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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 29


Like they say, situation changes in a second. Well for Dami, his change may not have occured in seconds, in a day, or a month but definitely, he had changed within the space of time. Eliza’s bequeathed money, 57 million naira had shifted him from his dampen misery state to a salient tycoon and business mogul. The dreams he thought would never substansiate.
He had managed the bequest well. Also he had sagely and prudently invested it on productively. Apart from owning two filing stations scattered around Abeokuta. The stations he named DamiBeth Oil. An acronym from Damilola and Elizabeth. He also owned three driving schools. Something he didnt just actualize in a snappy, but had to wait till DamiBeth peised out meaningful outcome. He had diligently maneuvered the money derived from DamiBeth to establishing a driving school.
At first, he intended to base on only schooling applicants willing to master driving at affordable amount. But right now, he had infixed the trade of leasing out cars, and also puting some on sales.
After schooling had produced enough to birth selling and leasing, he preceded to go for it. Making him changed the name from DamiBirth Driving School to DamiBeth Motors & School.
Now as DamiBeth Oil and DamiBeth Motors & School muturated in space of time, the fame and prominence of Dami escalated beyond the firewall. He knew for sure that it was his time, his prime and he deservedly relished the moment with the love of his life Eliza.
Yes! The anguish Eliza once felt for disapointing her mother had lessened to bantam. And since Dami was still a loving and caring man he expected him to be, that had replaced and palled away all the pain and ail of flunking her mother’s happiness.
Eliza enjoyed the moment with her Lover. The fame, the prestige, the prominence had been all her dream with him and right now, she had taken time to revel and enjoy everything.
But despite all the actualization of this her dream with Dami, Eliza still had thorn in her flesh. Her heavy secret she wassailed for ages. Each time the thought came to mind, she would try to discharge it, and pretended nothing was happening. But for how long was she going to keep her secrets ?
“Hey baby” Dami streamed out as he entered the massive sitting room that afternoom. Evident that he was fagged out as a result of the day activities was plastered on his face.
“welcome baby, how was today ?” Eliza said snuggling him.
“Well twas fine ..and i miss you like seriously” Dami replied.
“Hmmm..miss you too like kilode ?” Eliza pouted as they sauntered and rubbing his Dami’s pectus.
“Hmmm.. I miss you like mofedaku” Dami replied with jocularity and grimmace
“okkkkk…i miss you like mole jeun” Eliza quickly coated not relenting to accept defeat.
“alright ..i miss you like”
“Sssssssssssh” Eliza cut of Dami placing her index finger to seal off his mouth. “I know you are famished. I prepared your favourite…so just come with me, now”
“Oook. But before that, kindly close your eyes” Dami said convivially while trying to look shrouded.
“You want to perform one of your magic again right” Eliza said refering to the time Dami bought her her first favourite Range sport. Dami had stroded home that evening too with a jaded face. But after what seemed like a risible moment between two lovers, Dami asked her to close her eyes, and by the time she opened them, Dami was pointing a key to Range sport he stealthily parked at their garage at Eliza incognizant.
“Just close it, Ok ?”
“Now open” Dami voiced peaching out a well crested diamond ring.
Now its the time, he thought.
“When the day was dark, you are the i held on to. When my day was black, you brought me good. You filled the space of 1000 miles just to me yours, you took me to pluto, jupiter, just make me smile
You left your joy, happiness, your wholesome to be with me. Inspite all my misfortune, misery and misfortune, i founs your love prevailing. You also made me a somebody i thought i would never become inlife. How much can show my appreciation than to surrender, everything, all my life, my body and soul to you. I promise to love you forever and forever if you will accept me as lovely husband cause i will never give you up”
Eliza badejo will you marry me ?”
If Eliza had wanted to succumb to her mortality state, longing to yell out a “Yes” then she would have hastily said it. But unfortunately she couldn’t. She still had something to divulge. Something she wished only exists in her riverie. She wished she never had any defect or blemish to uncover for Dami, she would have raffishly given a “YES.
It was the actual time she waited for all her life, but alas! it came the wrong time.
“Baby are you there” ?
“Yes dear.. You see before giving you my reply, i have something bothering my mind for long time now. An nn and have been looking for the best time to ..”

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“Baby, anything can wait for now.. Just give me a reply a now!” Dami begged restlessly.
“Just say Yes, that is all!”
“You need to understand what this is all about before doing this. Plss let me say it now. I need to say it. You see i cant give u you a …”
“Riinq riinq rinq” Dami’s phone blared out shutting Eliza’s mouth.
“Hello” Dami answered trying hard to hide the jumpiness caused by Eliza’s reaction.
“Hi, am i talking to the CEO of DamiBeth Oil ?” A crystal feminine voice wafted out through the phone.
“Yes, and who i am talking to ?” Dami sensed inaptness in the voice but still felt petite drip of familairity oozing out.
“I am Racheal Fatoyinbo. I’m sorry can i see you now” …

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