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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 37

After ending the phone call to his hoodlums, Dr.Banji walked back to his office. He faltered his thoughts on the recent impromptu developments. Who could have believed that Tracy he employed not quite long ago was actually a sneak.
“i’m sorry to dissapoint you Don Ban, but your four million naira is useless to me. I have a mission to snitch on you and save the baby and so good i’m done with them. Have your four million naira back” Dr.Banji read the illegible words written at the back of the scrunched check he issued out to Tracy.

“So this bitcch was actually a sneaker, how on hell was i stupid and dumb to have listened to her faux cries ?” Dr.Banji soliloquised to himself while gnashing his teeth and thwacking his left palm with his right clenched fist. Now he has two mission to beat down. He needs the trio to perform his sacrifice and also have to get rid of a doom destined to destroy him and his houseold in the future.
“Ring ring” his cried out
“Hello boss” a huge baritone voice yacked out through the phone. “We tried to trail the description of the vehicle you gave us, and we eventually got is destination. But what suprised us is that it led us to some where like an orphans’asylum.”

” So ? Dr.Banji yelled out impatiently
“Too many babies here boss, there is no way to identify and grap your target here” the baritone voice rattled out
“Don’t give me that bundled Sh*t Pizzarrow.. If you cant infer the target or the stupid nurse, then exterminate all of them. See the dam baby must not live okay ? So you need to exterminate all the children in there.. Okay ?” Dr.Banji growled out.
“Are you sure about this boss”
“Pizzarrow..don’t be intimidated now.. That child must not you need to kill everyone there. Pizzarrow if you are timid, then kill them in my name. Let there blood count on my head” Dr.Banji growled out once with a crimson bulgy eyes.
“And you can just save one specimen M to add to the two available. I need three of them” Dr.Banji added.
The driver and Tracy had sagely planned their evasion. Of course it was something they needed to do because they knew a mission that entailed a peccant and crook such as Dr.Banji warranted a knavisly backed up plans.
After they left the hospital, they perceived Dr.Banji wouldn’t relent and it was possible he dispatched his goons after them. So they devised their maneuver in trickery way, they deliberately drove to an orphanage home. The orphanage home was constructed in such a way that it owned two gates. Thought one could easily percieved that the front gate was made the main gate, but there was a second gate stationed at the backyard serving as the back exit, properly incase of any futurity emergency.

Tracy and the driver succesfully parked there Honda Accord at the facade of the building, where any passerby could easily noticed it, with deceptive minds that that would make then lost any trail or spoor on them. They hiked through the massive compound and reached the backyard where there was a designated parked Camry as well. While still inside the orphanage building Tracy had peeled off the uniform on her and cloaked under a fitted short jean, with a white tank top. Not forgetting to remove the neckline she ripped off Eliza’s neck. She also picked up a shawl at an extreme corner and exit the building to go and meet the driver babysitting Temi in the their escape vehicle.
“We are good to go” Eliza informed while trying to adjust the crying baby in her arms, also making the driver igniting life to vehicle. They heaved a great sigh feeling flawless about the whole of their plans, not knowing they just caused a great massacre and battue on innocent lifes residing the building.
The drive between the orhanage home to their destination went well. Though it seemed endless, but still didn’t exceed the axis of Abeokuta.

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They entered a massively and lavisly built magneficient compound. Afterwhich they parked at the garage and strolled inside the building to meet a young, averagely tall and handsome man. The man had an aura of hoarded wealth and opulence oozing out from him, as he paced around the well decorated sitting room.
“Did you guyz make it ?” The man threw question at the driver, as he was the first that plodded inside the room.

“Yes we made it” Tracy answered with a beaming smile, as she also pranced inside carefully carrying the baby.
“I trust you dear. I know you wont fuvk up. Anyway was the mother.?” The young man asked Tracy.
“Ohh she is fine. I only sedated her when she wanted to blow the cover”
“Hmm okay” the young man nodded. “So you know our plans now. ? You go into hiding because of that vicious gents. You will be travelling to Cannada, to keep your head save in there. Okay ?” He whizzed out.
“Ook.” Eliza muttered. “So i took this from the mother’s neck, i think Temi should be using it now, just using sake you know”?
“Alright, there is no problem about that, so who named Temi?” He asked gesturing towards the baby.
“Her mother did”
“Aiit, Temi.” The young man muttered nodding his head. Then he lurched toward Tracy, stretching his hand to carry the baby.

“Tracy nobody must ever know about this.” The young man whispered into Tracy’ear but this time with more vehemence and grandness.

Then he looked at the baby, and planted a smile on his lips.
He pried the baby’s nose with his right hand while the baby layed comfortably on his left arm. “Welcome to your new home and the custody of your mentor. You can call me Tunde Ogungemi by the way” Tunde said facetiously …

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