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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 4


The whole week was a pack full of boredom. Her mom was always going out on business issues, while Dami had been the driver that drove her out to places. So her mother and Dami were always out together and most times came home late. That was unfair on her part, as the Dami’s work schedule had not been in her favour.
It had been a week now she set her eyes on her charming prince, and that was actually the day of her arrival. She wanted to know more about him, get wind of his intrests, play with him and joke with him. Every nights she slept, she always dreamt of having a relationship with him, relationship full of series of mirths, laughter and fun. A very risible relationship, and whenever she woke up it became dawned on her that it didnt seem her reverie was a forthcoming reality.

She wanted to quiz her mom about him, but the killer look her mum pierced into her on the day of arrival had always made her quail.
Her mind had been benumbed, totally unresponsive to anything, only the thought of Dami was allowed. It was not as if she hadnt fallen inlove before, she had, but not as compared to what she felt for Dami now. She only prayed her love should be reciprocated by him.

It was Sunday evening. Eliza had been indoors as usual. But being Sunday made everywhere a little bit resilient. The reason that, her mother would stay indoors too. Even visitors would come visiting. Eliza’s mother belief was that Sundays are meant for reprieving while the remaining week days are meant to work and earn more money. A kind of woman who didn’t indulge laziness.
Eliza’s mind was still sinking in distress, she was hoping to see Dami today but alas, she hadn’t caught a glimpse of him up till the moment. “Why would i be expecting to see hims sev, when the house is his place of work, and since mother isnt going out today definately he is not coming to work” Eliza thought. Totally incognizant of the fact that Dami lived with them, in a different apartment laying at the outskirt of the the same compound. And the reason why she hadn’t caught a glint of him was because he left home early, before she woke up and also returned late in the evening while she would have retired to bed.

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Later that sunday evening, Eliza plodded out of her room as a result of fatigue from sleeping too much. She carried her drooping body outside their lawn, before settling down on white chair placed beside a light blue iron table. She brought her new simcard with a phone along.
She had bought the new phone with simcard on her way from the airport, she knew she needed it because of the invalidity of her previous line as soon as she stepped in Nigeria. Because, the network was not registered here.
The thought of Dami invading her mind had not made her consider it usage.
While she was trying to fix the device, the phone slipped from her hand and hit the grass covered floor, with patency the grass really helped in preventing it from shattering into debris.

Immediately she stooped, reaching out to pick up her device, a familiar hand swiftly gripped hers.

Eliza tilted her head to see the face of the familiar hand, Lo and behold, her eyes popped out from its socket beholding who the person was ..

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