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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 28

“Baby i promise i wont leave you, have already made a vow to die before living without you. I promise to love you forever, no matter what happens or will happen. Okay ? Now tell what happened” Dami muttered.
Eliza saw the passion sated with true love on Dami face, everything about him including how he spoke reeked out a gravid agape love. She knew he loved her but to what extent ?
“I don’t believe you can be hiding something from me at this stage of our relationship, i mean you are getting me scared if trusting you wouldn’t be a bad thing” Dami frothed with tiny traces of annoyance
“Okk the thing is …” Eliza started, poised herself for the his reaction.
“Have got something for you, so will close your eyes” she finished
” Ohh.. Close my eyes ? ”
“Yes! Do” she replied.
Dami shut down his eyes, while Eliza groped for something in her blue handbag sited beside her.
“Here this it” Eliza esxerted her left hand holding a white only God knows what, while also trying to rub Dami’s penned eyes.
“whats is this” Dami queried collecting the what Eliza stretched out to him. Dami eyes tried to probe it out but seemed never to understand what deemed to be of pieces printed papers clustered together with knot.
“That is the document legitimizing me the ownership to all my late dad’s properties.

Though most of them had been sold by mum, and of cause she was supposed to be incharge of all the money till the i was eighten. But right now i am twenty-four, so i think it high time i got back what belongs to me.
And since you are the one i am spending the rest of my life with..making you the only sole signatory to the account is just a easy thing to do for me. The account contains 57 millionaire naira. You will be the only signatory to the account whenever you are ready. Even i would have to seek your permission before assesing it. So baby, promise you wont jilt me, tell me you will remain mine for ever.. Ehh ? Eliza peached out.
“Wha a a t are you saying” Dami finally said. It seemed his mouth just roused up from slumber. They had probably been sleeping all the while Eliza was talking. He tried to rub his eyes to dispel the riverie taking over, cause to him, everything appeared to be fanciful or verily an illusion.
“See baby, i think we should elope..cause i am scared of mum reactions towards this. She might find it unpleasant and i am sure if mum knows about it. She would stew you!” Eliza talked intentionally brushing Dami’s question aside.

“Elope ,, ? to to to where” Dami stammered.
He obviously had forgotten he wanted to know the reason Eliza got admitted in the hospital. His heart pounding hard, also at the same time goaded with joy. He just found a way to say goodbye to his misery for life, a life of misfortune.
Despite the happiness gnawing inside him, he still felt he like receding from such a tempting offer. His acceptance is just as proving his madam he was truly a golddigger he was accused of.
“i think running away to as far as the southwest part of the country will keep mum’s wrath away from us.”
“Southwest ?”
“Yes! Southwest. Abeokuta precisely” Eliza smile because she planted joy on Dami but she just suspended hers. Her heart would never know joy, serenity becuase her heavy secret still lay peacefully in there.
“Change of access to that account, and preparation for Abeokuta should be on our mind right now” Eliza muttered amidst fears.
“Whaaaaat! Bull Sh*t! F**K up” Dr Baniji yelled out as he vented his already steamed rage on the tumbler he was holding.
“Praaa paaaaa paaa paaapaa” the poor tumbler got shattered into scraps spilling the red it contained on the tiled floor.
“I knew it, i knew it. I knew this will happen” he ranted out clenching his fist like Mayweather does. It was obvious he was in turmoil, totally losing his intrepidity over what the his caller told him on phone.

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He had know time to lavish again, because, any moment from now could lead him behind bars. Something he detests with passion.
The caller made it simple to him “Don Moon had been nailed , your expected to go hiding or exude the enviroment anytym from now.” How could such an aptitude person be easily nailed.
“Ohh jeezz” he shrilled out again as he clouted his finger on his phone.
This absolutely impromptu, but he had no option than to do it. He had no option, the best he could do save his head. He was not ready to go behind bars”
“Hello this Dr.Oyebanji speaking”
“Hello sir,how can i help you” a sorcerous like voice obviously belonging to a female folk shimmered out of the phone.
“i need to book a flight ticket tonight”
“Ok sir” the sorcerous voiced sounded again “Your destination sir”?
“Hmmmm.. Ogun State. Abeokuta.”
“Alright sir, your order would be attended to in jiffy”
The line went dead.

“Dr. Banji exuded large volume of carbondioxide before updating an evil grin on his face. Yea! Abeokuta is the savest place for now.

“Hello” he talked to his phone again.
“Hello Banji, how are you ?” Another female voice responded.
“i am good”
“Racheal, prepare to meet me tonight. I already booked a flight to Abeokuta.” He voiced out, more likely to be a command.
“Ok. Will expecting you in Abeokuta” Racheal replied.
The big round bulb almost send cecity to his eyes as he opened them tardily and tried swiftly to adjust them from the sheen it produced.

After that, he scanned the enviroment, to agnise where he was. Unfortunately, everywhere was strange. He didnt seem to get any idea of the place. An instinct struck him to move his body, it was then he felt a sharp pain erupted from his heart.

“What is this ?” He asked himself as he produced a trenchant a look at what seemed like a bandage on his chest. It was actually a bandage and it was wrapped around him his chest, cloaking a pouch fresh injury adorned by blood clam situated at the centre of his heart.
“Where are my” He cried out almost like baby.

He sensed someone plodding towards him
“Plss whats happening here, where i am here, what happened to me, say something please” he begged emitting luscious pain and avidness.

“take it easy Mr Tunde Ogunyemi. A friend found you lying on your own pool of blood before rescuing you from death and flew you down here for proper recuperation” a young lady said.
“He said its neccessary we make your narrow escape a secret for now”

Tunde remembered everything now. How he was shot in his own house. So he finaly came ? His friend he intended to call before getting shot finally came. Thanks to him. Where would he have been ? Heaven probably.
“So where am i” ? His tongue finally got freedom.
“You are in the soutwest Nigeria. Abeokuta precisely” …

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