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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 3

As soon as she entered her room, she pounced on her bed with great flop, gouge her head between her 2 pillows in other to block her eardrum, an effort she thought would save her from her mares. She never intended to fall for any guy at the moment, not to talk of a cypher, an ordinary driver. But the more she tried to block her thinking faculty, the more she failed woefully!

She couldn’t just erase the image, the mild smile, the soft cool voice and the well rounded cute face. Even her ex became insipid where Dami was concerned. The whole of Dami’s habitus wholesome kept erupting her mind. She pondered vaguely on her bed for some minute, before siting and soliloquizing.

“No it cant be, Eliza wake up! He is just a driver, better guys are out there waiting for you, you know you wouldn’t stoop so low to go intimate with just a driver? Just few hours in Naija and you are already head over heel inlove ..hmmm, Damm, what is wrong with me? Am i going crazy!

Am i insane!” Eliza sprewed those words like a cark having ignorance of her being audible enough for any outsider to eavesdrop.
“Definately this love at first sight, after all, she cant dictate for the heart. As the heart always wants what it wants. But is she really sure this Is not lust? No it cant be lust. its pure love from the bottom of the heart” Eliza mind pondered thoughtfully. But then, she recalled how her mother painted him blight abrasively, the cold stern look registered on her face when she said “I think you should know that he is just our new driver.”
“hmmmmm” she threw out a sigh. ” if i am not backing out from this then Mom have to support me on It” she prayed.

Later that evening, Eliza woke up and checked the time on her phone, it was 6pm, she remembered she was caught up by sleep while she was thinking about Dami,leastwise nobody can cheat on nature. She wondered if her mom had even come around to check on her. She took a long glimpse at the window and found out that the sky had betrayed the time, as the sun still shone broadly and it threw laser beam from the sky reflecting very well in the room through the window blinds.

She decided to take an amble walk around the house, more over, she needed to find more about him. She had decided to quizz him and make him relate with her colloquailly. That was what she wanted and she was ready to get. Any informatiom about where he stays, could help her. She was not ready to let her charming prince slip away from her. Damilola.

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“Ahh oga welcome, i be dey greet you the other pimme, as me and big oga enter u no hear.” Kofi their spooky gate man voiced as he saw Eliza who was tramping towards him. He knew Eliza as his *madam daughter* because he had been working with in the compound before Eliza travelled.
Kofi was a dark black hausa man. wish i could see any synonymous word to describe his type of blakish. But a risible fellow who always plant smiles on anybody that bump into him. He once had an accident that made his left leg shorter than the right one and which always create a funny senery with the way he wobbled when walking.

“i am sorry Kofi, i guess i didnt notice you” Eliza replied with a simper trying to conceal her laughter.
“OK oga, so wefin me bring come from U-es-Pa?

Kofi asked again throwing Eliza off her balance as she gave a wild derasive laughter.

” You know what kofi ? Its never called U-es-Pa. Itz called U.S.A as in United State of America. Okay?
“Okay oga. Unifed State of Amelika? Kofi said again.
“okkkk, whatever. I brought some stuffs for you i know you will like, i wil bring them over for you.”

“Ah tanku oga”
“So how about seeing the driver, do you know where is he? ” Eliza sagely asked.
“You mean deripa?”
“Yes, where is he ?”
“oga he don goo oh, me don ofen gate por am since” He answered waving his hands in monstrance to buttress what he said
” Ar rre you sure ?” Eliza asked with puzzled look hanged on her face.

“Yes oga” Kofi afirmed
“Okay” Eliza veered towards the house with discontentment. So she would be unable to see her prince charming. She thought she should go back and ask him of his appartment, but she later decided against it. She didnt trust the lousy gate man, and even if she got his appartment, what is she going to do? She can’t throw herself just like that to a guy who is not even aware of her feelings. Only time will tell. Her thought came to a halt with Kofi voice yelling after her,
” Oga seh make i com polet am for my gift you pring come from U-es-pay ?”

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