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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 31

“So nice meeting you Damilola” she said as she stretched out her right hand for her purposed handshake.
“well, the pleasure is ..”
“Rinnng riingg rinng” a phone bleeped out to stanch the moment
“Hello dear, hope their is no problem” Dami talked with tautness. Eliza seemed to be worrying too much of what he could not emparthise.

“Baby. I am afraid. Something isnt going right out there”
“Dearie. You just calm down. Nothing bad is going to happen, to me, to you, to us. Okay ? You just need to wane all this your worries dear.

Plss” Dami cooed.

Eliza’s breath sieved out of the phone. She was sure something bad was about to happen but was just not able comprehend what was coming, hence she uttered a tacit prayer. “Good Lord, nothing bad must happen to my Dami. I can’t afford to loose him now”
“So have you seen ? Racheal” she asked
“Yea. Just met her not quite long ago”
“Okay baby. Please be careful with her. I heard what the last words Tunde said to you. He said you shouldn’t trust Dr. Banji and Racheal. Do you remember that ?

“Sure yes. And thanks about that” Tunde replied. “Will be at home in a jiffy, kindly prepare my on hell famished right now”
“Aitt baby. Love you”
“Love you more dear” Dami replied before hanging up.

“that must be your girlfriend” Racheal quiped
“Oh No! Not my girlfriend anymore. She now my fiancee. We just got engaged not more than one hour ago” Dami japed out with sort of haughty tone and feeling of complecancy.

“Oh i see” Racheal answerd beaming a frigid face. Dami’s love story wasnt the pleasant thing she wanted to hear now. Leastways, its about secs before she obtrude the whole story.

“So, should we start from where stopped” she asked with a nervy front but didnt bother to wait for Dami’s reply.

She just needed to do handshake now or else.
“Nice seeing you again” she smiled and stretched out the baited hand to complete her malefic intention.
“the pleasure is ..” Dami wanted to say and long to receive Racheal’s when
“Sorry ma’am your order is already” a passably rangy male waiter’s voice halted the moment for the second time again. The waiter dropped a bottle of red wine and two wineglasses on the bedighted table and left, Leaving Racheal more than discomfited and foiled. Though she still tried to maintain her elated face, leastwise Dami must not suspect a dime.

“I am sure you know i am not taking a thing here. I wouldnt want to miss my baby’s delicacy when i get home ” Dami quickly said prying the redwine and the two wineglasses laying still on the table.

“Oh no, not now. Not when this your first time of knowing me. And think you should know the bills are on me” Racheal squeaked.

“No i wont. I dont take stuff outside, not even when my Baby is straining herself now to get somthing prepared for me” Dami said with a candid face.
“Okk” Racheal curtailed him. If Dami is this lovesome, then she is not making a mistake of diddling him to herself at any expense. She sure needs a guy like him.
“So what are we here for ? I dont wana be late home cause of my baby” Dami explicated.
“Well, you are here to know your good samarithan, say thank you and probably get the burdesome mind you carried for a year exonorated.” Racheal explained while also trying to be risible.
“ohh. Is that what you think ? Because i think the only thing i came to do here is say a thank you to some one who only saved my life back them from death, and later vanished into the thin air to …”
“Not only saved your life Dami. I fed you while you where in that police’s dungeon. You got to thank me for that too” Racheal yelped out.
“So you did ? You were the one who fed me in that place ?”
“But why do you keep appearing to get my butt0ckz saved and the end you dissappeared like a ghost?”
“its not what you think. I tried not to remain spectral but it seemed nature wanted it that way.
Then, while i was bringing you food, i tried my best to see you but they would not allow me even at the expense of tipping them off. But it happened that on the day you were released, i had come to visit and bring food for you that day but was told you have been bailed out. It pained me to the bone. That i gave up on seeing you.

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But fortunately, i got a transfer to Abeokuta here and was on my way to rolocate here when i saw you lying in your own pool of blood. I tried to saved and left you in care of my uncle. Thinking i will return some three days after to see you. But then, when i resumed my journey back here , i had a ghastly accident that almost claimed my life. In which of cause people thought i was dead, including you. But i was resuscitated after some months., and then uncle told me you have been discharged. So, i thought i didnt have any reason to return back there since it wouldnt be easy locating you.

But was happy to realise the Dami i once know as a driver now turned to be a mogul in Abeokuta here, hence the reason i called you here to day” Racheal squealed out.

Dami heaved a heavy sigh thinkin, “she had done all these for him, then at what reason” his thudding heart quizzed but could find an answer alternating Racheal.
“well, i thank you for everything you did. All your kind gestures.” Dami muttered with his palms glued together.
“But still,” he continued. “there is something that i still dont quiet understand about the whole senery. The feeding at the police, why did you do that.. We dont know each other before. So why did you choOse to bring me food ?”
“Racheal suspired. She was sure getting impatient now, really getting short tempered. She remembered she hadnt executed her plan, and that had been the core reason she wheedled him there, and not to answer jolly questions like an interviewee.

“If there wasn’t an answer to that, i guess i should take my leave. All the same thanks for everything you’v done in the past” Dami spewed out, trying to stand up.

Then all of a sudden, like a flash and in millisecond, Racheal deftly made to restrain him from leaving.

“Noo no, no, no, wait lemme answer the question” she said while grasping Dami’s wrist to confine him back to his sit.

Immediately her hand touched his wrist, he squirmed like someone in severe cramp of vertigo. Something he couldn’t decipher enshrouded him. His vision became slurred and vague. Delusion occluded him. He then sq££zed out his hand from Racheal’s grip and tried to wipe out the unseen fog he though had been obstructing his view.

“What is it, hope you are okay ?” Racheal asked but got nothing as an answer as Dami kept rubbing his face till he was satisfied he was out of his delirium and wasn’t hallucinating anymore.

He blinked to ascertain everything was now okay
“Sorii was is it you call your name” He asked Racheal who happend to have plastered a gleeful look. Seemed everything had worked out well.

She thought.
“Racheal of course.” She answered with a charlatan facial expression. If the planned hard worked out, then he isnt returning home tonight.

He will spend the night with him.

“No it shouldn’t be. You dont look like a Racheal. You look like an angel” Dami voiced out.

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