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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 27

“Hello Doc. He is dead!” A brusk voice growled out to Dr. Banji on phone.
“Are you sure he is dead?”
“Very sure. I shot him at a close range Doc.” the brusk voice confirmed again leaving Dr.Banji’s troubled spirit lenified.
“Good good.” Dr.Banji gruntled out
Their arcunum is saved for now. He thought.
Dami seemed to be enjoying the flaccid and empathy side of Eliza’s mother. The woman who had resigned to fate, also ceded all the hatred she felt towards him. She had begged for Dami’s forgiveness over all her past nefarious attitude in which Dami never thought twice before granting her.
Dami returned to her previous appartment in Eliza’s compound. He had stopped working as a driver. Though most times, he drove out Busayo, it was on a ground of lenity, and not on salary making. The cordial relationship they once lost had been restored. Busayo no longer see him as a scum or gold digger.
Everything seemed to be perfect.
Eliza too was steeped in happiness whenever she remembered Dami now belonged to her and how her mum had let go her hatred towards him, now supporting their relationship.
Thats was the kind of life she solicited for. A life where everything will become perfect with Dami in it. A life she had dreamt of numberless of time. A dream consisting of a perfect relationship full of jape, trust, humour, passion and love.
Well, everything was still not as perfect as she wished, she still had a thorn in her flesh. A thorn relishing a kind of blistering pain and sometimes frustration. A heavy secret she needed to divulge to Dami before she could find serenity and peace of mind.
Her mum had begged her to narrate everything to Dami. But she wished she had had the effrontery to do that. She didnt want loose him again, telling Dami she is sterile might stop him from loving her.
“Honey.. Have you explained your condition to Dami” Eliza remembeted how her mother asked her with a concern pasted on her face.
“No mom.. I haven’t found the right time to do tell him” She voiced.
“Hmm.. Honey. When do you think the right time comes ? My daughter, . Since you claim he loves you, then i dont see anyreason why he would reject you. You need to tell him now! Tell him now and know your stance. Pleaase”
“You see mum..i am thinking of a better way to present it to him” She voiced wih a wannabe grin.
“My daughter, what is it?” Her mother asked in eagerness
“Mum..i am thinking of establishing him first, then getting settling down with him before explicating things. You he has alot of thing to handle now” Eliza peached.
“You dont mean that!” Her mom yelled out updating a pesky look on her face ” You mean you want to buy his heart with money ? C’mmon baby girl dont be so naive! You think setting him up and marrying him will make him overlook your predicament ? No no! Its never done that way” She stood up from the big sofa and paced towards her. She held her daughter’s arm
“My daughter, you dont need to do all this thing before he can accept you. If he truly loves you like you claim.. He will accept you for who you are. Dont give him anything on the ground of buying his heart because of your flaw. Dont do that please”
“Oh me” Eliza muttered out as the memories transuded her. She was not ready to loose Dami again.
“Baby hope there is no problem” Dami threw at Eliza who sat down with reccession obviously lost in her world of dyshopria.
“Nothing really” she muttered out with enough smile to conceal her depression.
“Are you sure ? Just tell me what the problem is. I noticed you have not been yourself for somedays now. And its so evident that whatever it is, it has caused you insomnia, merely looking at your eyes. Just tell me what the problem is okay ?” Dami pleaded
” Seriously there is nothing.. I am just been carried away by some little stuffs thats all”
” Ohh! I see. did you miss Tunde ?” Dami quizzed with a timid face.
“of course no! I mean not even when he Is dead now. Well its true he was a human and he his death deserves a kind of anamnesis by us.. But he isnt question here”
“Hmmmm.. Ok. So tell me why you stopped working. I think i havent seen you go to work since we came back.. So what happend”? Dami asked, he never realy wanted to back off easily.
The Eliza he once knew was always a cheerful type especially whenever she saw him. Not even when her mother was still a discrepant.
“Oh that ? I was relieved from my work ever since i came back from the hospital then.. Have ..”
“Wait! Hospital ? Why ? When? What realy happened to you baby ? Tell me, i mean something that got you relieved from your is obviously not a minor issue” Dami curtailed with rarity making Eliza mouth insentive.
She didnt have it in mind to mention “hospital”. It was a slip of mouth and now she couldn’t afford to lie to Dami.
The urge to explain everything about what happened her and her sterility kept eroding in her but the fear of Dami’s reaction towards it got her mouth fastened. She wanted to uncover everything right there, but also not ready to loose her Dami. The love of her life.
“Baby please say something, what happened to you ?” Dami voiced again after what seemed like he had waited for millenary.
“You see honey, i really have something important to share with you. Promise me once again that you wont take on a negative reaction..” Eliza begged with fear. Her eyes already an inch to drip the hot tears.
She has made up her mind to uncover her heavy secret ….

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