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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 36

“Congratulation madam, you gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy” a low-pitched voice belonging to a lady said to Eliza who just roused from her sleep. Of course the nurse didnt have to make the announcment to her before she knew she had whelped out the foetus in her womb.

“Where is my Temi, can i see him now” Eliza smiled out with hazy eyes laded with tears. She missed Dami. She wished he was with him at that moment to behold the result of the love they once had.

“Madam, who is Temi ? Dont tell me is the baby ? The nurse queried with a grinned face.
“He is the one. Thats the name his father chose for him, and i cant change that.” Eliza drawlled out while grininng.
“Okay madam. Temi is in the pediatric department. He is ”
“What is wrong with my baby ?” Eliza furrowed out as she made to sit down properly on the bed
“Nothing to worry madam, its nothing serious. As a matter of fact he will be here shortly with you” The nurse quickly talked to simmer down Eliza’s rising ail.
Nurse Tracy, a young lady in her late 20s with a moderately svelt body was among the nurse Dr.Banji employed in his hospital recently. When she applied at the hospital some months ago, Dr.Banji had refused to employed anybody maintaining he was okay with his two nurses and himself, but Tracy never gave up, she begged, wept and clamoured that her life and her parent depended on a job.

Dr.Banji seeing her tears was never moved though, but just felt wiping some tears, and replacing then with laughter could earn him little bit generous and also grant him amnesty of his vicious act from God. So he decided to give her at appointmemt at his hospital.
And Dr.Banji’s hospital itself was just the domical habitual type he always got. People with right perspective had tried to linked Dr.Banji’s massive wealth displayed to his micro punny hospital, and the outcome had been confusing to them. For someone who lived a luxury lives, rode expensive cars at just the a low lucre from a bantam hospital he owned, then he must have gotten a shady deal somehow, somewhere. And nurse Tracy had always been one the few her mind always queried Dr.Banji’s wealth.
“is the woman now aware that her son is been attended to in the pediatric department ?” Dr Banji asked.
“Yessir” Nurse Tracy replied. She had started to notice the mischieviousness hanging steeply on Dr.Banji attitude and decided to play ignorance to the core so as to decipher all his motives. Dr.Banji had asked her to take the baby away from her mother and profess a lie that her baby is being treated at the peditric department in which she obliqed.

“Okkkkk” Dr Banji said feeling restless, tapping the table with his forefinger, and beating the ground with his leg in a clodhopper shoe. He definately wanted to say something to Nurse Tracy standing infront of him, but he was intimidated and also lacked the coherency
“Hope there is no problem sir ?” Nurse Tracy queried with muddled look stung on his face. She was sure something was not going well with the Dr. And it the point, she knew all she needed was to feign his confidant so she can consign everything to her. “If there is anything bothering you, sure you can count on me”
“Are you sure ?” He said relieved.

“Yesssir” Nurse Tracy quickly retorted.

“Good” Dr.Banji delved out a small piece of paper from the a compartment in his table and flung it towards Nurse Tracy.

“Open check for you. Write any amount you want and i’ll sign it. The amount must be a minimum of 2million naira” Dr Banji voiced out making Nurse Tracy gasped for breath.
“Nurse whats wrong with my baby, i want to see carry my him..i want to see his face” Eliza begged worryingly.

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“Madam i’m sorry. Situation changed. I cant keep this for yoy anylonger. We lost the baby” Nurse Tracy answered with a straight face. “We lost him to some hormonal contractions”
Eliza scoffed at what the nurse churred out. At first it seemed to her it was a kind of game. She wanted to say something, but couldnt easily pick her words, her mouth got arrested, though she tried to move them. Its unbelievable. Her last source of joy is dead.
“Nooooooo! It cant be! You people killed my …”

Eliza yelled out abruptly. She was about to make an imputation when Nurse Tracy fleetly lept towards her, drape her mouth with her left hand and deftly plunged a syringe deep inside her right shoulder’s vein which instant made Eliza ebb away to dormancy.

Then nurse Tracy precipitously removed the neckline on Eliza’s neck and ducked it in a tiny b0s0m pocket of her uniform before exiting the ward.

Tracy’s heart was pounding faster than a traction engine as she carried out her mission. This was her last stage, and she wasn’t ready to flop. The fear of Dr. Banji is the begining of wisdom. Though she had collected Dr.Banj’s offer of 4 million naira, and had agreed to help him stage out the abduction of Temi. But still, Trace wasn’t just an ordinary nurse. She was a spy, sent to snitch on Dr.Banji and she wasn’t ready to work for him.

Tracy lurched out the compound with Temi on his arms, quivering in fright as she paced down the compound enshrouding the tiny building. She was scared to death. Dr.Banji must not see her, hence that would the flaw to her almost perorated mission.

“Baba” Tracy shrieked out to the gateman.
“Ta n nu” (who is that) The older man about 60 years old prowled out of a cubicle close to the gate. “Ah tracy tracy na you, where you na dey carry piking go”? The somewhat short old man queried not even stirred by the hastiness in Tracy’s eyes.

“Em em ..baba he has hormanal contraction, so doctor asked me to take him to another hospital because we dont treat such thing here. See baba ..quickly open this gate oo before anything happens to this child o” Tracy spouted out jotting the gateman to hurriedly pranced towards the pedestaria side of the gate to get it opened.
“Don’t open the gate for her” Dr.Banji steamed out of the building razing speedly towards the gate. But between a twinkle of eye, Tracy shoved out the older man from the way, while still making sure Temi was unhurt. An already packed deep blue Honda accord had started huming to life as the driver observed slight stampede at the gate.

Before Tracy could get to car, the driver had already flung the back seat opened, making it easier for Tracy to dive inside the waiting vehicle. Immediately Tracy entered the vehicle and it zoomed away, she brought out her phone and dialed a number.

“Hello, i have the packeged with me” her voice cutting through her breathes.
“Thats good of you baby girl” a baritone male voice replied her before the line went dead
Dr.Banji stared at vehicle as it whizzed away smearing the dust particles on his face. He stomped his feet to the ground in frustration before accepting not to concede defeat just like that. His doom must not live. He remembered the warning. Then he brought out his phone and punched throught the keypad
“hello guys another assignment for you ..and it must be done now” … Dr.Banji uttered out restlessly

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