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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 26

“I remember dearie, and i am not going back from my promise” Eliza voiced out with smiles playing around her already tears moisturised face.
“i promised nobody will take you away from me, i am going to fulfil that. I am sorry our hearts went seperate ways earlier, but they are now finally back together and nobody is seperating us this time.. Okay” ?
“Yes dear” Dami answered.. already carried away by the euphoria of the moment. He was oblivious of the Busayo standing at a strategic angle observing the whole tensed egress with queasy eyes.

Busayo tried to decipher if she was happy for them or at pity for Tunde who just loss the battle of love once again. As she couldnt choose between the two, then she infered that all that matter now was her daughter happiness.
“i love you so much baby.. Please promise me you wont leave me again.. Promise me you make me go hurt again. Pleass say it please” Eliza threw out with excessive tears sopping her face.

The love she once tried to quell had doubtlessly boomeranged. Her baby was finally back to her, her only reason to walk the surface of this planet earth.

“I promise You.. Nothing in this world will make me leave you again. I am yours forever.. I pray to die a day before i would have to leave without you” Dami poured out with passionate eyes looking only through Eliza’s. They both held each others head in their hand, wiping each others tears.
“Goodluck to you guyz” Tunde grumbled with poker-faced and evident he was pained. Eliza instantly broke away from the snuggle with Dami and lurched after Tunde who was already at the doorway.
“Hey Tunde” Eliza called out trying to introduce a smile.

“I am sorry for how it finally ended between us..and at the same time i want to say thank you for standing by me. I really appreciate that.”
“No problem.. I am just concerned how you will let him aware of your heavy secret now” Tunde whispered with a banter tone leaving Elizas’ smile being replaced with a sad but frigid face.
“I dont mean that baby girl.. Its not what you think” He quickly muttered to coo Eliza’s anger trying to revolt.
“OK” she murmured.
Tunde left her standing and prodded to where Dami stood watching both them with nosey eyes.
” You becareful of Banji and Racheal they are not what you think they are” he croaked out. Before leaving them deliberately ignoring Busayo still looking as if she was watching a flick.
Dami scoffed.
“oga.. Awon omokunrin meji kan bere yin” (boss, two guys asked after you) the peremptory short old man informed Tunde immediately he stumbled out of his car. The old man was unaware of the his boss grogginess.
Tunde decided to diverge to a nightclub downtown to purge out the left overs of his misery caused by his loss of Eliza. He intentionally drank to stupor with cereberation he would forget all about Eliza. The girl she almost have but lost at end.
He belched out large volume of gas spruce with alcoholic odour being transuded out, which of course was enough to tell the gateman what is on ground.
Tunde waved his hand to dismiss his gateman as he prowled down to his apartment like a drunkard he was. Though all the while he was driving back home, till the time he lavished on his gateman inside his compound. He had this eery feeling something was about to happen though he couldnt infer.
On getting to his room, an odd feeling oozed out to meet his stupor state again, almost jerking him off his hangover. He felt his head swollen like a yeast in bread, an action to depict he was more than scared.
He swerved his nosey eyes arround to confirmed he was alone. And though they affirmed to him he was, it seemed to him that wasnt. He brought out his phone to call someone, some sort of his saviour.
“pon pon pon pon” the keypad bleeped as he punched them. Now he was scarier than ever, as he listened to random footseps approaching him from behind. He tilted his head to look back but “POOOW” a gunshot was heard.

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Tunde touched down swimming on his pool of blood.
“Hello Doc. He is dead!” A brusk voice growled out to ….

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