through her mind, she had eavesdropped on Eliza and Dami while they were in the lawn and apparently, every single words Eliza peed out from her mouth had fallen peferctly on her eagle ears.
Now, she had umistakably confirmed her fears.

She couldnt fanthom Eliza had quickly fallen inlove with Dami, a common driver she just barely a week ago. And though she had not even a pinch of faux against him, as a matter of of fact, she had always seen him as her most loyal and trusted employee but not when her only dayghter and her future were at stake.
She vowed never to allow Dami to shrewd on her dauqhter’s weakness. Even if it meant doing the unthinkable, she would put on a very ferocious look to fit in her pending attributes she had to unleash towards Dami. She is not ready to allow an ordinary boy she picked out from slum, nutured up to taste, come around to wangle on her daughter’s weakness on pretence of love. She would never make him feel comfortable around her daughter in the house.

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