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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 30

A dour silence took over immediately Dami heard the caller talk. A girl that saved her from death after the tempestous mob lyned him to comatoseness more than a year ago. And though he had tried his best to unravel her mystery then. On a good day, he shouldnt be bothered, but getting Eliza trust and love had been the sole reason and even intensified the pressure.

Even, He still hadn’t known she was the one who helped with all the lush meals he ate while he was duned in his sapid police cell.

But he was told she was dead. That was what Dr Banji told him the day he recuperated. So how could she be the one calling ?
“Hey Dami, are you there ?” The voice came again over the phone
“Of cause i am. So who are you. ? Dami asked.
“The girl you wana know, your good samarithan you owe your life” Racheal answered sounding more with superbia. She had expected Dami awkardness and uneasiness. She smiled as she sensed the thousand thoughts ramping through his mind, and she had had a proper plan afore to use all his action as decoy to get him meet her.
“If Dami could see her now. That is the end.”
“Oh! The good samarithan is dead and gone. Ok ? So whatever impersonator you think you are, just know its not working. I dont want to meet you, i dont want to see you anywhere.. Cause you are nothing but a pseud and counterfeit being. Goodday” Dami vented out his umbrage anger before punching on the end button. Nothing matter more than Eliza now. He thought.
“Who is that ?” Eliza muttered silently
“Baby, that shouldnt bother us.. Plss lets continue with we started. So baby, i dont understand the reason you wouldnt ….”
“I cant give you a child! Dami!” Eliza yelled out like a deranged cur spurting out overwhelming flows of tears like tampered tap.

“What ? Is that to be a kind of joke, ? Or your own April fool but the last time i check we are already in July” Dami scoffed out with derision.

He couldnt decipher what Eliza just said even though he could make out from her broody state and pensiveness.

“see baby, its not a joke. If you get married to me now, we can have a child of our own. I lost my womb, i cant give birth” Eliza explicated still wallowing in her tears.

Dami didnt say dime. As much the impulse to talk hoisted him, something seemed to have stymied his voice box, his larynx. His pinhead furrowed look gave Eliza edge to squealed more.
She told him everything, starting from the first he got back from work to meet his absence, and later found out that her mum was responsible for it, after threatning to maul him to death. She explained she didnt have a choice since she thought he was going to die, and he was the only reason she lives. So she had to stap herself. Expecting to continue their love in heaven, where nobody would interfare or any mother interpose. But apalled to be rescued from her purpose journey, and was even more outraged when he was told she had damaged her womb in the process. She would not mother a child again.
“So you are the one ?” Dami maundered out with eyes gone crimson. He didnt seem to wail much but creek of tears were streaming out more copiousl as he quivered and vibrated.
“I was released from that dungeon because of you Where i thought i would end my life. Mother received me me back into your life because of you. I was a giving a new life, because of you, now outrightly by you” Dami said exuding his own breath.

Then Dami immedately exit the sitting room they were and hopped the stairs down to his room leaving Eliza in her murky state still sopping with bizarre. She knew Dami wont take it lightly, but all the same he deserves to know. She couldnt keep it forever.

How she wished non of these was happening.

She wished she could rewind the time and go back to the time she was unflawed. Now, how would she be with the love of her life with all these hamper and fetter ? “Oh God! Why all these ?” Eliza wailed. “I am sorry Dami. I am so so so sorry. I love you soo much, but i cant give you a single child”
“Eliza look at me” She heard a voice behind. She turned to see Dami smiling. She noticed the grimmace was up to stamping down his gloominess, sadness, dissapointment and fears.
Dami plodded forward to meet Eliza’s forlorn figure. By the time he got to the spot where Eliza was. He doused his right hand into his pocket and brought out what looked like erst tatty necklace.
He deftly fixed the erst necklace on Eliza neck still maintaining his literal smile.
“i’m sorry its old and ratty” he muttered.

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Eliza looked in bewilderment as Dami went down on his knees again revealing the same crested diamond ring. While he was still in his throe of lethargy and tears.

“Elizabeth Badejo. The fact that i would love to carry my own children and have then by you still is not the reason why i love you. Seriously i dont know why i love you. All i know is that i love you with all your flaws.

Right from the first day i saw you, my heart want you to be mine, and now that you are mine i cant let you go. Eliza, with or without children you are mine, in pain and sorrow, you will be mine, in laughter you are mine, when walking through the valley of pain, anguish you are still mine, when everybody hates and despises you yo will Still be mine, when the world turn it ugly self on you, you wil be mine.. Only if you will accept me now. Eliza Badejo plsss marry me..!

Eliza’s heart melted, evenly as it was goaded with the joy and delight of the time. Her heavy secret had been offloaded, tranquility and repose had been replaced.

In the spur of moment, She looked at Dami and knoded in complecency. she hadnt made the wrong choice. So Dami still love her after all.
“Yes. I will marry you” she fushed amidst smiles spruce with happiness. While she plunked out her annualry for Dami to fix the ring.
“Baby, plss keep that necklace. Though its ratty and appears old, but you see it is as precious to me as it was for my mum. My mum gave it to me at her last hours, she removed it from her neck, and told me to give it to the woman i will love to spend the end of my life with. Now i dont want you to remove it, let it be a catchet of my love to you. I will never leave you. As for children.. We will adopt them when we are ready. Okay ? Dami explained.

“okay dear” she muttured. I dont know but i think i am scared. My body its not feeling to well, i have this eerie feeling something bad is about to happen now ..i have a feeling you go back on your promise someday… I mean it seems a day is coming you will deny you dont know me .. Dami are you sure of your promise ., are you” Eliza threw out with suspicious look.
“Trust me .. I will never ….”
“Ring ring ring ring” Dami phone bleeped out halting his mouth. He looked at his screen and found a familiar number calling.
Racheal now felt relaxed. In 30 mins time Dami is coming, and in 30mins time Dami would be hers forever. She had succeded in wheedling him to come. She trusts her decoy.
She gave out an evil grinn as she caresssed the ring on her finger. The magic ring that she needed to perfect her mission. As instructed by her uncle, Dr Banji, all she had to do was to shake hand with him, and immediately just like a vertigo, he would instantly develop a nonresistance but still illusory feeling towards her. He wouldnt be able to repose or rest until he has her.

She blamed Eliza for her breakup with Tunde, she had asked the reason why Tunde staunched there relationship but it seemed she didnt get an edge, as Tunde always told her he just needed a break.

Eliza might not have dated Tunde, she might not have accepted him, but she was sure Tunde loath for her, and that was what actually led to him breaking up with her. So forthrightly or indirectly she was still responsible for everything, and this the right time for her to have her revenge.

Just a handsake with Dami, then he would be enthralled in her love spell for life. He rubbed the ring once again, and knodded at is potency. “Just dont F**K me up.” She muttered. By the time she is done,, may

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