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TEMÍ (MINE) – Season 1 – Episode 25

“Ohh No.. Racheal again?” Tunde thought hard as Dami enounced her full name. Racheal Fatoyinbo had been a girl he had vowed never to have anything to do with again ever since he called it quit with her.
Racheal was the girl that bumped into his life after Eliza travelled for her masters more than two years ago. The pretty girl who appeared to him like some sort of nonpareil, and naive girl made his stonyhearted became unthaw. He felt genuine love towards her then and that made her unreasonably ditched out all his other side chicks, including Eliza when he called her to inform her that he stopped loving long time ago and that he already had eyes on other lady. The other lady then was Racheal Fatoyinbo.
There relationship blossomed at it prime like an heyday, it made Tunde rued over all his years wasted as a philanderer and changed him to a serious-minded fellow. He really loved Racheal and that made him consecrated to making her his wife.
“so how on earth did you meet her” Tunde found his voice ..
“I have not met her, i dont even know her” Dami quickly spewed out with a scowled face making Eliza eyes furrowed in suprisal.
“What! You dont know her? Then how come you know her fullname and ,,,”
“She was a girl that rescued me some months back” Dami curtailed him. totally oblivious of Eliza who seemed to be more intrested in the conversation.
“So?” Tunde demanded Dami to continue ..
“I was involved in an accident some months back, where i got hit by a hit and run vehicle.

Nobody came to help out that moment as i lay unconsiously on my pool of blood. But later woke up in some sort of domicile hospital totally unawared of how i got there.”
“Wait did you just say domicile hospital?” Tunde quizzed out confirming his fears.
“Yes, a domicile hospital. It was the doctor who attended to me that told me Racheal was the good samarithan that saved me but not long after the doctor got a call that the so called Racheal was dead!” Dami announced.
“Whaat” everybody in the room shouted.
“So soo this Racheal is dead”? Eliza toned out reflexively.
“Yes, dead. But i was never really bothered about her not until you accused of me of betraying your feelings by marrying her. I tried to comprehend it but couldnt, that made me returned to the doctor for more enquiries. The doctor always felt reserved whenever i asked him about this girl. But the only clue he gave me so far was Tunde. He told me your fiance knows somethings about her” Dami said making Eliza slightly confused, thought she smelt bantam of truth in everything Dami said. How could she have believed all the wish-wash a gabby policeman said.

“So kindly tell me what you know about Racheal” Dami asked throwing the question at Tunde.
Tunde felt stupiefied with the question Dami threw at him. He knew what the meant, it meant he has to divulge all the secrets he had kept long time ago. The only reason that staunched her relationship with Racheal. Yes, Racheal was naive and harmless but she was still an instignant of death. Being with her would kill faster than a stray bullet not to talk of ebola virus. Anyways, if he really want to tuck Eliza’s trust to his side now, then he had no alternative than to unsheathe all what he embedded within.
“I i and Racheal were lovers ..” Tunde started renting off the quietude of the room. The look on everybody face confirmed their avidness to hear him talk.
“Riiing Rinng” Tunde’s phone yelled out. He looked at the screen to meet an unknown caller. He sighed
“Hello who is this?” Tunde answered.
“Hello long time friend” the caller responded with jocularity. Tunde instantly recorgnized the voice exuding his phone. The voice belongs to the same impish person he left Racheal, the death stigma Racheal carried. Nobody could be so dreadful, arch and pukish like Dr. Banji. He always thought.
“What do you want?” He asked trying to quench his restiveness.
“Well well well! It seems you already recorgnized my voice, thats good of you. Quick one, there was this dumbbell i cut of my tail by directing him to you. I am sure you would have encountered him by now. What i will tell you is that i dont care about what you will tell him or how best you will be able to acquit him off your head, but one thing i will say is that you must not say too much. Remember you have already known too much, and your respiration lies on how best you know how to curb your mouth. You have known too much, you must not say too much and if you say too much, definately you will see too much. Good bye.” The caller menaced out before dropping the call.

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Tunde had a haptic feeling his heart was about to be ripped off him. He wanted talk but didnt know what next to say. He was scared of using his mouth. Scared of stopping to respirate, scared of death. He wished he never met Racheal.

“Who called?” Eliza was the first to ask.

“Never mind honey” Tunde quickly straightened her frowzled face. He had thouhg he needed to unconver all his secret afore, but now he couldnt. He was not ready to stop respirating. Not ready to die.

” You see there are somethings that are better left obscured, by that you tend to be saved from there gravity they might incure. Eliza, lets believe this Racheal issue is part of my past, we shouldnt allow the past come haunting our present. Racheal is gone,but here we are today. All i know is that i love you now and i will love you forever. You are the best thing that can happen to me, with you i will find everlasting joy and happiness. I am ready to love you irrespective of anything that happened, or may still happen. Eliza Badejo please marry me ..pleasee” Tunde begged like a toddler crying after a dark chocolate.
Eliza heart pondered, she wanted to say Yes but the look on Dami halted her mouth. She veered her head towards the angle her mother stood quietly for decade. Her mother look seemed to be filled with vagueness and wispy. Her look didnt approve or disapprove Tunde anymore. She shook her head in dilema.
“I dont have a home, i dont have a mother, i dont have a father, i dont have sibblings, i dont have any one, i dont even think i have a future, but one thing i know i have is a heart, a heart filled with love for only you Eliza. I still love you. I love you more than my heart. But how i wish i can stop loving you because i know i am not the best guy for you. I dont worth you. As much as i want you to stay with me forever, be the mother of my children, my children should call you mummy, but then i dont think it will be possible because i dont have the source. Eliza, i love you very much, l love you soo much, but i am nobody but I still wnt you to stay and fulfill all your promises you make. Remember you said NOBODY will take you away from me. You said that, remember ? Kindly fulfil that.” Dami voiced out with uncontrollably tears…

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