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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 40 [Completed]

Dami took a probing glance at the bod sitting infront of him and scoffed. This was the man he met and knew as Dr.Banji more than four years ago, not knowing the “Dr.” was just an acronym to feign and mask his real identity. Who would ever believe that the prissy man of that day was actually a blitz and a vicious some one ? No wonder his ex-boss Tunde gave him his last warning “Do not trust Racheal and Dr.Banji”. But the irony of it now was that the two that was meant to be his foes are now turning to his allies and indispensables.
“hmmmmmmmm” Dami sighed with heart pounding.
“I know what you are thinking Dami” Dr.Banji fleered out. “But let me sidetrack that and update you on what you are here for. You know i wll really want you to thank Racheal for introducing this to you. TheSagutarys is the only thing left that can salvage you from your misery and you dont have a choice to give Sagutaryam whatever he demands from you, cause it so pretty sure he would bless you beyond your immagination”.

It had been seven months Eliza and Dami split up. And one thing his perception had told him was that Eliza was like a windfall and gravy to him, because after she left, things had turned upside down for him. His businesses and companies had all dwindled down to dime hence making his wife Racheal to proffer a solution. Introducing him to his brother so he could get him initiated to theSagutarys and bounce back to the flush life and affluence his leaving behind.

“So have sent out my boys to help you hunt for the specimen to use for your initiation tonight.” Dr. Banji continued. So be prepared! After tonight your life will no longer remain the same. ” he breathed out before hopping to his feet to pick his call.
The poor boy sat in solitude at one chimney corner of the long room. Everything in the room was red in colour, including the illumination that shimmered the room. A big rectangular mirror was glued to the wall opposite the only entrance to the room. A metalic massive desk wattled in form of an alter was standing close to the mirror being glued to the wall. On the alter was a blazing fire burning in a well placed calabash. And inside the calabash was already steamy hot trench knife.
Dami watched as Dr.Banji grabbed the knife from the burning flame and pranced towards the the young boy siting with hands and legs shackled together.
“I’m helping you to do this because i’m a doctor. Stuffs like this arent new to me. Dr.Banji muttered out but directing his words to Dami who was quivering in symparthy for the toddler. God you know i dont wana do this. Dami thought.
“Hello kid, whats your name” Dr.Banji asked with smirk playing around his face.
“Ayam Melvin” the 3years old toddler struggled to talk after seeing the hot trench knife in Dr.Banji’s hand. “Please lemm me go and see my daddy. I want to see him” Melvin begged with fright and tears dripping out from him
“Why do you want to see daddy kid” Dr.Banji continued his chit-chat with Melvin mainting his scornful look.
“A a yam hungry, aanna want him to feed me with my cheese balls and chocolate” Melvin replied still in pain of the constraint of the heavy shackles he was fastened with. The shackles pressed dip into his abdomen making it arduous and very difficult to breath.
“If you are hungry, that just for a little time more. Because i’ am sending you to where you will no longer feel hunger okay?”
Melvin watched as Dr.Banji brough the knife into view, instantly he knew that was his end. Hot tears flowed freely from the eyes of the young boy while Dr.Banji dragged him to lie in supine mode, also fixing a calabash under his neck. Melvin eyes strolled to where Dami had been standing for century and found out that Dami too was crying.

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“Pls don’t let him do this, pls let me see my daddy, plss don’t kill me” Melving wailed uncontrollably as the hotness of the knife smeared on his face, down to the his neck. And in less than millisecond, Dr.Banji rammed the hot trench knife on Melvin’s neck. Though the shackles held firmly to him, it still didnt stop the young toddler to writh and wriggle in pain like a slaughtered tub. And while Dr.Banji was slicing the Melving throat, collecting his blood into the calabash, he was humming “SA-GU-TAR-YAM” till life ebbed away from the young toddler.
Tunde flinched when his announcer mentioned DamiBeth as the rookie who used his only begotten son as sacrifice. Of course his findings had made him know details about Dami and Eliza since the time he got awareness they had relocated to Abeokuta. It wasn’t like stalking, but he had monitored Eliza’s movement, and was also cognisant of all her predicaments, reason why he planted someone to rescue her son.

“So you Damilola again” Tunde yelled out making the announcer infront him quivered.
“Boss, do you know him.. Do doo do you know DamiBeth oil” the gent asked with puzzled look.
“You can go” Tunde intentionally waved aside his question “i will contact you when next i need you”
The gent left leaving Tunde in his bereaved state.
“Dear son, it pains me you that you didnt grow up to become the doctor i want you to be.

Hmmmm. But i won’t mind, because i know you are going to meet your mum over there. Just help me tell her to take care of you and also let her know how much i loved and still love her. Goodbye son” Tunde had a lone mourn of his son before carrying back Temi in his arms.
“Dami! You. You stole the love of my life from me and dumped her after you used her to achieve your success. And again, you plucked away my only son from my eyes. You and Banji.” Tunde swooshed a loud breath. “Both of you will die as bereaved like me. And you Dami, i will make sure you die at your son’s sword. Your son will be the one to kill you” …


this is the last episode on the event of 30years back. The event that explains Eliza & Dami’s encounter and separation.

So now.. Is Eliza going to meet Dami again ? Is Tunde going to succeed in coercing Temi to kill his biological father ? What will be the end of Racheal, Dr.Banji and his doom, Tunde, Dami and Eliza ? Will Eliza & Dami ever going to have a chance to meet their son ?
Kindly follow the story as we roll into another season of romance story of TEMÍ (MINE) with incoming and exciting new characters. Love, Betrayal, Suspense, Actions are guaranteed.



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