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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 32

Eliza’s decrepit face stood facing the man sat opposite her. She had no smattering understanding of what the so called man just said to her. The man must be quack or some sort to tell her that. Immediately, she felt the urge to rush to through the door, yank it open and vacate the office. But she couldnt. so she decided to dwindle down and control the mood.

“I dont really get what you just said, i mean can you repeat the statement ?” She begged with proposed derisory
“Oh. I know what your feelings are now. You think it not possible, that probably had been the reason you waved aside all the glaring symptons till you are 5 month gone”
“5 months gone” Eliza mind grinned wide with mixture of incertitude and disbelief. Of course, that wasnt what she expected to hear the doctor say. She had expected the doctor to tell her she was suffering from malaria, fever or even fibroid. She seemed to notice her stomach potruding out recently, as she had expertly narrowed it to tumor or fibroid. If he had said one of this, then he would have applauded his coruscation and begged for proper treatment. But now, all she could see siting opposite her was nothing but a quack.
“Madame are you with him ?” The man’s voice sliced through her thought. “You don’t feel happy about this, why ? Arent you expecting it ?

“I wasn’t expecting it” Eliza answered bluntly. Obviously tired of feeling timid to give a reply to a sham doctor. It was true she feels dizzy at any slight moment, she now experiences hypersomnia, and pukes out too soon. Her early morning sickness never seemed to impaired, and she have this funny stomach romp for more than 3 months now. but all these could not mean that she is five month pregnant ? No she cant be.
“I should be happy you are telling this.,it somthing that really calls for joy. But onething i dont get is how can i be pregnant when i dont have a womb ? I am barren. That is what a doctor told me. He told me i cant have any child. So i’m a confused when you told me i am a whole 5 months gone.
“Well i think i understand you, and i’m ready to clarify things to you. You see, when you came to make complains about everything happening to you, which include your self acclaimed fibroid tumor. We had to perform a scan on you.” The doctor paused, casting a groping look at Eliza.
“Madam, i must confess you are lucky! You do have a womb. But just that its savegely damaged beyond condition. That left me wondering why a damaged womb like yours could still carry a baby. I have witnessed just only one in hundered situations like this and i must say you are the only one i’m talking about. See madame, this just a bitter truth, if u succeed in delivering this child, i dont think there is ever going to be another opportunity. But right now, i must congratulate you once again, because you are five months pregnants” the doctor said retching out his hand for an handshake.
So she was never going to be barren after all, so she still has a chance of tasting a life of motherhood. Eliza felt clump of happiness and fulfilment as she drove home. She was on hell racer to break the news to Dami, even though she knew he would be at home. But she had intentions of puting a call accross to him.
“Hmmm” Eliza threw a sigh. She knew telling Dami would be the best thing that would happen to him lately, not after she had noticed some clod changes in him. And though she had tried her best to squeez out words from him, but he never bulged and had also remained rigid at all of her attempts. His normal patterned replies had always been “Work stress” in which they both has resonance that he was lying. Eliza had decided to cede and espouse the situation.

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But definately now, she was sure she could put a dollar bet on it, that Dami would be happy after knowing he was expecting a child from her.
Racheal paced around the voluminous sitting room as trillion of thoughts waddled in her riverie. Dami had loved and loath for her as she hankered. But she still felt part of his love was still shared with someone else, which is Eliza. The fact that the magic ring worked well on him, made him desire her, on the other hand his love for Eliza had not made him enjoy more of him.

She had thought sharing Dami with her would be hunky-dory and tolerable by her, unfortunately, she felt she hadnt enjoy a bit of him knowing fully well that he still loved somebody else. And to add salt to injury, Dami had unconsiously shared a testimony of Eliza having his first child. “It will never happen” she soliloquized while folding her arms and wringling her leg like raged woman ready for fight.

“What will never happen” Racheal tilted her head to the horizon the voice came from. Her heart cloaked with joy as the the reality of finding a proffered solution to her thuding state hit her.
“Its Dami” she replied worryingly.
“What is again with him ? Thought you said the magic ring worked ?”
“Yes uncle, but he never stopped loving her too. Infact it seems the love he has for her alleviated immediately he got enthralled by me. And now she is carrying his baby, uncle. That B***h is carrying his baby. Uncle plss, you know how much i love this guy from the onset, you know how have risked my life for Dami. Even while everybody saw him as a driver,you know i love him. Plss help me out. I need your help” Racheal mewled out with pain.

“Don’t cry baby, you know i will always help you out. I wil. So how do you want me to help you”
“Unce, i need Dami’s 100% attention. I need him to recorgnize me as his only angel”
“Okay. What about the other lady ?”
“I want her dead uncle. She shouldnt live to birth that thing in her stomach”
Dr.Banji pranced toward Racheal and grasped her shoulder. “Take this” He delved out a small bottle containing a white liquid from from his pocket.

“This a philtre. A love philtre from the temple. A small amount in Dami’s innard will make him forget that lady. He would forget all their happy moment, the lovesome, the sweet words they echoed to each other, the tender promises and passionate words they had together. He will hate her more than hell. Okay ?”
“Yes uncle” Racheal snivelled with smile as he collected the bottle.

“And for the lady herself, we wont waste resources in killing her. But trust me, her child would never live to witness 30 secs on planet earth. We will have her child sacfriced in the temple. Her child will open the floodgate to other sacrifices in this Abeokuta” Dr. Banji snarled out like a villainous gent and beelzebuh he was.

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