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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 35

Dr. Banji woke up with a glunch face. A face that depicted how seemingly he had escaped a dreadnaught or some sort in his dream. He took a quick glance at the wall clock ticking away the time noislessly. It was 12 o’clock. He resiled his eyes back to his wife sleeping beside him, before planting a kiss on her forehead.

Then he stood on his feet, groped for his phone and prowled out of the room. He needed to confirm everything was okay before returning back to slumber. To be candid, Dr Banji was scared to bone. He hated it when he dreamt. He uncorked the door to the room laying conterminous the master bedroom he left and crept himself in.

“Daddy” a wane voice of a fair skin, 3 years old attractive tiddler cooed out.
“Derick, you arent sleeping” Dr.Banji muttered pawing the forehead of the young lad. His son.
“No daddy, and you? What are you doing here ?”
“No Derick, i came to check on you. I dont want any bad guy coming near you. You Know i love you so much.” Dr Banji sang out to his son who seemed so naive.
Dr Banji had always insisted his wife and child should stay abroad, giving a flimsy escuses that he didnt want his son to grow up with black mentality. The woman had obliged at first, relocated to Switzerland. But she later had reason that staying there for more than two years was a gateway to disperse her home. She had no choice again than to breach her husband’s silly preference of her staying abroad and decided to moved in with her son back to her husband’s home.
“Ok. Thank you daddy. Am i still going to see Santa tomorrow ?” Uncle told me Santa is coming from Jerusalem tomorrow, Daddy i want to see him” Derick grizzled out naively like an infant and neonant he was snapping Dr.Banji’s mind to sanity. He had totally forgotten tomorrow was December 25th.

December 25ths shouldn’t be a day his frivolous mind should pretermit due to the cogency it carried. But the pleasure and comfort of the earlier months always made the day seemed like a thousand years to come. To the world, December 25th was a Chrismas Day, but to Dr.Banji and his orphic associates, it was absolutely a different day.

“Dont worry prince, mum will take you to see him tomorrow.” Dr.Banji muttered to his son as he rubbernecked and watched how sleep erred him back to his unconsciouness.
Dr Banji returned his furrowed face, too many thing popping through his head. First he had a dream that unleashed the fearfulness in him. And though Dr.Banji was a brave and valiant but he was also a heinous fellow with just only one shortfall, which was his his dream. He rarely had dreams, but when he did, then something was not right. He had phobia for his dreams. His dreams usually carried a great significant and not even when he had same dream thrice.
“Ring Ring” his phone blared out piercing the silence of the night. Dr. Banji looked at his sleeping son to make sure he wasn’t disrupted.
“Don Pen speak” Dr.Banji yelled out as soundlessly he could.
“I call to deliver a message from the great SAGUTARYAM. Don Ban” The caller oozed out maintaining the same liaison.
“Don Ban” was Dr. Banji ‘s appellation right from the first day he ligated with “THE SAGUTARYRS” umteen years back. A deucedly mammon but self acclaimed wealthy group.
“Speak, i listen” Dr. Banji yelled out again.
“According to great Sagutaryam, Danger looms on your head Don Ban. A child is about to be born, a child full of transmundane halo. Don Ban, if this child mistakenly lives, then he will be your peril and all your household. He will be your inevitable doom. The child must not Live! ,the great Sagutaryam will lead the woman and her foetus to you in no time and when he does, you will know by your magic ring. make sure you silence the the doom. Your doom. Do you understand the message of the great Sagutaryam ?” The caller queried ?

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“I hear and understand the great one Sagutaryam, Don Pen” Dr.Banji answered.
“And don’t forget your sacfrice tomorrow, The great Sagutaryam is thirsty, he wants to drink to his fill tomrrow. So do quick and quench the thirst”
“I hear you” Dr.Banji replied again before dropping the call. He was sure his head was about to split and burst forth as it kept navigating the multifarious task wobbling in. And even though Don Pen’s call had explained his dream, still he had a deadline to meet tomorrow.
Since his arrival at Abeokuta 3 years ago, he had not redeemed his pledge on the ground that of counterbalance the coming year. Now it was already mandated to reinstate his pledge unfailinly this time, he had to recuperate it with enough quantity of blood from three male children. So how on hell will he ensnare his next victims before the tiny time frame ? Well the remaining few hours will tell.
“Hello Racheal” Dr. Banji talked to the phone at the first beep.
“See uncle, i arranged a stalker who has been helping me sneak on this B***h of a girl. Em em Eliza, and now he called that she is already in labour pain, so i asked her to bring her to your hospital now.” Racheal rasped out.
“Ohh really, thats a good one. I will see to that. But what did you call the name of the lady ? ”
“Eliza” Racheal affirmed
“Okay thanks. Your info really came in a good time.” Dr.Banji blurted before ending the phone call.
“Eliza” Dr. Banji muttered while in deep thought. His clairvoyance seemed to be working and had confirmed to him that Eliza was the mother of his doom. Anyways, his ring wont confute him. He just wished Sagutaryam accepts female’s blood too, then the Eliza and her baby would be good to go.
“If you Eliza is the mother of my doom, then Dead! You two are gone!” Dr Banji raved “Thank you Sagutaryam” he smirked evil as he pranced towards the door to exit.
“Are you a bad guy” Derick’s voice wafting out skidded his father’s movement. He fawned his face at the impromptu question.
“Why the question prince” he uttered while still backing his son.
“Because i heard you when you said dead. And uncle tells me that only a bad guy can make someone to die” Derick naively said.
Dr.Banji cerebrated with an evil grin. Bad is an understatement for him, not when he had lost counts of homes he had hurt, homes he had exterminated and male children he killed for his vicious sacrifices and the ones he was about to do.
He veered back to his son’s bedside and caressed his face with his sinister smirk.
“Prince.. I’m only trying to protect your future, our future. I’m not the bad type okay ”
“okay daddy” Derick voiced.
“Aii prince, daddy has important things to attend to now. So go back to sleep”
Dr Banji stood erect as he punched his phone.
“Yapp! I need you guys in Abeokuta today, and when coming, come with two specimen M. I need them alive. Address of your destination will be sent to you shortly” Dr. Banji talked to unknown on his phone.

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