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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 34

The journey back to Abeokuta proofed to be a languid one as Eliza kept recalling the past events of her life. There was no bias she had been left in care of Dami and at that moment, all she felicitated about was to get home, touch him, hug him, kiss him and have him whisper those lovesome promises and words that always subdue her tumultuous state before laying on his shoulder through out the night. But alas! Story didnt play well the way she envisaged, Eliza got home to meet the shocker of her life. Something that changed her forever.

“Damiii” Eliza yelled out immediately she trotted inside their massive sitting room. She had expected to meet a lull and dovish environs, but what she met had her cringed in disappointments.

“Who are these people” Eliza threw questions at Dami,,while prying Racheal and her friends obnoxiously.
But Dami didnt say a thing, he only stood empale.
“Are you deaf ? Eliza continued her rants. She was good to know she wasn’t enjoying the climax a bit now. She had dreamt of reaching home to have a prismatic night with Dami, a night that will evanesce all her hagridden mind, not a night of onslaught she was about to enter. “So because i left today, you thought the next thing to do was to bring in these *Lovepeddlers* to our house -Eliza greatest mistakes was that.
“So who are the Lovepeddlers ?” Racheal’s voice quickly retaliated. Eliza was about opening her mouth to say something when “Paaa Paaa” two igneous slaps erupted on her face. “Lesson number dont be rude to strangers” Racheal growled.

Eliza grasped her chubby cheek for the minimum of seven seconds before convalescing from the hurting of the unexpected slap. She raised her crimson misty eyes to look at her predators before tilting it towards Dami side. She expected Dami to react, to avenge her and punish the girl who hit her, but Dami still didnt move an inch from where he stood for ages.
“Dami” ELiza yelled out but almost like a whisper, “She hi i i t me and you are there doing nothing” Eliza stuttered making the three girls burst into a wild snigger more to infuriate her.
Eliza wanted to eschew, but the impulse to take revenge of herself became more grounded, she exhorted herself, and raised her feeble hand to return the slaps Racheal gave her, hands were snapped in the air, but this time arround by one of Racheal’s friends, and with a swift hard smash plunked on Eliza’s face again, spittle sloshed out from her mouth like someone in throes of convulsion. She sprawled on the floor like a defeated lion. And exuded her own breath.
Eliza was pained. She looked at Dami again for support and assylum, but he was still standing on his feet totally unmoved.
“Eliza or whatever you call your name, incase you dont know i’m in the new woman in Dami’s life, so don’t you dare call me a Lovepeddler. As a matter of fact, few months from now i will be his legal wife and also carry that thing in your stomach” Racheal voiced derisively making Eliza to cast a look on Dami. A look that meant Dami should tell Racheal was just bluffing.

“I’m sorry about this” Dami nodded.
Eliza cowered, hearing Dami talked. Dami response reasserted to her that she was now a lonesome and a jilted lover.
“So this is what is all about, or this where is going to end ? Everything you said, this where they will end ? All your promises,?” Eliza made to remove the neckline Dami gave her. “You have forgotten this eh ? You have forgotten the vows you made ?, Dami you told me this morning you will be the father of Temi, have u forgotten so soon ? Plss say something, say something, i lost everyone, everything because of you. My mum died like a pauper on the street because of you..i left Tunde because of you, now you think treating me this way is the best to repay me ? Say something Dami. I showed you true love, you want repay me by betraying me” Eliza begged with eyes full of tears and heart full of pain. She felt used, exploited and dumped.
“Time over B***h, now you have to exit this place this minute.” Racheal and her friends lunged towards her and made to hauled her out the sitting room. Eliza stiffened herself on Dami’s feet.

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“Dammi Nooo! Noo! Plss. Don’t let them throw me away, i dont have anybody again, my mum is dead.,you are the only one i have left, plss dont! Plss..i still love you plssss” Eliza wailed incessaantly, tightning her grip on Dami’s feet. Dami bent to relinquish her hold and unclasped his leg from her hand, while Racheal and her friends hoisted her up and threw her outside the compound. Eliza winced in anguish, as she landed with thud on tiled floor, her head also bashing the hard floor, releasing large volume of blood spillage out of her head. Racheal and friends was about entering the sitting room when Dami yelled out ” she still got my car key”
Racheal veered back immediately and straggled Eliza’s head. “You wana steal this away like you stole Tunde away from me” she scoffed out with the most wicked look on her face as she throttled Eliza’s hand to snatch the key to the car Dami bought for her. After colecting it, she released her head, making Eliza gasped for breath. She dragged Eliza while she was still recuperating on the floor outside the main compound and shut the gate against her.

“Good bye B***h” she flouted.

Eliza tried to stand up, but the acute pain arrested all her abdomen, blood still sploshing out from her mouth and forehead. She shook her head affirming that was her worst day. The day she knew about her mum’s death and the day she was betrayed by her baby.
What a pity.

Eliza felt drop of water on her skin, she looked to decipher where the waters came from but didnt get a lead. Another drop made her gaze to the sky, then she saw that it had started raining. She tried to search for any nearby enclosure to cowl herself, but she couldn’t locate any instantly. So she receded and gave up on her search for solace.

She fixed the neckline Dami gave her back to her neck, then gathered two big stones, before laying on the musty stinky floor using the stones as a pillow. Shivering uncontrolably and crying bitterly as the rain poured heavily straight on her head. …

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